Avocado Health Benefits for Babies, Pregnancy, Liver, Hair, Skin

Learn Avocado health benefits for the Toddlers, Babies, Women during Pregnancy, Liver diseases, Skin and Hair, Weight loss, Heart diseases, Diabetics and Cancer.

An Avocado Serving of 100g naturally contains Vitamins-B, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium, Phytosterols and Carotenoids such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Avocado is full of energy coming from monounsaturated fats in the form of Oleic Acid. It also contains Palmitic Acid and Linoleic Acid.

Studies conducted in United States show that people who takes Avocados had better overall diet quality, nutrient levels, and reduced risk of metabolic syndrome contributing to significant health benefits.

Avocado being the unique fruit in the family of fruits contains a fair amount of healthy fats, whereas most of the fruits contain carbohydrate. But Avocado does not contain cholesterol resulting low in saturated good fat. Because of this unique feature Avocado has a lot of health benefits which are good to cure human body than the other nutrients.

Avocado Health Benefits for Babies, Pregnancy, Liver, Hair, Skin

The Avocado fruit is grown from the tree Persea Americana. This fruit which is also known as a super fruit normally weighs from 220 grams to 1.4 kilograms. The most popular one from various types of avocado is hash avocado. The fruit is also called as “Alligator Pear” because of its shape and texture.

Avocado Health Benefits for Babies, Pregnancy, Liver, Hair, Skin

Vitamin K is Most abundant nutrient in avocado fruit. Avocado contains 26% of vitamin K along with Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E in considerable amounts. Copper, Iron, Zinc and some other nutrients are also included in small quantities.
Avocado contains 77% fat in it. But the fat it contains is healthy. It helps to reduce inflammation. Therefore avocado oil is quiet popular among people who maintain healthy routines. Instead of other types of oil avocado oil can be used without any risk in cooking.

Avocado Health Benefits

Avocado Benefits for Babies and Toddlers

Avocados are rich in brain-boosting omega-3s and have a mild flavor and velvety texture that many babies love. Omega-3-rich avocados are a great first introduction to solid foods. Avocados have a buttery, creamy texture that’s easy for babies to mash between their gums, their flavor is very mild, and they don’t have a thin, edible skin that could cause babies to choke.
Avocados will nourish Toddlers as they are rich in in protein, fiber, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid, and zinc. You won’t find this sort of diverse nutrient density in many other fruits.

Avocado Benefits for Women during Pregnancy

Avocado is loaded with folic acid which is vital to forming baby brain and nervous system during featus developments stage for pregnant women. The potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 in it helps baby tissue and brain growth.
Avocado also help reduce morning sickness for Women during pregnancy. So, during pregnancy, if you are dealing with day-long “morning” sickness and can’t find a way to eat much besides saltines, avocados are a great, smell-free way to add good fats and tons of vitamins.
While dealing with leg cramps during pregnancy, avocado can help straighten them out. They high potassium potassium levels along with calcium) can help ease leg cramping.

Avocado Benefits for Hair, Skin and Eyes

It has proven scientifically that the people who take avocado are healthier with better skin and hair than the other people. The reason is the nutrient intake is high while the risk of metabolic syndrome is low. And also avocado helps to absorb the nutrients from the plant foods we take daily. This increases the intake of nutrients to the body automatically. So taking of artificial nutrients can be stopped by consuming avocado. Since avocado increases the level of antioxidants inside the body, it helps to maintain the health of the hair, skin and eyes as well. So a good sight is assured when one is taking avocado in considerable amounts.

Avocado Benefits for Weight loss

Avocado contains 7% of fiber in it. Which makes it good for weight loss and good maintenance of metabolic health. These little green fruits help you reduce your extra weight because of oleic acid they contains. Which is a healthy monounsaturated fat that is proven to naturally suppress the appetite. This is the reason that the slow burning energy and the feeling of satiety or satisfied fullness that you get from eating an avocado.

Avocado Benefits for Liver, Heart, Kidney diseases

People have a myth saying that avocado is not good for heart. But that is not true. Avocado helps to reduce the cholesterol as avocado lowers the LDL (bad type of cholesterol) level by 22% while increasing the HDL (good type of cholesterol) level by 11%.
Avocado contains potassium which is not included in other fruits in a considerable amount. Because of this fact, avocado helps for the functioning of cells of the human body. This results in reducing liver diseases and risks of blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and kidney failures. So it can be said that avocado helps human being to keep their vital organs healthy. And a notable fact is that avocado contains more potassium than banana which is a fruit people take every day.

Avocado Benefits for Diabetics

Avocado is high in monounsaturated fats, which are generally considered among the healthiest of fats. Researchers have found that a diet high in monounsaturated fats and low in low-quality carbohydrates may improve insulin sensitivity.
Other health benefits of avocado that can help with the condition include its vitamin C for strengthening blood vessels and capillaries and improving immune function for diabetics. The high levels of potassium in avocados are another important nutritional factor for diabetics due to its role in maintaining a healthy heart and regulating blood sugar. All in all, avocados are a very healthy food for those living with diabetes and for people wishing to lower their risk of developing the disease.

Avocado Benefits for Cancer

Some studies say that avocado reduces the risk of cancer while some other studies say that it increases the risk of cancer. However no one has proven yet which factor is true as the growth of cancer cells changes according to the type of cancer.
This delicious fruit also reduces the risk of arthritis and the intake of avocado is good for the body in overall.

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