Pediatric Dosage Calculator App for Nurses and Doctors

Pediatric Dosage Calculator App for Nurses and Doctors

Free online Pediatric Dosage Calculator app for nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals. These pediatric dose calculations can be used for Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Azithromycin, Bbactrim, Benadryl, Cefdinir, Clindamycin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Tylenol with Codeine and other pmedicines.

The use of dosage calculations of various drugs in health care system is varied and broad based. It encompasses calculations performed by medically qualified professionals like nurses, doctors, pharmacist and other paramedical staff.

Pediatric dosage formula is an important part of nursing calculations for nursing students. These dosage calculations are broadly based on age groups like pediatric dosage calculations, adult dosage calculations and special drug dosage calculations.

Pediatric Dosage Calculations

Pediatric dosage calculations are specifically computed for age group ranges from birth up to 18 years of age. Pediatric dosage calculations are important in terms of drug safety and rational drug use. These calculations are based on different formulas like Clark’s Rule based on weight, Fried’s Rule for infants, Cowling’s Rule and Young’s Rule based on age.

Pediatric Dosage Calculator

Appropriate drug dosage calculations of the pediatric patient depends on various parameters. These includes patient age, weight, health condition and status of body functions. These function includes respiration, circulation and the stage of development of body systems for drug metabolism.



Clark’s Rule Dosage Calculator

Calrk rule is the most widely accepted formula for pediatric dosage calculation. It is based on body weight and adult drug dose.

Clark’s Rule calculates 30mg adult dose equivilant to 3.52mg child dosage with 8 Kgs weight.

Young’s Rule Dosage Calculator

Young rule as the second most used formula to calculate pediatric dosage, work on age and adult dose value.

Young rule calculates 30mg adult dose equivilant to 2.31mg child dosage at 1 Year age.

Fried’s Rule Dosage Calculator

Frieds rule calculate the pediatric dosage based on child age and adult dose of the medicine.

Young rule calculates 30mg adult dose equivilant to 2.4mg child dosage at 1 Year age.

Cowling’s Rule Dosage Calculator

Cowling formula calculates pediatric dose based on child age at next birthday and adult dose of drug.

Young rule calculates 30mg adult dose equivilant to 2.5mg child dosage at 1 Year age.

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