Gentilax Pills Benefits, Ingredients, Side effects, Reviews

What are Gentilax Pills?

Gentilax is an OTC (over-the-counter) drug used to alleviate constipation. It functions by retaining water in the stool, which softens it and encourages more bowel motions. This laxative is of the osmotic variety. This drug is prescribed to patients who experience occasional constipation as a treatment. No prescription is needed for this medicine. 

This drug can render some starch-based liquid thickeners less effective, which raises the possibility of choking. It is advisable to consult the pharmacist while using liquid thickeners to ensure that the combination of the two doesn’t cause any interactions.

Bowel movements can take 2–4 days after starting this medicine. Refrain from taking it more frequently than directed or raising the dosage. In addition, the recommended treatment duration for this drug is no longer than two weeks unless otherwise advised by the healthcare provider. Keep the doctor informed if the problem worsens. Laxative dependency and chronic constipation can be caused by prolonged or excessive use. Overuse can also result in mineral imbalances (such as low sodium), diarrhea, and dehydration.

Gentilax Pills Benefits, Ingredients, Side effects, Reviews

Gentilax Pills Benefits

These Gentilax pills possess many advantages, including the ones listed below.

Effective Relief from Constipation

Gentilax Pills are well-known for providing fast-acting constipation treatment. Aloe vera and senna leaves work together to provide a mild yet potent remedy.

Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients in Gentilax Pills are one of their main benefits. They are secure for long-term use because they are devoid of dangerous chemicals.

Improved Digestive Comfort

By taking Gentilax Pills consistently, one can notice less belly bloating, gas, and discomfort. Daily life can benefit from this digestive comfort improvement.


Gentlelax Pills are easy-to-swallow capsules for on-the-go use. Now there is no need to tolerate liquid remedies that lack flavor.

Gentilax Pills Ingredients

Gentilax comprises the active component Phenolphthalein, which is being phased out of over-the-counter treatments due to cancer risk. The use of phenolphthalein in laxatives dates back more than a century with no reported side effects.

A laxative medication called Gentilax is produced in Mexico and is used to relieve constipation. Phenolphthalein, a homeopathic ingredient, is stated to be present in 60mgs of these medicines. The recommended oral measure of laxatives is one to two tablets, but its effectiveness can be altered by enhancing or reducing the dosage.

Take this medication orally as prescribed by the physician. If a person is self-treating then he/she is advised to follow all of the instructions on the product’s packaging. Crushing, chewing, or breaking this pill is not allowed, nor is taking it within an hour of consuming antacids, milk, or items containing milk. Doing so can lead to the tablet’s coating being damaged, which in turn can raise the likelihood of stomach discomfort and sickness. The dose is determined by the age, health of an individual, and how well he/she responds to treatment. 

Gentilax Pills Side Effects

The most common side effects of these pills are:

  • Abdominal pain, sickness, cramping, griping, and/or dizziness at therapeutic doses.
  • GI distress, diarrhea, and electrolyte and fluid depletion.
  • If the tablet’s enteric coating is broken, stomach discomfort and possible vomiting can take place.
  • Bisacodyl, which is the main ingredient in Gentilax Tablet, can lead to irritation and a burning feeling in the rectal mucosa, as well as mild proctitis if it is given in the rectal area as a suspension or suppository.
  • If enough tannic acid is taken up from the bisacodyl tannex, hepatotoxicity can occur.
  •  It is important to keep in mind that the doctor mostly prescribes this medication because the patient’s benefit outweighs the negative effects.  

Gentilax Pills Reviews

Online reviews of Gentilax are conflicting; some users say the drug works well for them, while others mention unpleasant side effects. Constipation, lightheadedness, and stomach aches are the most frequently mentioned side effects of Gentilax tablets. This drug’s prolonged use can also result in more severe adverse effects. 

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