Tragus Piercing – Pain level, Healing time, Types, Cost, Jewelry

The word “Tragus” is used for an oval small cartilage flap which is located right outside our ear canal and piercings at this point is commonly termed as Tragus Piercings. In past, ear lobes were popular choice among people to flash those pieces of jewelry and ear piercings but now a days, trend has changed. Tragus piercing are preferred by extremely fashion conscious people who are always willing to try different things, in order to look unique among others.

Since the tragus is the pointy part of the ear, so it is considered very cool location for a new piercing. There are few nerve endings, this means a lot less pain, especially in comparison with other commonly-pierced areas, such as the belly button or the nose. The tragus can be located on both the ears. The triangle shaped cartilage just in front of the ear canal or right above the lobe is known as the tragus. This part of the ear is a bit hard, unlike the lobe which is why piercing it hurts a little more. Piercer ability to make it done is very important factor in determining the pain intensity. The more experienced that person is, the less pain you are guaranteed to experience. So it’s better to visit a professional piercing saloon.

Piercing is usually performed with a sterilized needle or with the help of a needle gun. It doesn’t effect the pain level you will have, most likely you will experience same, regardless of the chosen method. Sterilized needle is considered more appropriate for the tragus, because needle gun is considered to be quite powerful and it can destroy the sensitive tissue. Bleeding varies from person to person depending on blood vessels location. However, the bleeding is temporary and tends to stop after a few minutes of the completion of the piercing.
Tragus Piercing - Pain level, Healing time, Types, Cost, Jewelry

Tragus Piercing – Pain level, Healing time, Types, Cost, Jewelry

You want to look a little different and decided to have Tragus piercing, then continue reading and find out all important information about it including how much pain one have to bear to do this, its healing time, types, it’s cost, and the jewelry which is normally used for such kind of piercing.

Pain level

The second thought that come to one’s mind along piercing is pain. It is important to understand that each person has a different tolerance level to pain, so it is not a good idea to ask about the pain level from a person who did piercing. May be you experience a very different level of pain as compare to that person. In addition to this, the level of the pain largely depends on the type of piercing and its location. There may be extreme difference in having your tragus and your belly button pierced. Since tragus serves as a point of insertion for the jaw muscles, it is possible that the pain from the piercing extends to the jaw. The pain can be accompanied by inflammation, persisting for a few days after the piercing has been made.

As mentioned above, this area contains lesser number of nerve endings that’s why, it is considered as a very suitable place for piercing, as a result comparatively less pain. If a pain scale that goes from 1 (least painful) to 10 (most painful), then pain caused by the tragus piercing comes at level 3 or 4. The majority of the people have felt only a mild discomfort, describing that their tragus piercing was more like a fast pinch.

Healing Time

Although exact healing time couldn’t be estimated as it varies from person to person. For some individuals it takes around 2 months while for other it may take even 6 months. However, the average healing time needed for tragus puncture to be cured is 2 months to 4 months. Healing process depend on the aftercare techniques. Follow proper aftercare methods as it does not only avoids infection but may also speed up your healing process.

Piercing Types

There are three main types of piercings, normal, the vertical and the surface tragus piercing. The vertical tragus piercing is performed, in a vertical direction. Basically, the piercing comes in at one point, reaches the inner part of the tragus and comes out at the inferior point. It is considered as the most cool looking piercing.

Tragus Piercing Cost

Like all other type of piercing, tragus piercing cost greatly depends and varies according to the location and type of jewelry you choose to wear. In United States, the average tragus piercing price may range from $30 to $45 depending on the location. In Europe average cost of the procedure is around €30 to €40. There are some piercing studios that may charge extra depending on the jewelry required.


May be you don’t this fact that actually the type of jewelry, you choose to wear can influence the level of pain you are going to experience. Some types of jewelry like beaded rings, are capable of causing more pain when being introduced into the recently pierced area. While a barbell might guarantee a less-painful experience.

Switching the jewelry from one type to other is highly recommended , but only after the pierced tragus has healed completely. For some people, material from which the jewelry is made can also be a factor of risk, causing a lot of pain if allergic reactions occur. So be careful and avoid materials such as nickel or copper. Gold or titanium is something that suits almost everyone. Most common jewelry used for this piercing include studs, rings, and barbells.

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