Thyroid cancer Sign and Symptoms

Learn all about thyroid cancer sign and symptoms!

Thyroid cancer is a cancer of thyroid gland.Thyroid gland is present below the thyroid cartilage (Adam’s apple) in the front part of neck.Thyroid gland looks like butterfly and have 2 lobes.One is right lobe and other one is left lobe.These lobes are joined by narrow isthmus.Thyroid gland has two main types of cells. Follicular cells utilize iodine from blood and make thyroid hormones.Second type of cells are C Cells which are also termed as parafollicular cells are responsible for production of calcitonin. Other type of cells present in thyroid gland are immune system cells(lymphocytes) and stromal cells.Different type of thyroid cancer originates from different type of cells present in thyroid gland.Each type of thyroid cancer has different survival rate.Most of the thyroid cancer are benign while malignant are less common.

Treatment and prognosis of thyroid cancer depends upon type of thyroid cancer.Papillary thyroid cancer is the most common form of thyroid cancer which originates from follicular cells.papillary thyroid cancer can occur at any age but it is most common in people having age between 30-50 years old. Follicular thyroid cancer arises from follicular cells.It affects people older than age 50. Hurthle cell cancer is rare but very aggressive type of follicular thyroid cancer. Medullary thyroid cancer arises from c cells that produce the hormone calcitonin.Certain genetic syndromes increase the risk of medullary thyroid cancer. Anaplastic thyroid cancer is a rare and rapidly growing cancer that is very difficult to treat.It is common in people having age 60 years old.Thyroid lymphoma is a rare form of thyroid cancer that begins in the immune system cells in the thyroid and grows very quickly.


Lump in the neck

Thyroid cancer may cause lump formation in the neck due to tumor growth.Lump appears in early phases of  thyroid cancer.

Trouble Swallowing

Cancerous growth puts pressure on the food pipe and other adjacent areas due to which people may feel  difficulty in swallowing

Voice changes

Hoarseness or voice changes is also important symptom of thyroid cancer but it is not necessary that hoarseness is only caused by thyroid cancer.

Neck swelling

Neck swelling around thyroid gland is another common feature of thyroid cancer leading towards intense pain.Neck swelling also affect person swallowing ability.

Constant cough

Cancerous cells exert pressure on adjacent tissues due to extensive proliferation that urges the patient to cough constantly.

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