Smiley Piercing – Pain level, Healing time, Cost, Jewelry

It is a type of oral piercing that is not very common. It is done through a small fold of tissue of the upper lip, which is called frenulum. It is also referred as scrumper piercing or upper lip frenulum piercing. Like many other things, credit for this piercing goes to Germans. It was mid 90’s, when a German magazine had published an image of Steve Harworth, a well-known body modification artist, sporting a smiley piercing.

With this type of piercing, some interesting facts are associated like it is known as Smiley piercing because it becomes visible whenever you smile. On the other hand, anti-smiley piercing is another type of lip frenulum piercing where the small flap of tissue connecting the lower lip with the gum is perforated. Since frenulum of the upper lip is thin and delicate, the piercing gets quickly completed when done by a skilled professional piercer. If properly done, there is a lesser possibility of getting hurt during the procedure. But as we discussed many times that the pain one feel largely depends upon the pain threshold of an individual. More the pain threshold lesser will be pain and vice versa.

The most important thing you should consider while choosing smiley piercing is your braces if you wear, because the jewelry may get caught, injuring the frenulum. Generally severe swelling and redness mark an infected piercing, no matters which kind of piercing you have. By twisting or pulling the jewelry you may increase the risk of infection. In addition, you should alter the way of biting food until healing as the upper lip frenulum may tear, causing bleeding. Since the jewelry keeps coming in contact with the teeth and gums, there is a greater possibility of a gum disease or tooth loss. So be careful and aware that although it’s a quite popular and cool looking piercing to have, it does come with some unique risks.
Smiley Piercing - Pain level, Healing time, Cost, Jewelry

Smiley Piercing – Pain level, Healing time, Cost, Jewelry

If you are interesting and want to have this unique kind of piercing then keep reading to know more about it.

Pain level

Since the tissue of the upper lip frenulum is quite thin and the actual piercing is very fast. This process can be painful for some and may be absolutely pain free for others. As mentioned above, feeling pain and the amount of pain that one feel is highly individualistic phenomenon. If you are a person having strong nerves and high pain threshold then it’s may be like injection pain for you but a person with low pain threshold may feel severe pain. So the amount of pain can’t be definitely described or measure. If you’re thinking of doing it yourself, it is a big no. The reason is the high amount of accuracy needed in its positioning while doing it.

Healing time

In order to reduce the risk of pain and faster recovery, go for a professional piercing studio because they have generally hands-on experience in all types of oral piercings. Procedure starts by washing patient’s mouth with an antibacterial solution. The piercing expert then inserts a hollow, sterilized needle through the upper lip frenulum and places the jewelry. Average healing time is going to be around 4-12 weeks.


Like all other types of piercing, the price of a smiley piercing also depend on the location from where you get it. Generally the cost of smiley piercing can range from $30-$80. A few local search results by visiting the websites and any social media sites may help. It’s important to remember that spending a few extra dollars to get pierced in a professional shop will cost much less than a visit to the doctors or dentists office later.


Unlike many other types of piercing, the great thing about jewelry for the smiley piercing is that you have a good amount of options. The starter size comes with small gauge, range from16-18 CBR (captive bead ring) or a horseshoe barbell. You will get a nice starter set easily. But it’s important to get something that fits your personal style, only when you’re healed completely.

The positioning of your jewelry is critical in the procedure. The placement is very important because you do not want to cause excess rubbing to your teeth or gums. This is actually a big risk associated with this piercing. They will set it so that the ball sits just below your gum line. This way when you smile it will show off your jewelry.


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