Cyst on Nose – Causes, Treatment, Removal, Pictures

A cyst on the nose treatment depends on the cause and duration of the ailment. Why the nose cyst appears and what is the intensity of the symptoms?

It is typical to find people using the word “pimple” to refer to a cyst and vise versa, but these two conditions are different. A pimple on nose occur as pustule or a blemish containing a red base with some yellow tip while, a cyst is much deeper than the typical pimple.

A cyst consists of a closed sac-like structure filled with semisolid materials, liquid, or gaseous material. Cysts can be due infections, genetic aspects and others risk factors. Many cysts tend to be asymptomatic but some, occurring on skin, palpable organs, and mucous membrane can be felt as a bump that could be painful.

A cyst on the nose is a regular occurrence that happens to most of the people at some point in life. However, cyst on nose is not similar to the ones that emerge on the other parts of your body. Ones that appear on the nose are usually caused due to hair follicles infection on the nostrils. In most of the cases, this infection occurs due to bacterial imbalance, which is again caused due to a number of core factors.

In most of the cases it is not dangerous. But sometimes it may turn painful and causes discomfort. Yet, taking timely treatment can aid in curing it in short period.

Cyst on Nose - Causes, Treatment, Removal, Pictures

Cyst on Nose – Causes, Treatment, Removal, Pictures

Below you will learn about the cyst in the nose, Treatment, symptoms and causes of this ailment.

Causes of cyst on nose

Cyst on nose is caused due to numerous factors. Some of the major factors include:

  1. Many people get the cyst on the nose as a symptom of changes in the cardiovascular or reproductive system.
  2. Sometimes, removing unwanted hairs from nose could cause irritation, which in turn leads to formation of a cyst on nose.
  3. Picking in the nose can cause scratches on skin, which could trigger an inflammation that turns to a cyst.
  4.  Chemical irritants as well as environmental irritants can cause infection on the skin, which in turn cause cyst on nose.
  5. People with oily skin type are more prone to cyst while people who have dry skin have lesser risk.

The size of cyst differs depending on its type. Though, the growth of the cyst can be stopped without difficulty if the problem is treated timely.

Symptoms of a cyst on nose

Symptoms of cyst on nose may differ from person to person.  Yet in general it appears with:

  • redness or inflammation of the skin.
  • Dryness,
  • Itching
  • Stinging and burning sensation
  • small red spots on their skin before the cyst

If the symptoms are identified on the right time, check for the growth of the cyst on nose. If nose cyst is not treated timely the infection may get worse making it hard to cure.

Pictures of Cyst on nose

Pictures of Cyst on nose

Pictures of Cyst on nose

Treatment of cyst on nose

Treatment of cyst on nose

Cysts do not cause pain, though when they rapture or they are infected and inflamed and may cause pain. Most cysts do not vanish on their own, so the treatment may be needed to get rid of them.

Some of the useful treatment options are given below:

  1. Some cysts may be drained by piercing them with a scalpel to ease symptoms. However, this process does not cure the cyst.
  2. An injection using cortisone medication may help to shrink the cyst.
  3. Cyst may be surgically removed when it fails to respond to other treatments, or they tend to reoccur.
  4. Placing a warm, moist cloth over nose could facilitate to drain the cyst.
  5. Over the counter medications may be used to aid reduce the size of the cyst in nose.

People with cysts should avoid touching, squeezing or pinching the nose as this could cause the cyst to leave a scar when it heals.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cyst In Nose

Home remedies are also effective in treating acne. some proven home remedies are given below:

  1. Hygiene is the major factor to be noted when it comes to the treatment of cyst on nose. Clean the area with warm water twice a day. If you have an oily skin, you can also opt for facial cleanser also. This removes oil, bacteria and dirt around it.
  2. Applying ice on the affected area soothes the effected area and lessens the swelling. Yet, make sure to wrap the ice in a clean and soft cloth, because putting ice openly will burn the area.
  3. Applying lemon juice onto the nose pimple aids to dry the area. This is due to the result of the acidic ingredients found in lemon juice which kill the bacteria. They dry up the affected area ensuring that the bacteria do not come again.

Although home remedies are helpful in curing cyst on nose, you can also consult a doctor for better treatment of the nose cyst. Whether you choose home remedies or medical session, make sure to take the treatment timely without any delay.

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