What does Cocaine Smell Like?

Cocaine is one of the most commonly used drugs because it creates a feeling of alertness as well as it increases energy levels. People who have used cocaine often describe the feeling as an intense excitement as if you are ready for anything, however there are many different effects of cocaine.

Smell and taste of cocaine is considered very distinct. It taste like chemicals and this could be due to the process involved in making cocaine. As a first step, the coca leaves are first dried, then a liquid is added along with sodium carbonate. Kerosene is also added along with hydrochloric acid. Second step involves filtration of mixture and addition of ammonia. The filtered mix is soaked in acetone and filtered again. The finished product is then dried. Bleaching may also be involved. All of these chemicals can leave a pretty bad smell and taste due to which cocaine can be easily identified.

Cocaine has a number of effects on the sensitive body organs including heart, the circulatory system, body temperature, and mental state. The first thing that someone will feel after using cocaine is a feeling of alertness. This is partly caused by the cocaine increasing their heart rate. Quickened heart beat can put users at risk of an irregular heart beat or a full heart attack. Cocaine also increases body temperature and puts added stress on several organs.


What does Cocaine Smell Like?

It is said that the smell of Cocaine is really hard to describe. You can find interesting facts about its smell as well as its effects on human body below:

Cocaine Smell

Although the smell of Cocaine is really hard to describe. But according to most of users, it smells like paint thinner, ether, nail polish remover or acetone. Some even describe it as a dentist’s office. If it tastes also like paint thinner, is not confirm because you have to taste first the paint thinner to say NO or Yes.

There are so many opinions about its smell just because of cuts/adulterants that may have been added and the processes the cocaine goes through during production. Some batches have stronger odors than others. The smell completely depends on how it was prepared before it reaches the user. But all users describe nail polish remover’s smell either faint or strong. The reason is acetone which is a base product in the process of manufacturing cocaine. It has a numbing effect quickly experienced by gums or the tip of one’s tongue.

Effects of Cocaine

Following is a brief review of overall effects of cocaine on human body. When cocaine enters the body:

  • It interacts with neurotransmitters.
  • The first thing that body do is to stop reabsorb dopamine. Dopamine is one of the chemicals responsible for regulating your mood and energy levels.
  • As the dopamine levels increase, it produces the high that people associate with the effects of cocaine.
  • Along with blocking the re absorption of dopamine, cocaine can block the re uptake of serotonin. Serotonin is another chemical present in the brain that is associated with controlling mood and energy levels.
  • It also effects sodium channels.
  • It interferes with pain signals to the brain. It works similarly to Novocaine and acts as a local anaesthetic. That is why rubbing cocaine on your gums produces a tingling, numbing sensation.
  • As mentioned above , it increases blood pressure. Due to increased blood pressure, a stroke can occur by triggering a haemorrhage or blockage of the arteries in the brain.
  • Cocaine can do serious damage to your body and mind
  • It is expensive and wears off quickly.
  • Cocaine can cause blood vessels to constrict. Repeated use can result in tissue dying from lack of oxygen.
  • Smoking crack cocaine or using cocaine intravenously can do significant damage to lungs. It can cause complete respiratory failure or a number of other lethal side effects including a pulmonary edema.
  • Cocaine can also dilate blood vessels which puts users at a greater risk for a lethal blood clot in the lung.
  • The increased heart rate and muscle activity associated with cocaine use causes the body to produce more heat.
  • As the cocaine causes blood vessels to constrict, the heat generated by the human body cannot dissipate quickly enough. This can cause muscle tissue like your heart to die, shut down your kidneys and kill you very quickly.


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  2. Alex

    Travelled in Colombia for 6 months and Coke is something different over there. I never experienced coke in that way. So pure and ‘cheap’ what you can not compare with Europe. I would say when you take drugs like cocaine where it is not produced do not take it. Take it where it comes from and has its purists form.

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