How to get Back Dimples aka Venus/Butt Dimples

Learn how to get Back Dimples on the butt (Venus Dimples) through workout and fitness exercises. Back dimples piercing (Venus piercing) has also become fashion among young girls.

Lower back dimples are the new glamour statement due to the fashion of low-rise jeans and jewelry around the waist. No wonder why most people know very little about these Venus dimples until recently. Because with the old high waist mother jeans this beauty was hidden in secret. Thanks to low rise jeans, skirts and shorts people could now show off their beauties.

Butt dimples appear in women in good body shape. These are more common in women compared to men. However, several men involved in sports, athletics inclduing celebrities like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo have back dimples. These are visible due to regular workout as part of their lifestyle and career. To get back dimples naturally you need to be lose weight and shape your body.

Back dimples piercing (Venus Piercing) is perforation done right above hips on the lower back. Having back dimples with or without piercing looks sexy hot in the parties, wearing short tops with low rise skinny jeans.

According to available medical data, only 2% people have back dimples. In anatomy, Venus dimples or back dimples or butt dimples are referred as Sacral dimples or Pilonidal dimples, after the bone and joints forming them. Back dimple is created when there is a visible cleft in the topography of the sacroiliac joint. Generally, back dimples do not cause any anatomical problem. However, in very rare cases they affect spine.

How to get Back Dimples aka Venus/Butt Dimples

Back Dimples on Butt (Venus Dimples)

Back dimples above the butt are believed to be helpful in getting higher levels of orgasm and sexual pleasure. Because of the close placement to the pelvic area, ass dimples results in increased blood circulation to pelvic and more intimate climax in the bed.

Dimples of Venus

People who have back dimples hereditary are considered lucky. Back dimples (dimples of venus) are perceived as mark of beauty and sexual attraction. The name Dimples of Venus attributes to “Venus” the goddess of beauty.

How to get Back Dimples?

Why do people have dimples? Well! because everybody is born unique. Everyone is beautiful whether he or she has dimples or not. Are dimples hereditary? Some people believe, yes. But scientific data suggests, they are not purely genetic.

For those who do not have them naturally but want to get back dimples, you can get them with exercise. In order to get lower back dimples, you need to reduce weight and do specific workouts:

Lose Weight, Reduce Body Fats to 6% – 13%

Losing body fat is the first step you can do to get Dimples of Venus. Under high body fat, back dimples are filled by the adipose tissue. If you reduce 500 calories from your daily consumption, you can easily lose 1 pound in every week.

Lower Back Strength Training Exercises

Build and develop lower back muscles through strength training exercises. Lean and muscles at back helps to get dimples of Venus.

  1. Superman Exercise
    You can use “Superman Exercise” if you do not have exercise machines available at home or have no time for gym. Superman Exercise can be done without any equipment.

    Superman Exercise

  2. Hip Bridges Exercise
    Hip bridges exercise is also useful to get back dimples by strengthening low back gluteal muscles. To do hip bridges, lay down on the back with legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep your arms down at sides with hands palms facing the floor. Lift your hips slowly and use hands to stabilize yourself, until until your upper body forms a straight line with your legs as shown below. Hold in the position and count 5, then return to the start position. Repeat 15-20 times.
  3. Opposite Arm and Leg Raise Exercise
    Opposite Arm and Leg Raising is another equipment less exercise that you can do at home. Begin with your hands and knees on the floor and your back straight. Raise right arm and left leg into the air, keeping them aligned with the floor. Return to starting position. Now, lift left arm and right leg in air, hold, and return to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times on each side. Wikihow has an excellent tutorial on how to get back dimples through exercise.

    Opposite Arm and Leg Raise Exercise

  4. Smith Machine Workout
    Smith machine limits the range of motion under a barbell attached to two vertical guide rails. Using Smith machine, you can perform deadlifts and overhead squats to increase lower back definition and get back dimples. Deadlift is one of the most effective exercises for lower back muscles. The overhead squat exercise also helps to get Venus dimples. Unlike a regular squat, overhead squats require the user to hold the barbell above her head while performing the movement, activating the back and core muscles.

  5. Rowing Machine Workout
    There are some of exercise machines that specifically target the lower back area. Rowing machine work out helps you to create the body definition where back dimples are possible. Rowing machines provide both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and strengthen the lower back muscles more than other cardiovascular exercises.

Overall, by losing body fats, consuming healthy diet, doing strength training exercises and cardiovascular conditioning; you can achieve dimples at lower back called Venus dimples. The signature of beauty, sex appeal and fitness.

There isn’t any surgery procedure available to get back dimple (sacral depressions). Either you are born with them or not. Exercise can help you through some extent. The best thing is to accept yourself just as you are or try fake dimple piercings.

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