Trypophobia Test, Cure and Causes (Fear of Holes in Skin)

Take Trypophobia test and cure it through behavioral or cognitive therapies. Trypo-phobia (fear of holes in the skin) is caused by psychological conditions.

Trypophobia is a peculiar fear of holes that a few individuals have. They are anxious about the possibility that they will fall into these holes until everlasting time or is exceptionally dark inside these holes.

Indeed, even by simply taking a gander at pictures that contains clusters of holes in it will be making those individuals nauseous.

Trypophobic fears gaps, particularly those having irregular edges. The person links those openings with the Fear of Holes in the Skin. The infected individual is hesitant to look too near his or hers skin, imagining that those holes are visible. The gaps that make this apprehension are little, with sporadic shapes and they are typically bunched together.

Generally, Trypophobia is introduced following early childhood, being one of those diseases that vanish until the teenage years. Trypophobe typically can’t even clarify what this condition is about.

What is Trypophobia Definition, Test and Cure

Trypophobia Test, Cure, Causes (Fear of Holes in Skin)

Let’s look at what is Trypophobia, its definition, symptoms, causes, test, cure and all the truth about this wired thing:

What is Trypophobia?

Trypo-Phobia or Trypophobia is a pathological fear of holes in the skin. It is the phobia of holes or revulsion of patterns containing clusters of holes.

Is Trypophobia real or fake?

Trypo-Phobia also called Trypophobia is real as behavioral or psychological fear. But there is no medical condition know to cause skin holes. Therefore, almost all of pictures floating around the internet showing holes in the skin, flesh, face, hands or body are fake and photoshopped.

However, there are several other bizarre and gruesome skin conditions, infectious diseases or disfiguring dermatological disorders. These includes Smallpox, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Vitiligo, Leprosy, Tungiasis, Dermatographia, Blaschko’s lines, Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis and Necrotizing Fasciitis.

Can insect bite cause Trypophobia like skin holes?

No, it not true. There is no known insect whose bite cause Trypophobia like skin disease. The bug most of the idiots are promoting on the internet as the cause of skin holes disease (like one shown in Trypophobia picture ) is male water bug with eggs attached to his back. Its bite does not cause holes in the skins.

Trypophobia Definition

There are thousands of people who claim they have the Trypophobia (fear of holes in the skin). However, It is not recognized in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or other scientific literature.

Arnold Wilkins and Geoff Cole of the University of Essex’s Centre for Brain Science were the first scientists to investigate Trypophobia. They believe that the response depends on a natural revulsion, as opposed to a learned cultural trepidation.

The term “Trypophobia” came from two Greek words i.e trypa means “hole” and phobos means “fear”. Trypophobia is an extreme apprehension of the following things, which brings about an all-over irritated feeling and general uneasiness. Thus here goes the Trypophobia definition:

Trypophobia is a pathological fear of holes, especially irregular cluster of holes.

  • Lotus seed pods
  • Crumpets
  • Pumice
  • Cavities in teeth
  • The Ampullae of Lorenzini in Sharks
  • Holes in concrete
  • Bug tunnels in wood
  • Enlarged pores of the skin
  • Aero Bars
  • Holes in walls created by bullets
  • Bone marrow
  • Wasps’ nest
  • Honeycomb
  • Bubbles in Dough
  • Ant holes
  • Veins in meat
  • Clusters of holes

Trypophobia Symptoms and Signs

Trypophobia Symptoms: A person experiencing Trypophobia by and large encounters a sentiment uneasiness and irritation on the whole body after looking at a substance or an object that has loads of minor gaps on its surface, for example, cheese, a sponge and so forth.

An individual experiencing Trypophobia has two distinctive response possibilities of outcomes in the presence of the holes. He might either

  • Watch it for some time and afterward, consider covering or decimating it
  • He would experience the ill effects of wooziness at seeing these gaps

Some visceral reactions are also generated as a response to looking at objects that triggers this phobia. Most people experiences

  • Crawling sensations on the skin
  • Hurting of hair
  • Turning up of stomach
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness

Trypophobia Tests and Diagnosis

As we have described, this mental disorder is pretty new. Trypophobia cause and conditions connected with this psychotic disease are less known. There are no such medically approved Trypophobia test to analyze it.

Trypophobic person has an extreme fear of small holes, fear of clusters or fear of circles. Therefore, Trypophobia can be diagnosis only through the presentation of things with cluster holes openings’. Trypophobia test pictures trigger Trypophobic response in a patient experiencing this fear.

So, Trypophobia tests and diagnosis can be performed by the following two methods:

  • Exposing an individual to the holey objects or triggers in real.
  • Presenting the cluster hole images to the individual suspected to have trypophobia.

Lotus Seed Pod Phobia test

The general Trypophobia test to detect the presence of fear of holes in the skin, is done by exposure to lotus seed pods also called lotus pods.

Trypophobia Test Picture

Alternatively, a Trypophobia test can be conducted through lotus flower seed pod photoshop pictures or similar images created to show skin holes.

The other objects that can trigger phobia of holes (Trypophobia) include exposure to bee hives and corals. The Trypophobics will feel a very directly palpable fear when exposed to such objects or images with clusters of holes.

Trypophobia Causes

The exact reason on how do you get Trypophobia is unknown. But most fears depend on a deeply rooted emotional issue. Behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and sessions of counseling comes helpful Trypophobia Causes for treating individuals experiencing Trypophobia.

Trypophobia Cure and Treatment

It is trusted that cognitive behavioral therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and other psychological therapies could treat patients experiencing Ttrypophobia.

Trypophobia Cure and Treatment

  • Behavioral therapy: This going under some series of treatment session would most likely let a man adjust and control his undesirable behavior. All through the therapy session, one could without much of a stretch learn on the most proficient method to adapt up to such condition during the period of troublesome times, most particularly when they are being exposed for the small holes.
  • Cognitive therapy: The objective of such Trypophobia cure is to change their examples of considering destructive and ineffective matters. Trypophobia patients really look at their feelings for it with a specific end goal to learn on how they could isolate the genuine ones from the unreal. With such, the sufferer needs to take an interest to participate, so they could easily recover.
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy: There are some therapists that are utilizing the mix of two treatments for Trypophobia. With such, the sufferer may learn up the abilities of recuperation that they could use upon their everyday living.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming: With such kind of therapy, the individual will be exposed and get to be reprogrammed, so they could decrease or even mitigate the phobia into their life. For the most part, the medications are quick and fairly proficient. Additionally, the involvements are immediate and simple to use for the self-improvement situations.
  • Exposure therapy: When an individual was exposed to innocuous stimulus, again and again, it has been proved that their phobia would lessen after some time and will make Trypophobes grab hold.
  • Flooding: A therapy in which the Trypophobes will be immersed in a non-debilitating stimulus until the adverse response dies down. Some of these trypophobic responses are strong to the point that they must be envisioned rather than engaging the trigger, because of the risk of damage they may bring about to the individual. This utilizes relaxation therapy to systematically desensitize the Trypophobia.
  • Modeling: A method in which people view others participating in exercises that would actually bring about a response in the trypophobe. One approach to perform this is for the people to witness a bot fly removal in a non trypophobia sufferer. These real pictures of bot flies being removed from an individual while the individual is conscious and calm permits the trypophobia sufferer to treat their trepidation of gaps in a latent and non-threatening way.

A Japanese maxim expresses it all Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. We hope our Trypophobia round up nailed it all for you. If not, please speak you mind on the myth and truth on Trypophobia test, cure and causes.


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