Pansinusitis Causes and Treatment with Home Remedies

What is pansinusitis? Pansinusitis is an inflammatory condition associated with sinus cavities. In human body, four sinus cavities, termed as maxillary, frontal, ethmoid and sphenoid are filled with air and located around the eye orbital. A pair of bigger cavities present below the eyes orbital and other pair of small sinus cavities is present between the eyes orbital. All these sinus cavities are interconnected with nose and extended up to skull. When all these four sinus cavities are inflamed and irritated, the condition is termed as pansinusitis.

According to Science Daily, another theory of the cause of sinusitis or Pansinusitis is from the Mayo Clinic that believes it is a response by our immune system to fungi in our noses. Since fungi are around us all the time, just like mold, this is very possible.

The fungi that would live in your nose do not need light as they prefer dark and moist areas, which make your nose the perfect place. There are several sinusitis symptoms which would arise when you are suffering from pansinusitis and these can be really daunting on your health. Since the paranasal sinuses are located all over your face and skull, you would experience a myriad of sinusitis symptoms. Fatigue, headache and sinus pressure is the most common type of symptoms that you would experience. Apart from these symptoms, you would also experience frequent toothaches, tenderness in facial areas, loss of smell, sore throat and fever.

Some cases also show the symptoms of bad breath and cough but these are usually quite rare. Even though the symptoms can be treated easily by various over the counter medicines, some cases of pansinusitis are caused by presence of tumors or infections in these regions. Therefore, it is important that you get a complete checkup done and find the right cure for this condition.

Pansinusitis need immediate medical care, as it is very painful and serious medical condition. It is not similar to usual sinusitis, though the symptoms are almost similar. In sinusitis usually one or two cavities are inflamed due to infection, but in pansinusitis, all the four cavities are infected and inflamed and delayed recovery turned it chronic condition. Usually pansinusitis is not responding to usual treatment.

Pansinusitis Causes and Treatment with Home Remedies

Pansinusitis Treatment Home Remedies

In our face, we have cavities in our face which are located around the eye region, specifically above, behind, and below the eyes. These cavities are called sinuses. These sinuses are connected to the inner part of the nose and hence are called paranasal sinuses. These sinuses are present in pairs and are called as maxillary sinus, frontal sinus, ethmoid sinus, and sphenoid sinus. Pansinusitis is a condition that requires emergent treatment. A surgical approach is suggested if the sinuses get inflamed due to a deviated nasal septum to correct the deformity. Surgery is also recommended in case if Pansinusitis is caused due to polyps.

Chronic Pansinusitis

Chronic pansinusitis affects millions of people annually and is one of the most frequent chronic affections. Symptoms may include headache, breathing difficulties nasal, sensitivity to the cheeks, pain behind the eyes, runny nose or post nasal leaks, sinus congestion. The area around your eyes and face might feel swollen, and you might have facial pain or tenderness. Chronic pansinusitis may be caused by upper respiratory tract infections, allergies, deviated septum or other anatomical conditions, fungi and is recurrent and lasts more than 12 weeks.

Acute Pansinusitis

Acute pansinusitis is a temporary infection of the sinuses often associated with a cold. If your doctor thinks a bacterial infection is to blame, he may prescribe antibiotics. For acute sinusitis, you may take them for 10-14 days. Acute sinusitis lasts less than 4 weeks. In most cases, this is caused by a virus and is preceded by a common cold.

Pansinusitis Causes

Causes of Pansinusitis are swimming in dirty water, a tooth abscess infection, inflamed sinuses that are irritated from dust or other environmental allergens. Another cause is second-hand smoke and specific structural deformities like a deviated nasal septum.

Following are the causes of pansinusitis.
• Bacterial infections
• Viral infections
• Upper respiratory tract infection
• Contaminated swimming water
• Smoking
• Asthma
• Teeth abscess
• Nasal polyps
• Fungal infections
• Allergies
• Sinusitis history
• Rhinitis
• Air pollution

If your immune system is poor, then you will have an easier time falling prey to germs that cause Pansinusitis. The flu or the common cold can easily start a case of Pansinusitis. In other instances, the infection can be caused by bacteria that came from a virus

Pansinusitis Treatment

Pansinusitis treatment includes the prescription of following medications;
• Antibiotics
• Painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen
• Decongestants
• Allergy medicines like antihistamines.
• Steroids
• Occasionally if a person has chronic pansinusitis surgery is also performed.

Pansinusitis Home Remedies

Some home remedies for the treatment of pansinusitis are;

  • Steam is a great way to relieve congestion, lessen sinus inflammation, and lessen the mucous in sinuses.
  • Healthy diet boosts up the immune system. Diet is the best place to start by eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, and another vitamin-rich food.
  • Water Intake and herbal teas are also a great way to treat Pansinusitis.
  • Chicken Soup is a mainstay for anyone that is ill, and it is also a great way to lessen sinus congestion or inflammation.
  • Warm compresses over face, nose, and mouth can help to reduce inflammation and get rid of Pansinusitis. The compress should stay on face for at least five minutes, and should be repeated several times a day to receive the best results.
  • Ginger is an ancient remedy that involves using small pieces of ginger, and extracting the juice. Relief is obtained by taking a couple of tablespoons of the ginger extract twice a day.
  • Garlic is also an effective remedy when it is soaked in water over time. Make a paste from five cloves and then inhale the garlic. It might be a stinky remedy, but it does work.

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