How to Get rid of Maggots Permanently

Maybe some of you have already seen a large number of small white insects in any corner of your home .My God , these insects that are similar to inchworms but are actually fly larvae, look disgusting. When a fly gets into a certain area and lays eggs, Maggot infestations occur. Mostly it occurs in trash cans and around the kitchen and the reasons behind are the smell of rotting food, particularly rotting meat that attracts flies.

There are many different types of maggot, but they all have the same origin, i.e. the order Diptera, common name of them are flies. Certain flies such as the screw worm fly and certain kinds of botfly are flesh eaters that’s why they will prey on pets, livestock, as well as humans. These kinds of maggot infestations are not very common but what common is actually housefly, symbiotic kind of maggot.

Open garbage bins or ones that are missing the lid is one important thing you should care about, if you want to avoid these horrible worms. It is common to see flies buzzing around trash, It is so because garbage bins are the place where flies can get in and deposit their eggs, and then the Maggots can sometimes escape to pupate elsewhere in your home. Be careful about your kitchen garbage bins especially.
How to Get rid of Maggots Permanently

How to Get rid of Maggots Permanently

Sometimes Maggots are helping us as they just come to help you get rid of that garbage you’ve neglected to take care of or maybe out of your sight. okay, don’t get angry, that was only a joke, below you can find to get rid of Maggots Permanently.

Get Rid of Maggots in Carpet

If one find Maggots in the carpet, then the first thought that come across the mind is that carpet should be replaced but here you can find some easy tips and make your carpet again useable.

  • Take a steam cleaner and attach the upholstery to it. This apparatus will help you to remove Maggots more easily as compare to any other method. When you will run it over the carpet, steam cause the Maggots to rise to the surface, and their removal will be easier.
  • Once you are finished with steam, now spray the Maggots with a dog or lice shampoo. It will kill Maggots. Now scoop the dead Maggots off the carpet.
  • If you are not satisfied only with steam and want to do cleaning in detail then mix 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 2 cups of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide in boiling water, make solution. and pour the solution into a spray bottle and saturate the Maggots to kill them.
  • After 5-8 minutes, vacuum your carpet to suck up the dead Maggots. Discard the contents of the vacuum canister into an outside trash can.
  • In addition to this, you can also use iron, set iron its hottest setting and turn on the steam option. Preheat the iron for several minutes and shoot steam on the Maggots where they are present on the carpet. Repeat the process until the Maggots are dead and at last vacuum your carpet to sweep up the Maggots. It is important to discard your vacuum canister in an outside trash can.

Get Rid of Maggots in Car

Most of the times people eat or drink while driving and don’t care about the pieces fell on car carpet or sometimes a bag of trash with the intention of taking it to the dumpster but forget in the car. Such mistakes leads to a very disgusting outcome i.e. Maggots. If you have done this kind of mistake and result is there in your car, following tips may help you.

  • Take out the car carpets and wash them with boiling water and vinegar solution or get services of professional carpet cleaner who uses hot water extraction. It is essential to kill eggs and larva.
  • Find out the source of the food for the Maggots and get rid of it.
  • Once cleaning is done, apply an anti microbial solution to the area affected in order to kill germs.

Get Rid of Maggots in Refrigerator

Nothing is as bad as to see Maggots in refrigerator. Although it’s rare to have them in such a cool place but if you have got this problem then don’t worry, follow the below given instructions and feel relax as it will helps you to get rid of Maggots in your refrigerator:

  • Empty your fridge, take everything out.
  • Check keenly the expiry dates and condition of the products which you have in it, throw expired products away.
  • Get your gloves and pour a towel in bleach. Wipe out everything and throw all the Maggots in the trash.
  • Wash all removable parts of refrigerator with a dish washer and clean moist rag. Clean all containers also that contain not spoiled food and that you plan on putting back in the fridge.
  • Clean drip pan as well as the area around the refrigerator.
  • Now your fridge is clean. But it is important that it remains clean, in order to do so not only repeat this process often but also keep an eye on the food, if it spoils throw it out.

Get Rid of Maggots in Pantry

Pantry can be favorite place of Maggots if you are not taking care of some things like proper tightening of cans and jars covers. May be you have just doubt that pantry has infested, check the lips of jars and cans in pantry to make you sure. If you was right then:

  • Take your time and empty the pantry as it is important for thorough cleaning. Discard all jars and cans food that shows clear signs of contamination.
  • Be careful about the places where eggs and larvae can be. Vacuum cleaner with a hose and nozzle can be helpful to clean corners of the pantry or cupboard.
  • Under all shelving liners should be clean. Use a dish towel or sponge to wash the walls, floors, doors, and shelves of the pantry.
  • Wash plastic food containers with hot water, if any. Store seldom-used grain products in the fridge or freezer until needed.

Get Rid of Maggots in Kitchen

After garbage container, kitchen is the second favorite area of Maggots as most of the times, kitchen proves a very suitable place for them with plenty of food which we forget to discard as well as kitchen bins. Some important tips are given below to get rid of Maggots.

  • First of all throw out all contaminated food and garbage. Manually remove all garbage from the garbage can.
  • Now place your garbage can outside and use solution of vinegar and boiling water to rinse each side of it. Dry your garbage can thoroughly using rag towels. By cleaning your bin, you have cleaned about 75% of your kitchen.
  • Purchase an insecticide that contains permethrin, or carbamate and make a solution with water. Spray the solution on the infested flour or corner. Allow it to sit for several minutes. Wipe the dead Maggots away with paper towels and then disposed them off.
  • Spray the area with any anti-bacterial product and then dry the surface thoroughly.
  • Avoid to keep meat, fruit and vegetable trash longer. Also avoid moist climate and try to keep your trash cans dry as well as household surfaces thoroughly.

Get Rid of Maggots in Garbage

Nearly everyone of us have seen the little crawling white Maggots in our outdoor trash can especially in summers. The word disgusting become very small to describe the feeling you have at that time. And what about when one have to clean it? Well, not easy. But if it’s your turn or its your home trash can then following tips may help you:

  • Once you have to manage to remove trash, no matters how awful it is. After that wash your garbage can out with boiling water. Boiling water will kill all the Maggots but in my opinion, it is not enough but you should rinse your can once with a solution of one part vinegar or diluted mint oil and two parts water.
  • After washing allow can to dry thoroughly in sun before putting any new trash in. Maggots love moisture, so maintaining a dry can is essential.
  • In order to avoid such a terrible situation, it is recommended to do it on weekly basis and keep your cans clean and free of the odors that attract flies.
  • Use of trash bag in your garbage can also help to avoid such a mess. Folding the edge of the bag over the can, in this way air will circulate across when the can is opened.
  • Always close your garbage lid tightly after using it. Seal any food waste in smaller plastic bags before dumping into the larger bag to prevent flies from making contact with it.

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