How to get rid of Gnats in Kitchen, House, Bathroom

Gnats are the annoying two-winged, long legged but small flies resembling mosquitoes. Depending on species, gnats can be biting or non biting. Females of some species, such as the black gnat or black fly, feed on blood. These gnats have been known to transmit parasites and spread diseases to humans and livestock. Due to the spread of river blindness and other health concerns gnats control is very important.

The small size of the gnat makes it appear less serious as a pest. But beside its size it is important to keep in mind that gnats reproduce quickly and populate contaminated areas in groups. Gnats turn into big problem to homeowners or apartment residents in this way. Gnats are found on food items as well as around trash cans, in sink drains and in garbage disposals. Gnats also like moist places such as over-watered plants and refrigerator drain trays. They are harmful to kids, house plants, kitchen wares and home pets.

They lay their eggs and form large swarms near aquatic spaces and near house plants. These types are known as Fungus Gnats. While the other type is the one who feeds on fruits and is known as fruit flies. Both of these have a very short lifespan and generally grow in summer. These annoying small insects can be prevented through pesticides, but the presence of toxic chemical compounds may be harmful to you as well. In this article, we have mentioned natural ways to get rid of gnats.

How to get rid of Gnats in Kitchen, House, Bathroom

Get rid of Gnats naturally

Quick, affordable and effective natural ways to get rid of Gnats at home are:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Gnats are attracted to the aroma of apple cider vinegar. Simply put apple cider vinegar in a bowl at places where gnats are present. Gnats get captivated to the smell of vinegar and die in the liquid. You can also use a jar and filled with vinegar and funnel on top of it to let the gnats enter, but not depart. To get an idea of where the gnats are breeding set up several small containers around the house to trap the gnats.


Sugary aroma attracts insects towards them. A homemade gnat trap helps to stop frequent occurrence of these creepy creatures. Apply honey on a yellow plastic to make the fungus gnats stick to it and to catch these annoying flies.

Dish Wash

Mix liquid dish wash in the water and squirt the solution on the plants. It helps to get rid of fungus gnats from plants. The dish wash does not harm the plants instead it helps protect them from gnats.

Baking Soda

Uses of baking soda are large enough to make a person spellbound. You can make baking soda gnats repellant at home. Mix four table spoon baking soda and one table spoon liquid dish wash in 1 gallon water shake it well and spray on afflicted plant area.


Bleach is a strong oxidant that kills bacteria. Bleach is very useful to wipe out all drains and sink areas. Do not splash water instantly after pouring bleach in the sink and drains. Let bleach all night to do its work.


Garlic is an effective pest repellent. It can be used to make a garden spray to help the plants get rid of gnats. Soak 4 cloves of garlic into one tsp of mineral oil for a whole day. Add one tsp of liquid dish wash to it and transfer it to a spray bottle and spray it.


The powdered form of cinnamon is a natural fungicide and is known for controlling larvae and damping off. It helps wipe out the fungus on which larvae feed and so control the growth of fungus gnats. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder every week on the plantation spot till the problem persists.


Are you are tired of thinking about how to get rid of gnats in the house? This method will for sure work. Bacteria and other insects also feed on yeast. Fill a bowl with a little yeast, a bit of sugar and water. Place this mixture at assumed places, a large number of gnats attracts and catches up in it.

Dry Soil

Over watering the indoor plants are the main sources of gnats because their larvae grow in the damp environment. It is a best to dry out the soil of plants completely before watering them again. The dry soil kills larvae and inhibits the growth of gnats.

Vegetable Oil and Ammonia

If you are dealing with drain flies then this may help you a lot in gnats. Vegetable oil is quite a amazing source of attracting insects. Pour a small quantity of oil in the sink to bring together the gnats at one place. After they gather in the sink, pour a small amount of ammonia on them. Ammonia is harmful to living beings and it will help kill gnats. Use the sink once it is cleaned properly after a few hours. Make sure your safety while using this and not mix bleach with ammonia. Protect your mouth and eye while pouring these liquid into the drains.

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