Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Pregnancy

Learn health benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Hairs, Skin, Sleep, Athletes and Sex in daily diet.

Research studies are still being carried out to find the secrets of chia seeds, which are native to South America give the meaning of “strength” in Mayan. These small chia seeds were used in earlier days by Mayans according to chronicles.

Chia seeds were not very popular a decade back. But now it is very popular among people as an ounce of chia seeds gives a lot of nutrient values. Because of that chia seeds are considered as one of the healthiest foods which give lot of nutrients from a small amount of calories.

Health benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Pregnancy

Fiber, Protein, Fat, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium Phosphorus are mostly abundant in chia seeds. Apart from these nutrients zinc, vitamin B3, potassium, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 are also available in small quantities. Out of 28 grams of chia seeds, 11 grams are fiber and 4 grams are protein.

Health benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Pregnancy

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight loss

Since chia seeds contain a lot of fiber, they help to ease the digestion of food. And also helps to reduce the weight. Because of the protein content in chia seeds, appetite is reduced and thereby more reduction of weight happens.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Diabetes

Chia seeds contain antioxidants. Antioxidants minimize the rate of ageing and the production of unhealthy cells like cancer cells in the body. So chia seeds are very good for the health of a person.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Pregnancy

Health benefits of chia seeds in diet during pregnancy are known. Chia seeds may help meet your nutritional requirements necessary for a healthy pregnancy. The Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Protein and Fiber available in chia seeds are generally beneficial for pregnant women. But, talk to your doctor first and make sure using chia seeds is ok for your pregnancy.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Hairs

Adding lemon juice to a chia seed gel and apply the mixture to your hair for 10 minutes. The Protein, Iron, Zinc, copper, Alpha-linolenic acid and B complex vitamins available in chia seeds makes a very good natural recipe for Hair Loss Prevention & Hair Growth.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Skin

Adding chia seeds into meal or fruit shake gives you a glowing skin. When your cells are nourished, your skin glows. Chia Seeds being a natural source of omega-3s, a type of fatty acid that benefits your skin by helping to strengthen cell membrane barriers that allow water and nutrients in while keeping toxins out.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Sleep

Tryptophan, another ingredient that is found in chia seeds help in better sleep. Technically, this is an amino acid that helps regulate appetite, sleep patterns and improves your mood. Tryptophan raises melatonin and serotonin levels, which promotes stable sleep.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Athletes

There are several Chia Seeds Health Benefits for Athletes. Since chia seeds contain magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, chia seeds help to increase the strength of the bones. So by eating chia seeds instead of taking milk or any other calcium source, the strength and the health of the bones can be well maintained.

Some nutrients suggest that chia seeds can replace the sport drinks for athletes. Since chia seeds contains lot of nutrients which helps to maintain the endurance of the body, a chance of replacing sport drinks by chia seeds is there. And also as its meaning “strength” depicts the intake of chia seeds is really good for an athlete who needs strength always.

Chia seeds are also recommended as a substitute for dairy products for the people who are lactose intolerant or do not take dairy products for allergy or other medical reasons.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Sex

Chia seeds improves testosterone level because they are rich in protein, fiber, iron, zinc. Combining chia seeds ability to boost stamina and circulation while refreshing nerve endings can help getting a better sensory experience to enjoy your intimate moments during sex.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Heart

Another interesting fact about chia seeds is that, some scientific research studies about chia seeds benefit for type-2 diabetes have revealed that chia seeds reduced the blood pressure and inflammation. Chia seeds also reduce the risk of heart diseases and type-2 diabetes according to some researches. But this is not very much accurate as some other studies have proved that chia seeds increase the level of cholesterol.

So no one can come to a conclusion about its power in working with the heart which is the most important organ in the human body. But without any fear chia seeds can be added to the food you eat. It gives a good taste and it is also very good for the health of human beings. Chia seeds are considered as one of the super foods in the world.

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