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Blackheads are clogged hair follicle in the skin which are formed due to deposition of dirt particles around hair follicles.Most common place is usually the face due its increase exposure to dirt and other contaminated particles.These clogged hair follicle contains a tallow like plug that blocks the entrance into a hair follicle. The plug that appears as small black dot (Comedones) is composed of sebum that is produced by sebaceous glands dirt particles and other substances suspended in air.The black color of the plug is due to oxidation process. Appearance of these blackheads is characteristic feature of acne. These blackheads produced due to excessive secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands present in the skin due to some hormonal changes in the body.

Tips for blackheads Removal


Different blackheads removal tools

warm the skin area thoroughly where blackheads are present by enveloping it with a hot towel or with facial steamer for couple of minutes.Then use a metal blackhead remover which is easily available to assist in pressing out the plug of thickened material deposited in the hair follicles.This is achieved by pushing firmly the metal instrument directly over the blackhead. The instrument is then moved side ways.

Avoid from squeezing the affected area of skin with the fingers or any other thing because it may cause, for this tends to injury of the tissue and make it more easy to acquire infection from some where.After removing the plug of the blackhead first apply any kind of antiseptic solution for example isopropyl alcohol and then wash it thoroughly.

If blackheads are associated with some bacterial infection then salicylic acid and other anti-acne drugs should be used. Salicylic acid has bacteriostatic and keratolytic effect.It causes peeling of skin which removes the blackheads and regenerates the affected area of skin. Salicylic acid now widely prescribed by dermatologists due to its effectivity in various skin disorders.Other drugs which are also beneficial in the removal of black heads are benzoyl peroide, azelaic acid, resorcinol and sulphur ointment.

There are number of natural ways to get rid of from black heads for example aloe vera gel is very helpful in the removal of blackheads because it contains a high content of sulfur and vitamin A.Both are highly effective in the treatment of acne associated with black heads or comedones. Sulfur acts as antiseptic agent and kills bacteria where bacteria contamination is suspected.On the other hand a derivative of vitamin A called as tretinoin or isotretinoin is very effective due to its peeling effect on skin when applied topically.


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