Vernet Syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The brain is the controller of a human body that receives and sends signals immediately. It comprises twelve cranial nerves that are the abducent nerve, the accessory nerve, the facial nerve, the glossopharyngeal nerve, and others. These cranial nerves have a vital function to perform, but if these nerves are injured, then they will throw their long-lasting effects on the human body. Without them, one will not be able to take any action and will reduce your self-control. Some severe brain diseases include stroke, vascular disease, trauma, brain tumours, and others. Among these disorders, Vernet syndrome is also a severe disorder.

We have compiled all the relevant details about Vernet Syndrome. So, to get familiar with this disorder, you are suggested to go through this article.

What is Vernet Syndrome?

Vernet Syndrome, alternatively named the Jugular Foramen Syndrome, is a disorder that is caused by malfunction of IX till XI cranial nerves that are glossopharyngeal nerve, vagus nerve, and accessory nerve. These cranial nerves traverse across the jugular foramen. Several injuries such as trauma, infections, tumours, vascular wounds, etc. may incorporate in the jugular foramen, among which Vernet Syndrome is the one.

Vernet Syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Vernet Syndrome Symptoms

The following are the main symptoms that are common in those people who are having Vernet Syndrome.

  • Dysphonia or Hoarseness

Dysphonia is medical terminology for hoarseness, and it means a reduction in the volume of the pitch. This symptom is rare in cases of Vernet Syndrome in which the larynx is badly affected. The results include a lack of vocal parameters such as quality, pitch, loudness, and variability.

  • Dropping of Soft Palate

Soft palate, which is also known as the muscular palate, is a part of the mouth’s palate. It is located behind the teeth at the upper part of your mouth and plays a vital role in speech and swallowing. This palate is intensely affected when anyone is diagnosed with Vernet Syndrome and can also lead to throat cancer.

  • Diversion of the Uvula over the Normal Side

The uvula is one of the parts of the soft palate. It’s just after the tonsils. It serves as a restricted block for the nasal cavity and also plays a vital role in articulation. Due to the Vernet disorder, the uvula deviates over the normal-side and causes damage to the IX and X cranial nerves.

  • Dysphagia

Dysphagia is one of the severe problems which occur due to Vernet Syndrome. People face difficulty in swallowing the food and liquid from the mouth to their stomach during dysphagia.

  • Lack of Sensory Function

Lack of sensory function is yet another symptom of Vernet Syndrome. It takes place from the posterior one-third of the tongue. It causes severe problems for the brain in receiving and responding to information.

Vernet Syndrome Causes

Vernet Syndrome is a disorder that takes place due to damage in cranial nerves. It can cause severe damage to the internal organs of the human body. Therefore, one should consult the doctor immediately if he/she is diagnosed with its symptoms.

Some of the causes of Vernet’s syndrome are listed below.

  • Primary tumours

The most common cause of Vernet’s syndrome is the primary tumours. These tumours arise from the brain and spread towards its bounding. Some of the primary tumours include Cerebellopontine angle metastases, Glomus jugular tumours, Meningioma, and Vestibular schwannoma.

  • Inflammation

Inflammation also takes place due to the presence of Vernet Syndrome. It is a severe cause that reddens and swallows the human body. This painful condition is also a result of meningitis, malignant otitis externa, sarcoidosis, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

  • Trauma

Trauma is yet another cause of Vernet Syndrome. It is a discomforting stage and causes physical harm. This severe mental disorder can lead to distraction and the loss of self-control.

  • Cholesteatoma

Cholesteatoma is a growing skin problem in the middle of the ear. It may happen if someone is going through Vernet Syndrome. It can cause massive issues while hearing. Therefore, one should take proper treatment to overcome its dangers.

  • Metastatic cancer

Vernet syndrome can lead to severe problems such as Metastatic cancer. This cancer is a building block for tumours known as metastatic tumours. When the cancer cells are formed primarily, then they split away and traverse through the lymph system for forming new tumours.

Vernet Syndrome Treatment

Some of the essential treatments for the malfunction of cranial nerves are as follows.

  • If a person has a cranial nerve disorder, then he must take proper medication.
  • If the damage is severe, then microvascular decompression surgery can help to reduce such disorder. Moreover, surgical-interventions are also used for chronic palsies.

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