How to Pass Breathalyzer Test Faster?

One of the most frequent asked question on different websites is about breathalyzer test. The situation becomes very critical while driving, if someone is drunk. The best answer of this question is obviously very simple that please don’t drink when you have to drive, or simply don’t take test.

A breathalyzer is a device which is used to determine blood alcohol concentration also known as BAC. The amount of alcohol is measured by taking a sample of your breath. There are several ideas that have been tried and tested by different people to beat this test but it can be said that there is no concrete method to trick the device as it is highly sensitive to alcoholic elements.

There are a variety of instruments that are used for breath-alcohol-analysis, collectively called breathalyzers. All of them used one of two typical methods to analyze the breath-alcohol content. In addition, they include safeguards in order to ensure the analysis is accurate. Some breath testers use fuel cell technology to analyze the breath sample. Some other used spectrophotometer, in this technique, light interacts with alcohol in the breath sample to determine the BAC.
How to Pass Breathalyzer Test Faster?

Tips and tricks to Pass Breathalyzer Test Faster

Here you can find a simple analysis of different methods that can help in this regard. In addition, a detailed review of all methods that are just myths and don’t help at all is also given as following.

Things that don’t help

Usually it is said that smelly foods are able to overpower the alcohol scent, but be aware that it is completely and utterly useless for a Breathalyzer machine. This machine has mechanically designed in such a way that it can detect ethanol even if in very small percentage. In addition to machine itself, filters are really intelligent to detect some other substances besides ethanol.

  • Chewing gum can’t help at all. Now a days the most common trick is to throw off the cop, if you can hold your liquor. There are chances that they’ll let you go if they can’t smell alcohol. But as discussed above that the gum does not alter the workings of the inner chamber inside the breathalyzer machine, which is too sensitive to ethanol. A strong gum may end up helping you as much as a mouth wash, due to their containing alcohol.
  • According to some “experts ”, drinking Zima instead of real drinks really helps . Some people think that they could do the trick. Alcohol is alcohol, no matter what it tastes or smells like.
  • Does Listerine or some other mouthwash works, not at all. The reason behind this NO is really easy to understand because nearly all mouth washes contain Alcohol. So you are trying to overcome the presence of alcohol in your body with more alcohol! Not a good idea.
  • Inhaling instead of blowing mouthwash may helps, unfortunately also Not. The pressure detectors of machine are able to detect if air is being blown in.
  • Burping, belching, or regurgitating also useless because it will bring up alcohol from your stomach to your mouth, make it more easier to be detected.
  • Another myth is about smoking, i.e. a cigarette can mask the alcohol. Smoking can elevate your BAC result instead because some breathalyzers may be affected by acetaldehyde. The chemical that is released in cigarette smoke when sugars, sorbitol, and glycerol are burnt.
  • Eating peanut butter is another opinion due to presence of sodium in it. it). Although high levels of sodium, which can be found in peanut butter, will neutralize ethanol as it creates two byproducts – sodium ethoxide and hydrogen gas. But the peanut butter travels from the mouth into your stomach, completely bypassing the lungs, that are origin of that air that will be tested by the machine.

Things that work

Following are some tips that can really help:

  • The first thing that really works is “don’t drink and drive safe”. But why you are reading this article if this method can help.
  • Another best way is to way is to refuse the breathalyzer test. As a result you have to hand over your license to the nice police officer. Because you failed to comply with the state’s laws. By doing so, you make your case a lot easier, the possibility of a jury trial much more of a reality, and your chances of beating your DUI case increase exponentially. Simply refuse the tests, if you can afford to lose your license.
  • Blow but for as shorter interval as you can. It can help if you did not have that much to drink, and you believe that enough time has elapsed, blow just enough to where the machine registers the fact that you’ve blown. Obviously, officer want you to bow longer because the longer you blow, the more alcohol enters the sample chamber of the machine.
  • Heavy exercise can really helps. But the problem is that by doing exercise, you will not be able to breathe out all of the alcohol. After drinking alcohol, it will be everywhere, in your system, in your blood stream, in your lungs, and possibly still in your mouth. Exercise could lower your breath test result by 10-20%, close to the limit.

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