Healthcare IT Trends 2016 in HIT and Health Informatics

In recent past, a strong impact of Technological advancements, like all other walks of life can also be seen in healthcare sector. 2015 was an important year in this regard as different health issues that made the people panic like Ebola outbreak. As a result of such issues, around 6.5 million Americans enrolled for health insurance and incessant cyber attacks targeting health organizations.

But it was also an important year as Health IT industry especially Medical Biller, Insurances, Payers, Physician and EMR Softwares vendors went through successful ICD9-to-ICD10 transition. Health IT relevant institutions have integrated EHRs and EMRs in order to engage patients through online tools and still juggling to various other business and IT projects.

During 2016, the main concern of healthcare providers is to make incredible progress toward more effective, informed and personalized care, and IT organizations are central to achieve these goals. If we analyse and anticipate the Healthcare IT trends in 2016 we see a begining of PHRs (Patient Health Records), ACO (Accountable Care Organizations) and preparing for MU3 (Meaningful Use Stage 3).

An overview of changes that has been taking place in healthcare industry draws a picture according to which consumers themselves are playing a major role in taking decision regarding healthcare coverage and treatments. Federal government is also trying to solidify its position as healthcare market maker. In the meantime, it is hard time for employers as they have to find new care as well as new funding models.

The evolution of new healthcare market in combination with IT has a potential for a range of solutions that combine care and financing under Healthcare IT (HIT). The main area in which this market place will operate is population health services in combined with a range of acute, chronic, and long-term products. Healthcare providers who are not ready to say welcome to IT should be ready to have trouble in coming days as IT is going to be an integral part of health care industry.

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Following are the major healthcare IT trends for 2016 to anticipate:

Platform Revolution

Platform revolution is a trend which is being termed as first major IT trend in healthcare sector in 2016 by Accenture analysts. Platform revolution actually indicates the ever-increasing ubiquity of mobile and cloud platforms that far surpass the ability to track a patient’s health in real-time.IT advancements has enabled the people to have minute by minute tracking of their activities which can have impact on their health. Data is collected through different sources like wearable, phones and glucometers and afterwards this data collection is interpreted into an overview in order to keep inform patient as well as caregiver about patient health.

Outcome Economy

Outcome economy is being emphasized as second major IT trend in healthcare industry. Outcome economy means delivering results as new hardware brings better intelligence and with the help of this improvement, it is possible to have access to patient’s data with a single click or scroll and ultimately lead to better outcomes. This trend will bring convenience and ease for every component of the system especially for the patient.

Intelligent Enterprise

The third trend termed as Intelligent enterprise, revolves around data. The philosophy behind the Intelligent enterprise is basically to deal data with smarter systems in order to get better healthcare. This trend will lead to tremendous clinical outcomes opportunities. In such a data intensive industry, software should be designed to do something more than usual. It must bring innovation throughout the enterprise. Software intelligence in this field is expected to bring such medical devices and wearable, that can recognize, think as well as respond accordingly.

Internet of Me

Internet is helping us almost in each and every matter of our life. Internet of me considered as one of the major IT trends in healthcare industry. Internet of me has come up with the idea of personalized medicines, digital self-scheduling, sharing of your own electronic medical record, training machines and connecting with physicians via social platforms. This trend is really popular, a clue of its popularity is a forecast backed by Accenture data, according to which 66 percent of health systems in the U.S. will have self-scheduling by the start of 2020. With introduction of such system, patients will be able to care for themselves, as a result relieve the burden of the delivery system and get a better result.

Workforce Reimagined

In today’s era of digitization, machines are as important as the human workforce. Compatibility of these two elements is essential to go further. Machines are actually helps the mankind to perform more efficiently and to do complex task in lesser time. With the invention of Robots, communication with machines is possible and this side by side working of humans and machines is improving the effectiveness of healthcare. Technology is playing vital role on both side, when we are discussing its role in health care industry. It is helping doctors by providing them advance procedures and devices and at the same time, patients are becoming more empowered as they have advance tools to manage their healthcare.

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