How to Bruise Yourself fast with Black Eye Makeup

Learn how to bruise yourself fast, easily and painless. This happens often that you discover suddenly a bruise on your body while taking a bath or changing clothes.

Most of the times, you don’t even know that how you got this. Sometimes we just forget when we got hit by something like accidentally bump into an end table or counter top because at that time, we might be in the hurry but a blue spot gets our attention immediately.

If you get bruises often and every time you are not aware why they are there then they may belong to chronic bruising. It is often a sign of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. In such case, it is best for the individual to undergo a complete medical evaluation in order to rule out illness.

So far, we have talked about bruises that we don’t get intentionally. But are you looking for how to give yourself a bruise? We are not surprised, as there are situations where people need to get bruises intentionally. Some a person may be suffering from a serious mental condition in which individuals intentionally hurt themselves in order to feel a sense of control. But not always.

Self-bruising is less common as compared to self-cutting and self-punching. All these conditions are extremely dangerous to the individual’s physical health and mental well-being. Self-harm practices that cause intentional bruising and injury are common in individuals who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

How to Give Yourself a Bruise Fast, Easily, Painless

How to Bruise Yourself fast with Black Eye Makeup

There might be a number of reasons that an individual wants to bruise himself. Following are some possibilities that can lead you to do self-bruising:

  • Maybe you have to act a role that’s why you need to look as though you have bashed into something quite badly,
  • Perhaps you are getting ready for a photo shoot in which you need to show off bruised legs, arms or even face.

How to Bruise Yourself without Pain

real Bruises (medically called ecchymoses) are the discoloration and tenderness of the skin mucous membranes due to the leakage of blood from an injured micro blood vessel into the tissues.

Whatever the reason is, but it’s a fact that deliberately hurting yourself under self harm to physically bruise your skin can be very painful. Now what to do? No worries, there are much easier ways to make it appear as though your body is covered with bruises. Bruise Makeup is one of the easiest ways. Don’t be surprised, makeup is not only used to look beautiful but it can be used in another way round.

Yes, by using makeup, it is possible to make it appear as though you are covered in bruises. You don’t need to go through any amount of pain or self-hitting. You need to know how to make a bruise wheel or more simple is to do it with various colors of eye shadows, liners, red lipsticks, a purple marker, and blusher.

Bruise Yourself with Black Eye Makeup

Want to fake bruise yourself! Try it now, take your black eyeliner, white eye shadow, and B-brushes and follow this steps by step guide on how to bruise yourself through makeup like the actors do in movies:

  1. Clean the area you are intending to draw your bruise, wash it with water gently and don’t moisturize.
  2. Now apply the red color to the intended skin in order to form the basic shape of the bruise you want to create. You can easily google the shapes of natural bruises in advance to see what sort of shape a bruise might take. The natural shape of bruises are generally irregular, not perfect square or round.
  3. After completing the red outline, fill in the area with the same color. Now the entire area is red and none of your normal skin colors can be seen.
  4. Now it is time to add more colors in order to make the bruise look more realistic. You can add a little bit of purple. Smudge this into the red and make it blend. Blending is important as more blended it will be, more realistic it will look.
  5. You may know that the newer, fresher bruises tend to look more purple and blue. While the older bruises are more yellow with greenish shade. Depending on what you are going for, you will need to balance the colors accordingly.
  6. Now go to the washroom and run your new bruise under some water. By doing so, the colors will blend even more and make it look even more realistic. Don’t touch your handmade wet bruise, otherwise, you will end up rubbing it away. You can simply tap at your bruise with some toilet paper or an old towel.

how to bruise yourself throught makeup

Black Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you are wondering on how to give yourself a black eye with makeup, follow the following steps:

  1. Wash your face and dry it using a towel.
  2. Put a light foundation on your face.
  3. Add red to your lower lid.
  4. Add some red to your waterline, with care.
  5. Take the red and outline where your bruise should be nd keep it irregular.

People with self-harm tendencies often discover bruises in random spots on their bodies. If you are not involved in any of such practices and still get bruises often, you could be suffering from some skin sensitivity or chronic bruising due to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Intentional self-harm is could be a psychological condition. Self-cutting and self-punching are the most common self-harm practices, and they are extremely dangerous to the individual’s physical health and mental well-being. Self-harm practices that cause intentional bruising and injury are common in individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety.

While you know how to give yourself a bruise without pain now. Still, it is never advised to do so for any wrong purpose. But if you have to act in drama at school, then you can use this method and you will be more than happy.

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