Sovaldi in Pakistan: Price, Availability of Hepatitis-C medicine

Availability and Price of Sovaldi in Pakistan by Vikor Enterprises, distributor of Ferozsons Laboratories. Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) is the new miraculous medicine for chronic Hepatitis-C treatment.

Sovaldi is available in Pakistan from Jan, 2015. Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) is manufactured by Gilead Sciences, United States. Sovaldi in Pakistan is distributed by Ferozsons Laboratories Limited as regional partner. The subsidized Sovaldi Price in Pakistan is around Rs.1142 Pakistani rupees per tablet.

Hepatitis C is a viral disease, causes by Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), resulting in inflammation of the liver leading into Liver Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, Liver failure or multi organ failure. Hep C is a silent killer because most people infected with HCV shows no apparent symptoms for several years, until the last stage.

According to United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) around 3.2 million Americans are infected with HCV. According to WHO statistics, 7% of the population in Pakistan is hep-c infected. While in some areas in Pakistan the prevalence of hepatitis C is as high as 40% according to Journal of Pakistan Medical Sciences(JPMS), which warns Hepatitis C in Pakistan as Silent Storm.

In Pakistan, Sovaldi registration application was submitted in May, 2014. The request for accelerated review to use Sovaldi in Pakistan for Hep-C treatment was approved on November, 2014.

Sovaldi in Pakistan: Price, Availability, Latest News of HCV treatment

Sovaldi is available in Pakistan on subsidized rates from December, 2014 on designate hospitals. Initially, the drug might not be available on the market pharmacies at subsidized rates. As Professor Muhammad Umar, chair of the Special Committee of WGO for Hepatitis-C Treatment Guidelines, hinted.

Sovaldi in Pakistan: Price, Availability of Hepatitis-C medicine

Approved by Federal Ministry of Health, Pakistan Ferozsons Laboratories Limited has entered into an agreement with Gilead Sciences, United States to distribute its breakthrough line of medications for the treatment of Hep-C (HCV), Hep-B (HBV) and AIDS (HIV) infection in Pakistan, at affordable price.

In order to get Sovaldi medicine in Pakistan, the patients have to contact the Vikor Enterprises or Liver Center at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi, for registration of the drug for treatment. Find below the process:

Get Sovaldi Medicine in Pakistan for Hepatitis C Patients

In order to buy Sovaldi 400mg tablet in Pakistan for Hepatitis C treatment on subsidized price, one requires to go through registration process. Please complete the following Sovaldi Registration documents:

  1. Genotype, LFT, CBC lab tests reports of the patients.
  2. Doctor Prescription with Patient name, Age and Sovaldi medicine prescribed.
  3. Two copies of Patient’s CNIC for official record purpose.

Sovaldi Patient Registration Helpline in Pakistan

Vikor has improved a lot the process of Sovaldi patient registration. Thanks to the new process, now you can get the Sovaldi medicine in Pakistan within less than a week time. Once your documents are ready, please call the following Sovaldi patient registration helpline, established by Ferozsons:

Call Sovaldi Registration Helpline at 021-111-111-707 (Monday – Saturday) 09:00AM – 10:00PM
Once confirmation SMS is received, you can visit your designated Vikor Branche and directly buy the medicine on cash. After you get the token, the collection process takes about 2 hours at branch.

Important Note: Vikor online computerized system does not allow patient data change/update at branch. Any discrepancy found in Patient name, NIC, Father/Husband name will create problem/delays for your patient to get the medicine. Therefore, please provide patient information carefully to the helpline:

  • You can set your nearest available city option to get the medicine monthly.
  • You can name a blood relative to get the medicine if patient is old age or very sick.
  • Patient and/or Guardian data registered at helpline is verified on Branch through Origional NICs.
  • It is easy to register with the helpline. But difficult to change city or patient data later.
  • Getting 2 months medicines are allowed in special cases e.g. traveling abroad, Hajj, Umerah etc.

Buy Sovaldi in Lahore

Vikor Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. 17-A, Bird Wood Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Phone: 0092-42-7586210 / 7577210. Fax: 9242-7587210

Buy Sovaldi in Islamabad

Liver Centre at Holy Family Hospital. Holy Family Hospital, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Telephone: +92-51-9290321, +92-51-9290319 extension 2053

Sovaldi Price in Pakistan

Sovaldi Treatment in Pakistan costs around Rs.32,300 PKR per month. This includes price for both Sovaldi 400mg (Sofosbuvir) tablets and Xolox 400mg/600mg (Ribavirin) tablets. Sovaldi tablet is taken once a day, while Xolox is twice a day tablet. However, in future, Sovaldi tablet price in Pakistan is expected to lower further.

Sovaldi in Pakistan: Price, Availability of Hepatitis-C medicine

The price of Gilead’s new hepatitis C drug, Sovaldi, for the 12 week course of treatment in the U.S. is $84,000. Sovaldi is $1,000 a pill in the US to hepatitis C patients. Its high price has drawn huge criticism from people like senators Charles Grassley and Ron Wyden.

The subsidized Solvadi 400mg tablet price in Pakistan is Rs.1065/-. For a whole 12 weeks treatment with Sovaldi(400mg) daily dose it costs ( Rs.90,525 = 1065 x 85 days). Which is cheaper than current inteferon alpha 2b or pegylated interferon treatment therapy, which costs more with low efficacy and more side effects.

Sovaldi as Hep-C Treatment

Sofosbuvir is a nucleotide analog inhibitor, an enzyme that blocks a specific protein required Hep C virus to reproduce. Sovaldi was approved in the United States on December 8, 2013 and in the European Union on January 17, 2014.

Sovaldi is effective against all HCV Genotypes (1,2,3,4). But fortunately, for the Hepatitis-C Genotype 2 and 3 (which are the most common types in Pakistan) the duration of its treatment can be shortened to 6 weeks with same results, leaving the treatment cost to 66,780 PKR only.

Sovaldi can treat multiple types of the hepatitis C virus. It treats well to the patients who could not tolerate or take an interferon injection or have liver cancer. It can saves hep-c patient from liver transplantation. It can also do miracle for non-responding hard to treat patient, including the ones co-infected with HCV and HIV.

After the 12 weeks treatment with Sovaldi, the hepatitis C virus was no longer detected in the blood, achieving sustained virologic response, which means patient is completely and permanently cured, with no further treatment required.

Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) Side Effects

There are no Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) side effects reported so far.
Fatigue and Headache, the most common side effects reported in clinical study and due to Ribavirin used as combination with Sovaldi. In participants treated with Sovaldi, ribavirin and peg-interferon-alfa combination therapy, the most common side effects reported were fatigue, headache, nausea, insomnia and anemia.

This is a very good new for viral hepatitis patient in Pakistan. As Osman Khalid Waheed, president of Ferozsons Laboratories, said:

The agreement is a very important milestone for the company but more significantly it also marks a paradigm shift in the treatment landscape for diseases such as Hepatitis C, which affects over 10 million people in the country. We look forward to bringing these new innovations to patients in Pakistan.

Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) received the status of Breakthrough Hepatitis C Treatment Drug by United States Food and Drug Authority (FDA). For priority review and fast track approval, FDA assigns breakthrough therapy status only the new medicine indicates substantial improvement in clinical evidence, over available treatments for patients with life threatening diseases. Edward Cox, M.D director of Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at FDA said:

Today’s approval represents a significant shift in the treatment paradigm for some patients with chronic hepatitis C.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD) is an American biotechnology company that researches on antiviral drugs to treat patients infected with HIV, Hepatitis-B or influenza. The company volunteered to provide its above $80,000 hep-c treatment (In United States) on non profitable bases in 69 developing countries including Pakistan.

Hepatitis-B Treatment Drugs in Pakistan

Other than Sovaldi, there are some new hepatitis treatment drugs in Pakistan awaiting registration and approval including Viread, Truvada and Stribild.

Viread, an oral nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NtRTI) is an antiviral drug for chronic Hepatitis-B virus (HBV) infection. It is an approved chronic Hepatitis-B treatment

in adults and pediatric patients from 12 years of age and older. It is also an effective HIV treatment drug for AIDS patients of age two years and above.


  1. Adnan Malik

    @Everyone GOOD NEWS:
    Viktana (a more powerful version of Sovaldi with a better result for resistant patients and lesser side effects) is available at for Rs.10000 x 6-month therapy. Which can be negotiate at Rs. 7000 with reference from Prof. Dr. Arif Siddique (Hamid Latif Hospital).

  2. Sajjad ahmed

    My Hcv is 1.760
    Plz tell me where I gone and taking sovaldi tablet
    My pcr from city lab Lahore
    Lft alkhidmt kamalia
    But genotype is not know
    Age 34 years old

    Plz tell me


    اسلام علیکم
    Hope u will be fine there. Can you please advise regarding Declatasvir + Sobisvur for HCV treatment. The main distributor or from where these can be obtained in Lahore

  4. Miann islam Muhammad

    Dear Adnan.
    iam hcv Gino typ 3a. my doctor prescibed me with . sofiget 400mg + Ribazole 400mg.+Panadol for 12 week.
    course. plz is it, what is possibility and chances of pcr – Ve. this 12 week course is enough for my Gtype 3a
    any side effect iam 42 yr old. My viral load is around109000.

    Thnks B.Rgds

  5. Zafar

    Dear sir i had been suffering from Hep “C” virus since 2006. In 2006 i had gone trough interferon therapy but not recovered. Now my Doctor advised me “MyHep” 400 tablets for this purpose. Your are requested that please let me know this medicine is better for me or Sovaldi?

    • ASIM

      My question is also same. So please guide

  6. Dear Adnan
    my dad having CKD kidney failure from last 3 years and he is on dialysis from last 1.7 years. now he has aciteis fluid in abdomen and HCV c positive in may 2016. geno type is 1a. so wat u will suggest for him .wat abt sofos? solvaide is much expensive . please reply me

    • muhammad mujahid

      Aslamualaekum sar mere liye hcv k liye koi dawa hai

  7. Tariq

    Hello dear:
    where to get sovaldi in Islamabad or Rawalpindi regions? What is the procedure to get this medicine? And how long they will take to supply or deliver the drug?

  8. Michael

    Greetings to the general public, i want to tell the hole world about how i was cured of Hepatitis B disease by a Doctor called Dr, Sabi. i have spend a lot of dollars of medication and there was no solution, I was browsing through the Internet searching for remedy on (Hepatitis disease) and i saw a comment of people talking about how Doctor Sabi cured them. I Was scared because i never believed in the Internet but i was convince to give him a try because i was having no hope of been cured of Hepatitis so i decided to contact him with his email that was listed on the comment ([email protected] ) when i contacted him he gave me hope and send a Herbal medicine to me that i took and it seriously worked for me, am a free person now without problem, my Hepatiiis result came out negative. I pray for you Dr Sabi God will give you everlasting life, you shall not die before your time for being a sincere and grate men. Am so happy, you can also contact him if you are also suffering from any deadly disease Email: [email protected] or call him: +2348168257144,

    Good Luck.

    • Jazz

      Be careful people . this does not sound genuine.

      There is no cure of Hepatitis in herbal or homeopathic you will kill your self if decide to go any on that routes.


  9. I am not doctor. I specially knew about genotype-2 sofosbuvir treatment duration is 12 weeks which is recommended by “American association of the study of liver disease” and “the infectious disease society of America”. Why in Pakistan every Hep-C GenoType-2 patient are being recomended for 24 weeks with sofosbuvir? Any Dr. please reply

    • jia

      My Question is also same like Hanama asked?

    • Adnan Malik

      @HNAMA, @Jia
      AASLD, IDSA, FDA and GILD itself recommend 12 weeks sofosbuvir treatment for HCV genotype-2 patient. Pakistani Gastroenterologists are doing it for 24 weeks as per previous Gold Standard protocol with interferon therapy. Personally, I have seen over 100 type-2 patients with PCR N-log (zero viral load) from the 9th week of treatment.

  10. Yasir Arshad

    Aslam Alaikum
    Dear friends

    sovaldi is very good medicine for hepatitis C but it is very expense and out of range of most people but Pak Govt. introduce other company this same medicine the name of “SOFOS” its also very good and so cheap just (Rs.5500) and sovaldi is (Rs.33,000).
    if anybody need this so contact: Drug Services, I-9, Islamabad 051- 8443500-600
    also i am using this.

  11. Imran Siddique

    Dear Dr.Adnan I was infected with Hepatitis “C” virus in 2006 at that time my PCR was ++(Moderate).I got treatment Interferon alpha 2b with ribazole for six month, after treatment my PCR is negative.some time I feel a small pain on may right side under last two ribs.I have been selected for Kuwait but medically unfit due to Anti HCV positive. Can I use Sovaldi to get my Anti HCV negative for my future and from where I can purchase.


    • AKMAL

      Dear Imran

      Anti body HCV will remain possitive.only PCR HCV will be negative that means HCV RNA not deteected.

  12. ARif

    Dear Doctor,

    My mother’s consultant advised to start Sofosbuvir & Ribavirin tablets. we live in Karachi. please share detail of locally available supplier.


    • Yasir Arshad

      Dear Arif Bhai
      i am not doctor but i took SOFOS for my mother too. its also good same as Sovaldi i got it from Drug Services, Islamabad you can contact 051-8443500-600

  13. Hadi Bux

    Daer adnan malik localy manufactured Sofosbuvir pe hamn rely kar sakte hain ya nhn iss hawale se please aap sujession den thanks

  14. Ahmed

    As Generic products (locally manufactured) of Sovaldi are introduced in Pakistan @ very low cost (i.e. about 5000/month).

    Please guide as whether these Generic Products will have same efficacy/results as ” Sovaldi” and Sovaldi will be remain available in future or not? please comment in detail..

    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Ahmad, which is best local manufacturer right now?

    • Muhammad Afzal

      Dear Ahmad, which is best local manufacturer right now? and what is the name of medicine?

  15. Mansoor Iqbal

    Dear all
    Now Sovaldi generics are available around 5800 PKR. It is equally good as imported one. you can buy form any part of the country form any good medical store. In Rawalpindi and Islamabad region if you need it plz do contact me at FB ID Muhammad Mansoor Iqbal or 03215060159

    • rizi

      Could you please tell is it available in Ferozesons pindi???

  16. I heared that due to supreme court intervention govt has issued liecences to so many drug companies to make oral treatment of hepa C. And they are making these drugs in very low rates. If true than tell us names of pharma and brand name of drugs

  17. m.ali

    sir only sovaldi is enough for the treatment of hepatitis c category 1b. or i need to inject ropegra. plz tell soon.

  18. Muhammad Khalid

    My father is suffering with Hep C Moderate Active. He also suffering with Cirrhosis. However, Doctor advised him to take SOVALDI 400 MG for 15 days and then get blood test again. Can I get dose for 15 days only instead of 28 Tab

  19. M. Ramzan

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    Dear Doctor Arslan Sb, I am from Lahore and I want to start the treatment of Hepatitis C. Please guide me about Doctor. Which doctor is best in Lahore for Treatment of HCV? And if you also practice then please tell me the address and contact Number.

    • m. saleem

      dr. gyas-un-nabi from doctor hospital, dr.arif qayyuom khan jail road, dr haroon yousaf will care clinc model town you can counsut any of them

    • Muhammad Shahbaz

      Dear Ramzan I am also using Sovaldi tablets I was recommended by Dr. Sajjad A. Khan from Zainab Memorial Hospital, near Kalma chowk underpass. You can also consult him for your treatment.

    • Jasmine

      Dr Imran Anwar Khan in Zainab Memorial Hospital, Kalma Chowk, Lahore. He is having team with Malaysian, Singaporean and Pakistani Doctors for liver diseases. This is his contact no.: 03214340670.

  20. Dear adnan sir salam,
    I have been suffering from hep C from last ten years when it was first detected in my blood. But i never have yet gone through pcr and genotype tests while my reading for hcv virus is 14.3 from skm lab with cutt off range 1.0. Please guide me what should i do now from here? Should i consult doctor first? Or i do labs first i.e pcr genotype lft nd take these reports with me to him? Plz guide me sir

    • m. saleem

      first do the test then take the reports to the doctors. otherwise on first meeting with doctor the doctor will take the fees and will ask you to do the hcv pcr quantitative, genotype,lft,cbc,creatnine and then recomend the sovaldi + xolox

  21. hfz ALI

    assalamualykum, sir my father’s age is about 60 . two years back he was detected with HCV. then my father chose homeopathy(HIKMAT) which really favours a lot but the problem is that the quantitative test or other test doesnot show NILL some thing is still present which is not easily going. SO we wanna choose SOVALDI..?
    SIR plZ guide me

  22. Wajahat


    Dr.Adnan sb & Dr.Arslan Sb

    We have required your guideline …My father age is round about 68 Years Old …& Their Test result is
    “The Quantity of HCV RNA is 1,107,879 IU/ml. (The Aga Khan Report) …. & GAMMA GT …309 IU/L , Now Dr. recommend Tab: “SOVALDI” initially 04 week ….. So, I’m required your advice

    Thanks & Regards

    • Momin khan

      Dear Wajahat
      My Aunt is in same age and she took Sovaldi for 6 months regularly and she got result is _______ve . ALHAMMADULILLLAH and she is feeling very well

  23. m saleem

    salaam adnan bhai my was dignosed with hep c g3 viral load was 28072 she had a test after taking sovaldi + ribavirin after 30 days she had a quntitative test and virus was not detected but she is suffering anemia according to cbc test now its been 40 days she is still on sovaldi treatment and doctor prescribed her bevidox 3 times a day and espogen 10000 iu 2 in a week what should i do should i still continue the treatment of sovaldi for 6 months or it can be lesser because virus is gone plz ans my question…thanks

    • imran

      In anemia try beetroot+carrett+ Apple mix fresh juice daily in 100 Ml.just avoid to much iron. Apple etc. And consult doctor.

  24. i have question agr interferon enjection ke etne sideeffects hain to Dr mareez Ko Ku recommend kerte hain Or Yeh Koi poori tarah elaj B nnahi . hamare district M.B DIn mai her 10 mai se 8 es marez mai mubtela hain

    • Adnan Malik

      Simple, because they get commission from pharmaceuticals for interferon injection, not for Sovaldi.

  25. My father in laws age is 68.. may I Gave him this Medicine SOVALDI 400mg he is too week now..may i give him half tablet? he is suffering from hepatitis c

    • David Heyden

      I am not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that taking only half a tablet would not be effective. You don’t have to take this medication for a long time only a few months, if you have questions call the drug manufacturer I’m sure that they have a toll free number and medical staff to answer your questions. God bless

    • Adnan Malik

      David is right, please do not cut the dose. Weakness and shortness of breath are common Sovaldi side effects, particularly seen in patients above 50. Don’t worry these are temporarily and will go away 4 weeks after the of treatment completion.

  26. Aziz-ur-Rehman

    I was just going through this web page regarding the information about Sovaldi and found this statement
    “But fortunately, for the Hepatitis-C Genotype 2 and 3 (which are the most common types in Pakistan) the duration of its treatment can be shortened to 6 weeks with same results, leaving the treatment cost to 66,780 PKR only.”
    Would you confirm above statement especially regarding genotype 3. I will appreciate if you include reference also.
    Looking forward
    Prof. Aziz-ur-Rehman

    • I am not doctor. I specially knew about genotype-2 sofosbuvir treatment duration is 12 weeks which is recommended by American association of the study of liver disease and the infectious disease society of America. Why in Pakistan every Hep-C GT patient is being treated for 24 weeks with sofosbuvir? Any Dr. please reply

  27. Shoaib

    Dr. Sb ma apni mother ko use karwara ho solavdi, 12 din hogai hain unko motions howay hain, 2 din sa takreban 10 sa 12, unko juices daray hain anar, apple k, pls advice as urgent. Thanks

    • Adnan Malik

      Lose motion is an unlikely side effect. It could be due to some other reason. Please contact your doctor.

  28. Arsalan

    I have a question for the doctors of knowledge, regarding the drug Daclatasvir (Daklinza) created by Bristol-Myers Squibb. Do any of you if this is being sold in Pakistan, if so where, and what the cost is, how can a Hep C patient purchase this? If I could get this information as soon as possible that would be great. Thank you, Jazak’allah.

    • Dr. Arslan Malik

      Dear arsalan as far as i know, sorry to say it is not available in Pakistan.Currently, there is no authenticated importer for this medicine.Thanks for your concern.

      • Arsalan

        Thank you for your response Dr Malik. I had one other question, regarding Sovaldi in Pakistan, do you know of any government assistance program or private foundation within Pakistan that assists in further subsidizing the cost of this drug? Even at the cost of around 33,000 per month is not affordable to most Pakistanis.

        • Adnan Malik

          You are right that 33,000/month is no affordable for average Pakistanis. But there isn’t any NGO or Program providing financial assistance for deserving patient so far. Please share if you find any as there we receive this query by several patients daily.

          • ahmed

            main apni mother k lye sofobuvir lena chahta hn… disst rahim yar khan … kindly btain k ye tablet kesi ha ..kitnay k milain gee .

      • Rashid Ali Shahzad

        HI Dr.
        Me From Lahore. My father is suck last 10month and he is suffering water in his abdomin and dr was ask me this water related to lever. now i am doing his all test heptatitis c Quanitition and genotype 1,41000 is quanititition and genotyp is 1b. can u suggest we can start the treatment of sovaldi in this condition and he is also very weak. but his left, rft and pt, inr is normal.

  29. Aamir Naseer

    ma Sovaldi use kar raha hu, ma shadi shuda hu, Sovaldi khany k doran sex kar lena chahiye? Agr Pregnancy ho jay to baby ko koi bimari, kamzori ya koi aor masla to nai ho ga??????
    Plz mery in 2 sawalon ka reply kar den, Thanx

  30. Ahmed

    First of all, I am very thankful to all those who contributed to make such an informative website to fight with dangerous diseases like Hepatitis in Pakistan.

    One of my Mother’s sister has lost her life and other sister is struggling for her life (according to doctors she is in last stage of this disease as her liver is almost damaged) due to Hepatitis C.

    My brother’s wife has became victim of Hepatitis B during her pregnancy few months ago (living in same home with us) and after arranging all tests she need no treatment at this stage as advised by the doctors.

    Now last month, HCV has been detected as +Ve in my wife (having pregnancy of about 32 weeks) who is only 21 yrs old. In case of my wife, the doctor (Gastroenterologist) has not advised any further tests and asked us to contact him after one year of child birth (due to mother feed to new born child).

    I am too much worried and terrified about this situation particularly about my children (i.e. one daughter of 1.75yrs old and new born baby) and my wife. Kindly guide me about what precautions I should take at this stage to save my children from this virus and what steps to be taken to get rid off my wife from this virus.

    A detailed response/reply would be highly regarded

    • Adnan Malik

      Doctor is right, HCV treatment is not recommended during pregnancy and breast feeding. You wife can easily be treatment afterward. She is not at life risk at this point of age as her infection is in early stages. Young death with HCV is very unlikely, as it takes decades to progress.

      Unlucky, Hepatitis c vaccine is under development and not released in the market yet. However, you should get Hepititus B vaccine to the kids immediately. HBV is far more fatal than HCV because it can kill patient in 5 years whereas HCV takes around 15 years to progress to that stage.

      • Ahmed

        Adnan Sb,

        Thanks for your reply! As I mentioned that my brother’s wife is infected with HBV. Therefore, last year (Oct 2014) we (Me, my Wife and other family members) got the vaccines for HBV i.e. three injections, while one last injection is due in this month Oct 2015.

        Please guide whether my wife should take this last injection of HBV vaccine after her delivery case (due within 15 days)? If yes then please inform better timing to complete this vaccine course.

        Further, last year vaccine course (HBV) was not done for children of our family under the age of 15 as we were not sure about whether they are vaccinated or not during their courses (Hifazati teekay) of health center in childhood. please also guide as whether we should arrange vaccination for all these children (under the age of 15)??


        • Arsalan

          If you are asking the children under 15 may have already gotten the vaccination from there heath center when they joined hifazati teekay courses, you can verify this by have anyone you think that may have already gotten the vaccine take a blood test. The blood test’s name is “hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs)” – this tells a person has been successfully vaccinated against hepatitis B. If it comes positive that means they have received the hepatitis B vaccine already. Negative means they require the vaccine, and you should do it as soon as possible.

          As far as your wife being able to get the final dose of the HBV vaccine, the answer is – Yes she can while being pregnant. Hepatitis B vaccine contains no live virus, so it doesn’t matter if she is pregnant. On the basis of limited experience, there is no apparent risk of adverse effects to the baby when hepatitis B vaccine is administered to pregnant women.

          And just a FYI, make sure your newborn is given the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, this will protect the baby from the virus. It is stated that the child of a HBV mother should be vaccinated within 12 hours of birth. Your wife doesn’t have HBV doesn’t mean you should delay and even doesn’t mean others in the hospital don’t come it, so its best to have the vaccine as soon as possible, best if on the first day. I hope that answers all your questions.

          • Adnan Malik

            The Ministry of Health compulsory immunization program is limited only to vaccination against 8 basic disease. Hep-B and Pneumonia vaccines are not at all included. We spent 5000 for Pneumonia and 8000 for Hep-B vaccines for our kids. My whole family is vaccinated against Hep-C, Adults with booster dose too. But none of us ever got Anti-HBV+ in annual blood tests 🙂

          • Arsalan

            I don’t think hepatitis B surface antibody is required annually, just once to see it was received, if to see booster is still in effect, you could do it maybe every 5-10 year, but I don’t know of any studies that indicate that a booster is needed over and over, usually all vaccines are done by age 15 or so. As far as available vaccines goes, definitely want to have the vaccines of disease that are common in Pakistan, and those that are fatal. Hepatitis A and B should be received.

            You mean your whole family is vaccinated against Hep-B right? Not Hep-C. Just confirming.

          • Adnan Malik

            There is NO Hepatitis-C vaccine developed yet. Daily scrape FDA clinical trails data, we’ll announce HCV vaccine with 24 hours, when breakthrough happens. So far, no HCV vaccine in human exists on clinical trails phase 5 radar.

            Behind phase-5, Hep-C vaccine trails attempts in horses/primates are underway. These approaches involve blocking E2 Viral glycoprotein binding to CD81 receptor of hepatic cells, targeting T-cell Adenoviral Vectors and infiltrate Viral Genome itself.

            Please bear in mind that miracles in viral microbiology (virology) does not happen easy. Flaviviridae are highlight sophisticated viruses. There complex RNA genome structure (9600 nucleotide bases long) and incredible mutation rate (11574 replications per second), makes Hepacivirus an impossible target for noval anti-viral techniques we know at the moment.

          • Ahmed

            Thanks you all for detailed response.

            May Allah Bless you all for providing help/guide to people!!!


      • Arsalan

        I agree, the best course of action for you and your family is to allow your unborn child to be born and go thru breast feeding, however during this time frame caution should be taken, make sure care is given that your wife does not spread it further to your children or to yourself. The only time she can be treated is when you are not expecting a child, so hold off on having another child. Don’t share toothbrushes and other related items. Make sure your wife is careful are the children, if she is bleeding, or has an injury that causes her to bleed like cutting her hand while cook, she needs to clean the area of cooking, the knife and maybe end up discarding the food item as it may have gotten contaminated (this is just extra cation that I would advise) Doctors may say after cooking it the virus would die, but I don’t take these types of risks, its better to throw the food then to end up getting sick then spend alottt more money in this medicine, take the precautions, its only one year right now, then most probably one more year if she is a genotype 3, which requires this medicine and weight based ribavirin, then 3 months later wait to see if the virus has left the system, and a final 3 more months wait because ribavirin is a very toxic drug that causes babies to become deformed if you don’t wait till minimum 6 months after finishing treatment. You much under all circumstance wait till the end of this 6 months treatment and 6 month post-treatment before having another baby, or else it would be negligence on your part and that is a sin.

        I have personally be doing some research and to get the best qualify standard of care the total cost of the full treatment, including all the blood tests you will require on-going, and the medicine just under 5 lakh as of Sept 2015.

  31. irfan

    me irfan multan se hn. meri mother ko hepatitis c geno type 3 he hum sovaldi medison use kra rhe he lekn meri mother bohat zida kamzor hoti ja rhi ab wo uth beth ni sakti us ki age 45 year he please dr adnan hame btaye ke ye kia msla he hum bohat preshan hen

  32. Imran Hasan

    i am a patient of Hepatitis C, Having gyno type3. with PCR positive and high viral load.
    I want to treat hepatitis C with sovaldi please advise?

  33. Tariq

    Dear Adnan

    My Brother is diagnose with Hep C, Geno Type 3. His doctor recommended Sovaldi tab with Xolox 400 mg for 24 weeks. As the medication is ongoing, we have been informed by other sources that if PCR results are negative after 12 weeks, it is not required to continue Sovaldi and Xolox medication. I would highly appreciate your expert opinion on this matter. Do you recommend to continue medication for 24 Weeks?

    • Arsalan

      The standard of care and all testing done with this durg for a chance of a cure has only been done on using the drug for 24 weeks along with weight based Xolox/ribavirin, I am curious to know why your brother is only taking 400MG of Xolox, normally we start with 1000MG if under 75KG, and if over 75KG then the dose is 1200MG (this daily dose is given in two divided doses, morning and evening 12 hours apart), however if complications arise while on Xolox/ribavirin, then your doctor would decide to lower the dose. Personally I would not discontinue after 12 weeks, because you are not getting the most benefit out of the drug. You spent money, time, energy and your brother knows how the side effect felt him, why stop half way and then find out that the virus is back, then you will also wonder, if only I did the full 24 weeks, then maybe brother would be cure. This article even suggested 6 weeks, however each genotype has different requirements. I can tell you this much that the makers of this medicine, the real makers of this drug, Gilead Sciences from USA, recommend 24 weeks for genotype 3. and the cure rate taking for all 24 weeks is 84% so just imagine what the rate could be if take for only 12 weeks, maybe lower then this.

      • Tariq

        Thanks Arsalan for such valuable information. I agree with you, we should continue treatment for 24 Weeks in order to get best out of it. Btw, my brothers doctor recommended 400 mg dose of Xolox/ribavirin twice a day. So it will become 800 MG daily. Even Vikor Enterprises are providing same dosage of Xolox 400 MG twice daily along with Sovaldi Tab.
        Again thank you for your guidance.

    • if I am not wrong 12 weeks are only for Hep-C GT-2? I also raised a question above regarding this.

  34. saeed

    Dear all.
    I have to buy sovaldi 400 mg for hepatitis c for my wife but its very expensive please tell me know where easy to approch, bcz i can not afford the price of this course. kindly proper guide me. it will be your great thanks if you peoples will help me in this connection.


    I was suffering for a deadly disease that i suffered for more than 10 years without cure, and the name of this disease is HEPATITIS B VIRUS. But God help me to locate this HEALTH MED LAB online that help me cure the disease, today am a happy woman without sickness or pay any medical bills, I contacted them and tell them my sickness all they do was to deliver herbal medicine to me that was written the instruction which i took and within the next 7 days i was physically healthy. Please my advice is, for those that are still sick of any kind of disease should contact them now and get your aid. Their email is [email protected]

  36. tanveer

    dear sir,
    my mother who is 63 has got hep c geno type 3a.
    she is gone through of 8 weeks of solvidi course.
    but she is becoming very weak.

    pcr is negative

    what test are needed to be done during the treatment.

  37. M.ISHAQ

    I am from Faisalabad 25 Year old. I have a haptits c I want to know where I can get that treatment and how much time it’s take to get that medicens please
    GPT 56
    Cut off Value 0.42
    Patient index 1.787

    Plz Sir is baray mai guide kar dai kai mujye kia krna chahye.

  38. malik qasim

    dear malik mary father ko hepatitic c hy jis ki age 75 years h quantitative 172680 h hm hyderabad m hain ak dose sovaldi ka lya h hyd sy 32800 m mla hy ap k pas kisi asy filahi idary ka adrees ha jo ya tblt puchase krny main ko hlp kr saky kyon k we have lot of financial problums thx

    • Liaqat

      Dear Malik sb,

      email me your address or cell number, I will try to meet your expense for this medicine.


  39. shoaib ansari

    Help doctor Sbmere bhai ki age 47 h us kKO HP c h virus 300000 h please sujest kya Karna chahye shoaib Ansari Hyderabad sindh [email protected] 03022057641

    • shoaib ansari

      Dear Adnan maik genotype report karwai h us m unknown result ai h lekin hc positive h plz sujjest kare kya karna chahye Shoaib Ansari from Hyd sindh


    Hello Dr. Arslan Malik and Adnan Malik,

    I would first want to thank you for providing information about Hepatitis C. I am currently part of a collaborative effort to obtain medical treatment for a woman from Lahore, Pakistan. I forwarded the information and forms she can fill out to buy Sovaldi at a subsidized price, however, given your vast knowledge and prominence in the medical field, perhaps you can advise on alternatives so she may receive treatment and ultimately care for her infant daughter. Her situation is critical as she has almost no funds. Your reply is immensely appreciated and I thank you in advance. Thank you.

    Christina Ulysse

  41. yasir

    A.a my dear friends chughtais lahore lab offer very low
    Limet of detection hapitis virus 12 iu others lab virus detection 100 iu.
    yasir .03009260662 03458494219

  42. Muhammad Shabir

    Dear Bhai,

    My wife have HCV patient value 13.39 and cut off value 1 and she have 04 month pregnancy. but her LFT is 100% clear. Kindly guide me can i get PCR test for further verification or how i can confirm that this virus may be negative.

    • Mudassar Iqbal

      I am final year MBBS student. .

    • yasir

      Sir after 2 month PCR quantitation karwa lay is say virus load pata chal gay ga

      • Arsalan

        Do the HCV “RNA” test, that confirms current active hepatitis c or not. This test will cost less then the “PCR” test. PCR test is best to be done right before starting treatment.

    CUT OFF RATE ……. 1.0
    1. KIYA PCR KI REPORT MA AA SKTA HAY K YEH VIRUS DEAD HY .. ?? jesa k ma ny oper btaya k REACTIVE (35.82)


    • Adnan Malik

      @Waseem, Please check you SMS.

      • Shoaib

        Dr. Sb,
        My mother has detected Geno type.3 , we have started Sovaldi plus xolox, pls tell us lever will be OK aur kia chizain kaina, food ma

        • Adnan Malik

          She’ll be all right. No precaution of food. Give her semi-solid or soft food, if she develops mouth ulcers after 10 weeks.

    • zeshan

      Dear Waseem.
      Just Don’t Worry at this time. PCR kerwane ki abhi zarurat nhi. Allah Khair khairiyat se Delivery kerwaaye. After delivery , PCR kerwana. Mother to Child Transmission of Virus is about 5 %. Ek request hy, kindly sirf unki sunein jo waqai doctor hon. suni sunai baton pr na jaayen plz.
      Hep C ab curable disease hay aur buhat achhi aur effective medicines Pakistan me available ho gayee hain. Thanx. Dr zeshan

    • naeem

      waseem sahib, dont worry at all. koe ghabrany wali baat nahin. aap pregnancy treatment ki taraff tawajhhaa dain. aur delivery hospital main kerwayein. aur doctor ko iss baat ka lazim btaa dain taa kay delivery kay waqtt woo iss baat ka khyaal rakhain kay infection baby ko transfer na ho. iss ka chance buhat kamm hota hay magar doctor ko zaroor btayein.
      aur haan fazool main her aik say mashwraa na krty phrein. ko eghabrany wali baat nahin]

    • Arsalan

      baby ko transfer na hone ka kamm chance only tab hota hai only agar aap doctor ko btayein, warna chance uphar ho jaty hai. PCR nahi need, unki cost be bhut zyada hota hai toh better hai k paly Hepatitis C Viral RNA, Qualitative karna chaiya hai, yeh confirm karti hai k abhi is hi waqat hepatitis C infection hai k nahi. 15% log hepatitis C ko apne body sy nikal sakty hai kud sy, aur kyun k PCR ki cost 17,000 k around hai, better hai k RNA, baby born k baad karna, paly karo jo k around 7,000 hai. But please please clean laboratory mei jana, aur make sure karna k blood test k liye always new needle aur blood draw karne wala new gloves pany, sab cheez new use kary. Aur ab baby k baad paly focus karo hepatitis C ko theek karna, phir aur babies k bary souchna. Asy hi aap aur aap ka baby ko nahi lagy ga hepatitis C mistake sy.

  44. sahar chaudhry

    Salam my daughter is suffering from hepatitis c from 5 years her g types is 4 n viral load is 3,52,85,974 . And her age is 8 years. Is sovaldi suitable for her age.i m to much worried about her. ..

  45. adeel ahmed

    sir mery waife ko haptice c hy aur dor ne us ko anjishkn aur sovldi likh k dy hy pr sir hamy jahan se ye golian malty hain us compny ki jaga ni malom sir plz edrs bta dyin aur kia as cors se ye bamary khtm ho jy gy

    • Adnan Malik

      Vikor Enterprises (Pvt) Limited.
      17-A Birdwood Road, Lahore (also called Kacha Lawrence Road).
      (Third next building to to Hotel Royal Garden).

  46. Usman

    Dear brother asslam o alaikum, please guide me about the treatment of hepatitis C which is PCR quantative value 4555969 ul etc for 25 year old boy. Please help me out please.thanks for your kindness.

  47. Soomro

    Salam brother i am at china my wife have a hapititis c so i want to buy 12 weeks course of hapititis c, how i can buy this tablets tell me please.

  48. Mushtaq Ahmad

    Dear Adnan.
    iam hcv Gino typ 4. my doctor prescibed me with . injection (rupegra) + sovaldi + tablet . for 12 week.
    course. plz is it, what is possibility and chances of pcr – Ve. this 12 week course is enough for my Gtype 4.
    any side effect iam 56 yr old. My viral load is around 90000.

    Thnks B.Rgds

    • Adnan Malik

      @Mushtaq, you doctor is doing it right. GSI recommends 3 months triple combination therapy for genotype-4 patients. Please see Q/A # 3 in Sovaldi FAQs.

  49. afzal

    Aslamualikom brother,

    i live in afghanistan and HBS AG is positive, can i get sovaldi from pakistan, if yes please let me know how, please as a muslim please help me i am very concern about this


    • Adnan Malik

      @Afzal bro, unfortunately no. Patients with prove of Pakistani nationality (CNIC/‎NICOP) can benefit from this program.

      • Ali

        Salam can an ocerseas pakistani get the medicines. Looking forward to hear you thanks

        • Adnan Malik

          Yes, if he/she has NICOP

      • karim ahmadzai

        afzal bro. now you can get in kabul and on less price…just ask the adress of pharma evo in kabul

    • arslan

      I would suggest to visit Pakistan and search for help hopefully there would be solutions you know what meant (bribery exist everywhere) so don’t be dishearten Allah may open door for you although you non-Pakistan but stil you can get help

  50. SHAHID

    Dear Adnan Malik
    Ap bahut nake kam kr rhe ha Allah Pak ap ko ajar atta kre.

    Adnan sb neche kuch detail likh rha hon QK aam log bahut confuse han so plz detail parh k neche 2 swalon ka detail mein jwab den shukria aur Jazaj Allah.
    Sir, mere dost ko HCV ha. wo Sovaldi shuru krna chahta ha. Jab k bahut sare Dr ko maloom nhi ha k agr 1st month mein result -ve aata ha to -ve hone k baad kita arsa use krna ha. Isi trah agr 2nd month mein -ve to? Aur agr 3 month mein -ve ho to?
    bhai jan ye detail likh den ya mail kr den k kitni der baad -ve ho to us k kitna arsa baad medicine use. yani agr 4 ya 6 mah baad -ve ho to -ve hone k baad kitni der tak medicine use karni ha.
    Mere dost ne injection lagwae the to 6mah baad result -ve hoa to us ne injection band kar dey. ab 1 sr dr ne us ko btaya ha k jitna ziada time -ve hone mein lgta ha us se ziada time medicine khani ha yaani agr 4 ya 6 mah baad -ve ho to 6mah aur medicine use kren kia is ka koi farmula ha to btaen QK bahut sare log 4 ya 6 mah ki medicine khane k baad -ve hote han to medicine band kr dete han ji se ye dobara +ve ho jata ha.

    uper ki detail likhne k baad
    1-mera pehla swal k 1 se 6 mah mein yaani kis mah mein -ve ho to mazeed kitni medicine use krni h.

    2- aur dosra swal k sovaldi ki treatment se -ve hone k bad kitna arsa tak banda is mozi marz se mehfooz rehta ha.

    • Adnan Malik

      @Shahid, treatment duration depends upon patient Genotype, not on PCR negative result. Please check Question 3 and 4 of Sovaldi FAQs for more details.

      • Rizwan

        Dear Adnan Bhai,
        Meri Mother ko hypatitis C hai I am from Lahore ,and Dr ny Sovaldi aur Ribavarin start krny ko kkaha hai ye kb tak start rakhwo main or kaha sy mily gi affordable please tell me


    Dear Adnan Sir,God Bless U .U r doing a good job (clear the confusions of the users of Hep-C Patients).
    Please, upload the label of the Sovaldi supplied by Feroz Sons Pharma as the box of soaldi provided to patients is also printed in URDU (Medicine Name) also Feroz Sons Company name is also printed on label.This creates confusion towards its originality.
    Rashed Rasheed TTSingh.

  52. Sulaiman

    Dear adnan bai,
    What color is sovaldi tablets in Pakistan and if possible please send me the pictures. we have gotten white ones but as I checked online the color should be yellow.

    • Adnan Malik

      @Sulaiman, the original Sovaldi 400mg offered through Gilead Access Program in Pakistan is a white tablet with GSI written on one side and drug code number like 7977 written on other side. Each of the 28 tablets in the pack contains same 400mg of Sofosbuvir, sold as Sovaldi 400mg yellow tablet in US. We’ll upload Sovaldi tablet pictures, packing, box and Ferozsons package photos on this Sunday Insha-Allah.

      We are also going to post a new and fast method on How to Get Sovaldi in Pakistan, directly from Vikor Enterprises, the official distributor of Ferozsons Laboratories. So, Patients who are still Unable to Get Sovaldi Tablets, please prepare your documents and check back on Sunday.

      • Azam Mughal

        Dear Mr. Adnan,

        My nephew of 28 years is suffering from Hap “C”. Liver Center Faisalabad had recommend to use this medicine. But Dr. advise to pay cost around Rs190,000.00 Will appreciate if you please can share us the correct price and time frame of the medicine course.

        • Dr. Qudsia Saeed

          Rs. 32,300 is the current price at Vikor Enterprises for one month therapy (28 Sovaldi tablets + 60 Xolox tablets). 32300 x 6 months = Rs. 193800 for full length of 6 month therapy. This is just price for medicines. The complete Hep-C treatment with medicine + lab test can actually cost around Rs. 230000 in Pakistan

  53. Muhammad Younus Khan

    Regulatory Authority is requested to expedite its registration, please.

  54. ayaz mahar

    mari bhai hcv genotype 3 hi us ni pehli inj pega { tiget ) 4month tk use ki phr dr ni inj band stop ki ab 3month se tb sovaldi use kar rhi hn PCR krwaya likin result 00000000000 yani not deacted ahi hi aap bateen k yi kun howa…

    • Adnan Malik

      PCR result 0 (also called N log) indicates successful treatment of HCV. If your brother’s viral load remain 0 in PCR after 6 months of quitting Sovaldi, it means he has achieved sustained viralogical response against Hepatitis C Virus, which means he is treated forever and there is chances of relapse.

  55. zain

    adnan faisalabad availble

  56. seema

    hi adnan bhai,
    meri mother ko hcv genotype 3 hy.or meri mother janvry se yr elaj kar rahi hain unki age70tak hogi or abhi wo boht he ziyada weak hogai hain ap es k bare main kuch advice den please?

    • Adnan Malik

      Was she on Sovaldi 400mg + Xolox (Ribavirin 600mg) alone OR interferon injections too? From Jan 2014 means 24 weeks therapy recommended for Genotype 3 is completed. She must have treated and HCV virus should be -ve (0) in PCR test now.

      Please consult your doctor to stop the medicines now, as Xolox (Ribavirin) is known to cause Anemia (deficiency of red blood cells) in elgerly patient when used for longer spans. It might be cause behind her weakness.

  57. dear sir i am from okara and i am a worker in a factory i am registered with punjab employees social security and i have my social security card i want to know that can i get sovaldi via social security hospitals and may i my all reports test from social security hospital leborties. please guide me if it is possible i will be able to contorl my hepatitce.

    Good Bless u please reply me as soon as possible

  58. atif

    Hello sir I hope u will all fine plz infome how to get the tablets we are need to my mother .we are complite the file .we are live in fsd

  59. ilyas mughal

    I m live in Pakistan… email———- [email protected]
    Dear i have to buy sovaldi 400 mg for hepatitis c but its very expensive please tell me know where easy to approch….

  60. Ali

    Aslam-o-Aliekum! Dear Adnan you are doing a great job. My mother has HCV and I had been following news on Sovaldi on the day first it was introduced in U. S. Even I was in contact with Gilead Lab. U.S. Basically I am from D.G.Khan but often I am in Multan for my job. As per your information, there is a center there at Lahore from where the medicine can be obtained. Can you please tell me any other availability options of the drug in South Punjab? Please guide me. – Ali

  61. Ahmad

    Dear Adnan Malik, I have applied for Sovaldi since Jan,15 but still waiting for call from Ferozsons. How much time they take usually? Its now more than 3 months passed how much time I have to wait more? Waiting for your good reply.


  62. M Naeem Tahir

    Dear Adnan Malik Sahib.

    my wife is using sovaldi since last 3 months . but she has som gastrolsict problums and lossing waight after starting sovaldi, Dr. advice to use xolox 400 my 2 tablet daly with sovaldi.where as I read at sovaldi web site that xolox may be use according to patient waight. Now waht should we do.
    further she is suffering with ascites in abdomen.can u help me.

  63. Main rashid

    janab adnan malik sb, what is the minimum duration for the traetment of HCV of genotype 3-a, thanks

  64. Abdur rahman

    aaj ya news ma ne read ki he sovaldi 55,000 sy 33,000 hazar ki ho gyi he kya ya news sai he plz tell me

  65. Abdur rahman

    Adnan bahi ma lahore ma rehta hun mery father ko sovaldi bohat zarori chahiya plz help me kesy mily gi or kitne dear ma

  66. Muhammad Zeeshan khan

    dear Adnan Malik Asalam olikum I am a patient of Hcv positive and HBV Positive i Used Interferon therapy but PCR is Positive and ELisa is Also Positive and ICT as well..
    My Question is after Using SOvaldi tablets My PCR And Tests well be Negative as i want to go Middle estate but due to this i am not allowed to middle East……Please give me your suggestion…..
    Muhammad zeeshan Khan from Peshawar University…..

  67. Ahmed shahzad

    salam sir adnan mene 11th march ko sovaldi k liye file submit krwai thi at ferozsons lab lahore us waqt un hon ne kaha tha k ap ko aik maheenay k ander sovaldi privide krden gaye but ab to ek maheenay se upar hogia hai ab Rizwan sahib keh rahay hain k ap ko mazeed wait krna hoga bhai kya ap bata saktay hain k kab tah mujhay sovaldi mil jaye gi or mazeed kitna waqt lagta sakta hai???

  68. shaukat ali

    jenab Adnan Malik sb. Is it possible to provide medicine at the store of Ferozsons Ltd Lahore. You can check all the conditions at the spot.

    • Adnan Malik

      @ShaukatAli, I have learnt from a source that Ferozsons is working with distributors like Vikor Enterprises to make the Sovaldi available in Pakistan easily and timely. I am on it, and will provide the details here soon.

      • Hussain

        how long i need wait if i can apply today for sovaldi tables.

      • M Naeem

        Dear Adnan Sahib.

        My wife is using sovaldi since 3 months with 400 mg Xolax 2 time daily. But his waight is losing . is xolax is relate with the patient waight. Further I want to know when PCR test is required and how may days sovaldy may be used. Geno Type is 3a

      • saeed

        Hi Adnan nice job done by you make a FAQ page thats helpfull to guide all people

  69. Akram Khan

    Dear Adnan,
    I have HCV, Genotype-3. I am from Afghanistan. The heptologist in Pakistan has recommended me the therapy of Sovaldi. Due to my nationality which is Afghan, can i get Sovaldi in Pakistan. Please, reply me.


    • Adnan Malik

      @AkramKhan bro, same answer as to @Ashia from Ireland.
      Unfortunately, Sovaldi at cheaper price facility is available to Pakistani nationals only. That’s why they need a copy of patient’s NIC as proof of citizenship. All you can do is to persuade your Ministry of Health to contact Gilead Sciences, as request them an agreement to provide Sovaldi at low cost for your country’s patients as well.

    • karim ahmadzai

      dear @ akram it is now available in kabul..

  70. S.U. Berlas

    Salam everyone
    This is miracle for us!Thanks to Almighity who made me able to purchase this medicine for my wife
    Alhumdullilah she is healthy and fit now 🙂
    Thanks to our supportive Dr.Zahid Azam and thanks for sovaldi

    • Adnan Malik

      Glad to hear that. For hep-c patient in KHI, to get Sovaldi in Karachi, please visit Dr. Syed Muhammad Zahid Azam.

      • S.U.Berlas

        Adnan Malik you are doing such a great job welldone keep it up! And tell me where do u live.
        Brothers! I have some information about this disease and sovaldi for any kind of help contact me here 03002289255 &
        S.U. Berlas

    • Sulaiman

      I m sulaiman,
      As your wife hase used sovaldi and alhamdullelah she is fine now can you tell me which color is the tablets because we have the white tablets and as I check on the Internet it looks yellow if possible can you send me the pic of the tablets and its bottle.
      Thank you and Allah save you.


    Dear sir i am belong faisalabad all test complete (lever center faisal abad )Dr zahid shamashi decieded sovaldi tablets ,File complete But problems is start last 10 days mr afzal not avabile in phone or not byface. pls other
    informaction tablets avable in faisal abad .( afzal b phone no 0332 81 18 737 ).

    • Adnan Malik

      Ferozsones is facing Sovaldi supply issues, due to patient flood. All of their reps are not accepting calls. The situation is expected to get better in the mid April, so call him after 15th April.

      • abdul latif

        sir plz mjhy btao k total kitny mhene khilane hai medicine?

  72. Dr.iqbal hussaun

    Have u giving any conception to pt as gestroentrogist prescribe ..and Drs Moom like any entitled or any other ways ..bcz professor Dr Iqbal Faroqi . Adv my Moom and I vl gv my full salary for this tell 6 month …!
    Me waiting for urs answer otherwise I well come soon to Holly F liver Hospital. …!
    Adnan plzz sent me urs mob number ..on my cell nmbr ..
    0301-8833147 .Dr Iqbal.. Peshawar.

  73. Dr.iqbal hussaun

    Pakistan zinda bad
    Ferozsons. Pharma faenda bad..

    Price is not gvn tell end of all study ..
    Why ..? If a Pt complete all procesure and at last he knw about the price and cant able to take .to much time well he wst…???
    Am i right …!

  74. Farhan


    Adnan first of all how are you and whats about you?? My father has been using Sovaldi and Xolox (tablet) from the mid of January.Now his condition is not well his age is almost 66 years. Can you tell me the side effects of this tablet and give me the reference of that patient which already used this therapy.?? If you know about it please kindly reply me asap.I will be thankful to you.


    Farhan Majeed

  75. ashia

    And how much total menoy please

  76. ashia

    Aslamulakm Malik yesterday I was in hospital for check up hepatitis c so after 7 month they decided I can’t get sovaldi medicen because is number is comeing late so at moment i get old treatment viscen anjaction with I am not happy because off many side effect I am in Ireland can I get that medicen in Pakistan I am irish national my husband is from Pakistan and with out I com Pakistan I can get that medicine if I com how much time I need total and how much total Nemours what treatment is good for me I have hepatitis c 1a please guide me

    • Adnan Malik

      This facility is Pakistani nationals only.

  77. Saif Ullah Leghari

    kindly send us this medicine as your earliest and also send us ur account and telephone no .. my No. is 03228685515 . thanks Regards Saif Ullah Leghari

  78. Abdul Wajid

    Mr. Adnan Malik, You are doing a great job. May God accept it and bless you in both the worlds.

  79. I have noted that hepatitis C drug Sovaldi’s price has been reduced from RS. 55,000 to Rs.33,000 for a vial of 28 tablets. If you convert the price to US dollars , it come to $11.50 per tablet which is still very high for the people Pakistan. Now the same drug is being sold in Egypt for around $3 a tablet. The question is why the same drug is 3 time more expensive in Pakistan than Egypt. In some African countries , the drug is sold for one dollar a pill. There are millions of people infected with Hep C virus n Pakistan but price of the drug is out of their reach. The Ferozons labs executives have made a deal with Gilead to market the drug in Pakistan at such a high price and the people of Pakistan are paying for their incompetence and lack of knowledge of drug prices in other countries. I urge the government of Pakistan to look at this deal and revoke license to import Sovaldi into Pakistan until Gilead reduces the price to one dollar a pill. The Generac drug price of Sovaldi is around one dollar in India.

    • Dr.iqbal hussaun

      Great afford off urge of Pakistan government..

    • Waqas

      yes i agreed that the price is very high in Pakistan so the Government of Pakistan must be give subsides because it is very case in Pakistan

  80. Abdul Qayyum

    Plz tell me
    Pcr from city lab Lahore
    LFT alkhidmat kamalia
    Genotype is not know
    Age 34 years old
    Hcv point 3.66
    I m from kamalia

  81. Shahzad Ahmad

    Dear Adnan Sb,
    Tests are completed along with prescription.
    My first question is that should we send photocopies of prescription and tests for registration or the original ones. My treatment is covered under insurance so i need original documents to claim medical expense.

    My second question is that how long it takes to register a patient. I mean when will i get first dose of the medicine.
    My last question is regarding the registration request (Import of medicine) form. In the required columns last one is ” No of Sovaldi 28 Tabs Pack”. What exactly i have to write in this form. 6 as prescribed by the doctor or 1 as you say that a patient can get only 1 pack per month and on next month he has to return the first empty bottle.
    Waiting for your reply sir.
    If possible please provide your contact no for guideline

  82. Nadeem Abbas

    Bro my father is chronic Hep-c patient and he is 75 years old. Can he be treated with sovaldi?
    I want to know the cost of each test required to complete the process?
    Further where i should contact at Rawalpindi?
    I will be very thankful for your kind help.

    • Adnan Malik

      @Nadeem, yes your father at 75 age can be treated for HCV with Sovaldi. The cost for all tests from Shaukat Khanum Lab is around Rs. 22,000. Please contact: Liver Centre at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi, +92-51-9290321, +92-51-9290319 extension 2053

  83. zahid abdullah

    I live in kashmir I look forward to buying sovaldi type of 400mg drug for the treatment of my father he been chronic hepatitis C, Please give me know the place of selling drug exactly.Please give me information as soon as possible via email: [email protected]. Thank

    • Adnan Malik

      @Zahid, Please contact Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi through contact information provided in the article.


    i am from faisalabad sir pls sovald tablets avabile in faisalabab and concetion rate (name of medical store and cell no) my cell number 0300 66 82 190

    • Adnan Malik

      @Shabbir, its not available publicly on pharmacies. Please contact Ferozsons through the information already provided in the article.

      • ahmad

        Aoa Dear sir. i have geno type 4, my doctors prescribed 12 week for sovaldi +injection (rupega-pigasisl) + tabletribavrin. Plz confirm this time period is sufficent. what is cost for
        my 12 week sovaldi. is there any severe side effect 1 am already in fifties.

        • Adnan Malik

          @Ahmad, your doctor is taking right step as per guidelines of WHO and Pakistan Society of Hepatology. For hard to treat cases, combination therapy (Sovaldi tab + Interferon Inj+ Ribavrin tab) is used to clear the virus.

          12 weeks would be enough to achieve sustained virological response and cost will go around Rs.96,000 (for Sovaldi only). The whole therapy might cost you roughly around Rs.225,000 (Sovaldi + Interferon + Ribavrin + Tests + Doctor followup visits fee)

  85. Hassan

    Hello plz if u could help me with a proper contact number i m trying to call at lahore which u have mentioned above but the number is not correct i think plz guide me jazakAllah

  86. Mubashir Siddique

    Dear Adnan-
    Thanks, i am in coordination with good Gastroenterologist in Mr. Furqan MD (South City Hospital) KHI but he forward me to feroz sons representative. Unfortunately i didn’t receiving response from concerns. I will be very thankfull if you could please share the detail regarding karachi office along with any POC where we can submit these documents for further process.

    Mubashir Siddique





    • Adnan Malik

      @Shahzad, contact Hameed Latif Hospital (, book an appointment with Prof. Arif Siddiqi, visit him and he will guide your for the treatment procedure (Rs.1500 doctor visit fee, Rs.21750 one time tests from Shaukat Khanum + 32000/month for medicine).

  88. ashia

    I am from romania my husband from Pakistan I stay in Islamabad I have a haptits c I want to know where I can get that treatment and how much time it’s take to get that medicens please

    • Adnan Malik

      @Ashia, please contact Liver Centre at Holy Family Hospital, at +92-51-9290321, +92-51-9290319 (ext 2053) and for further information on treatment, which can start as soon as 15 day within the submission of case.

  89. Sovaldi medicine Jo hai liver cirrhosis patient bhi use kar sakte hai hep c ho

    • Adnan Malik

      @Hammad, yes I have seen patient with Cirrhosis, Cystic fibrosis and Decomposed Liver treated with Solvaldi.

  90. Mubashir Siddique

    Dear One more question. Ferozsons name is not mentioned in Gilead Authorized Distributors Record for Sovaldi. ( Could you please share any proof just for the sake of confidence.

    Mubashir Siddique

    • Adnan Malik

      @Mubashir, if you have any doubts, go through physician route. Take appointment from any good Gastroenterologist in KHI and ask him to arrange Solvaldi for you.

  91. Mubashir Siddique

    Dear Concern- I have all the detail and documents will be ready soon. Could you please tell me in karachi where i can submit these documents OR i have to visit the Lahore/Islamabad offices.

    Mubashir Siddique

  92. sajjad kamran

    sovaldi k lie jo fasilabad ko present kerne wale afzil sb fon nhi attend kerte in ka kia kia jaye

  93. I see that lot lot people are not aware of the procedure to get Sovaldi In Pakistan. I did some research and found out the exact procedure to get the drug. here is how its distributed in Pakistan.How to get Sovaldi in Pakistan for Hepatitis C Patients
    In order to buy Sovaldi 400mg tablet in Pakistan for Hepatitis C treatment on subsidized price, one requires to go through registration process. Please complete the following Sovaldi Registration documents:
    CBC, LFT, PCR and Genotype lab tests reports of the patients.
    Physician (Gastroenterologist) Prescription on his prescription pad having Patient name, Age, Date of visit and Sovaldi 400 mg prescribed.
    Two copies of Patient’s CNIC for official record purpose (Information will not be disclosed to anyone).
    Sovaldi Request Form and Patient Undertaking Form filled and duely signed by the patient. You can download and use the Forms provided in above links.
    Once the patient registration documents are completed with Lab tests, Prescription, CNIC copies and Undertaking Form attached, please visit the following centers from 9AM-2PM Mon-Sat and apply for the medicine:
    Buy Sovaldi in Lahore
    Ferozsons Laboratories Limited
    43- Al Noor Building, Bank Square, The Mall, Lahore, Pakistan.
    Telephone: +92-42-37358194
    Fax: +92-42-37313680
    Buy Sovaldi in Islamabad
    Liver Centre at Holy Family Hospital
    Holy Family Hospital, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
    Telephone: +92-51-9290321, +92-51-9290319 extension 2053
    We have learnt that, current turn around period from applying to getting Sovaldi medicine is 16 Weeks (4 months), which is very long, especially for the Chronic HCV patients, who are at critical stage. Therefore, please complete you case and file your application as soon as possible..Sovaldi is effective against all HCV Genotypes (1,2,3,4). But fortunately, for the Hepatitis-C Genotype 2 and 3 (which are the most common types in Pakistan) the duration of its treatment can be shortened to 6 weeks with same results, leaving the treatment cost to 66,780 PKR only.

    • Abdul Qayyum

      My Hcv is 3.66
      Plz tell me where I gone and taking sovaldi tablet
      My pcr from city lab Lahore
      Lft alkhidmt kamalia
      But genotype is not know
      Age 34 years old
      Plz tell me

      Allaha app ko lambi umer de

  94. I recently found out that Gilead is providing a complete therapy of Slovadi (84 day Course) in Egypt for one percent of the market price which is roughly $300. Earlier Gilead had offered to sell the Sovalidi 84 day course for $900 which the government of Egypt rejected. Six months later Gilead made a counter offer of $300 which was accepted by the Government. The same drug price is 20 times more in Pakistan as compared to Egypt/India and Ferozsons Ltd has made a bad deal for the people of Pakistan. Most of the patients in Pakistan can’t afford this drug because of its high cost. Health Minister Adel Adawi announced at a recent press conference that a new national plan was underway for the prevention of viral Hepatitis, which is rampant in Egypt where 12 million people are infected from a total population of 62 mi.

  95. Kashif Rasool

    Sir I am from Jhang and want to buy tablets for my mother. Can she get tablets prescription from a doctor in Jhang? Please reply me ASAP

    • Abdul Qayyum

      Bhi app me kese apply kia or ktni deer lgi
      Genotype kids se chk krwaia total ketna khrcha howa
      Plz jldi btana

  96. moon danish

    salam sir, plz mujy ya btae k sovaldi teblet k ketny paak use krna ho ga or ak paak ketny ka hai.or es medicnce ka bad effect kya ho ga? Plz infotm me.thank u

    • Adnan Malik

      @Moon, your doctor will decide the length of therapy, based upon HCV Genotype test. Usually, it is 3 to 6 months (means 3-6 packs).

      There is no Sovaldi side effects recorded so far. However, in some patient using Sovaldi + Ribavirin therapy, side effects of mid fever, fatigue, headache or nausea can be observed.

      • shaukat

        Sir mera solavdi 400mg ka course start hy. 15 days ho gia hy ab 2sra pack k lia mjha kb payment krni ho gi

  97. I live in USA but the follow the hep B.C drug prices in pakistan. I saw a news report that “Gilead plans to introduce the drug (Sovaldi 400MG) in India for about $10 a pill — 1 percent of the price in the United States, Gregg H. Alton, Gilead’s executive vice president, said at a news conference. That is likely to force the seven Indian generics companies to price their pills even lower, said Bhavesh B. Shah, director of international marketing at Hetero Drugs Limited, one of Gilead’s Indian partners.” $10 a pill is about half the price what is being sold in Pakistan which is ridiculous. For Pakistani patients, the drug is very expensive but the good news is that most Hepatitis C patients Pakistan carry Geno type 2-3 which can treated completely in six weeks rather than 12 weeks. If people in Pakistan want to save money on the drug , just go to India and buy the drug from there which is same drug as sold in Pakistan. ferozsons labs should pro/test the price gouging difference and reject the deal altogether. Hepatitis B virus drug Viread 300 MG in generic form (approved by Gilead) is being sold in India at an affordable price of $1 a pill or cheaper. There are 2-3 million people in Pakistan suffering from livr diseases and dying because Hep B drug Viread is not available. in Pakistan. Any idea when Viread will be available in Pakistan and the price. Thanks

    • Adnan Malik

      @Sukhera sb,
      You are right. Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) is cheaper in India compared to Pakistan, due to generics and local manufacturing.

      The statistical virology data available at labs also second your statement that 90% hep-c patient in Pakistan carry genotype 2 or 3, which can be easily treated with max 12 weeks treatment.

      We are doing two reports on “Harvoni” and “Viread” drug products by Gilead Science, very soon.

      • Mr Malik I mentioned in my earlier comments that Hep C Geno type 2,3 which is prevalent in Pakistan can be treated in six weeks rather than 12 weeks which reduces the cost by 50%. Thanks

        • Adnan Malik

          No Sir, just reconfirmed from two of the top Hepatologist here. Hep-C treatment time span with Sovaldi+Ribv therapy is 12-24 weeks as gold standard according to Pakistan Society of Hepatology.

          Most of the patient get n-log (virus negative) result after 3 weeks but, virologist recommend completion of min 12 weeks of therapy, in order to avoid virus relapse risks.

  98. salam sir i want solvaldi 400mg imediatly .. i am in karachi please tell me how i get it. any adress of lab in karachi ???

  99. anees shahzad

    Hi sir mujhy hypatites c ha or ma ne ye maloom krna tha k treatment kidr se staart kro or injection nai lagwany sovaldi tablet use krni han ma kon se doctor k pass jao or kon c jaga jao ma sialkot se belong krta hon

    • anees shahzad

      Adnan bro plzzzzz help me

      • Adnan Malik

        Solvaldi is not available in Sialkot. You have to visit Lahore. There are several foreign qualified gastroenterologist in Lahore e.g Dr. Anwar A Khan, Dr.Altaf Alam, Prof. Arif Siddiqui

        Book an on phone appointment with any of them in Lahore and start the process. Let me know, if you need their phone numbers for the appointment.

        • M Kashif

          AOA Adnan Bro
          Bro give me doctor’s phone numbers for the appointment in Lahore plz send me fastly as soon as possible.

    • ammna saad

      Bhai ap ko KB she hy

  100. ali

    just i want to know why that treatment is so cheap in pakistan tomuch different price in other country is that is origanal or just they make is copy my wife have a hepatitcs c but i afraid to by

    • Adnan Malik

      @Ali, Sovaldi tablet available in Pakistan is the original gold standard medicine for hepatitis-C treatment that is available in US, with same quality and manufacturer (Gilead).

      Sovaldi price is cheaper i Pakistan because the company is giving it free in Pakistan as courtesy on humanitarian bases. Sovaldi price in Pakistan (Rs.1940) includes manufacturing + import + distribution cost only. While in United States the medicine price formula also includes R&D charges + company profit margin.

      However, even at cheaper rate, the total cost of HCV treatment with Solvaldi in Pakistan goes up to Rs. 400,000, which is very expensive looking at average income in Pakistan.

      Furthermore, local copy of Sovaldi medicine is technically not possible, because its chemical substance ‘Sofosbuvir’ is only available with its inventor “Gilead Sciences”, USA.

  101. Ali Lashari

    Dear Sir,

    i already had completed Six Months Course with Unipig Injections through doctors Advice , during Course my C Virus has been Finish but unfortunately after 1 year as per routine test i am confused one again C Virus is Re_active now , Please give me advice without registration where is available in sukkur Sindh .

    • Adnan Malik

      @Lashari sb,
      Had you checked in the test reports that after completion of Unipig course, anti-HCV became NON-REACTIVE?

  102. Muhammad Waris

    Thanks, but can anyone update about Hepatitis-B virus (HBV) infection, any new medicens in Pakistan with Low Price and remove decease from patient

  103. Dr imam Ali

    Nice and well sovaldi drug in pak

  104. ayaz

    dostoon mera naam ayaz mahar hi . mri bhai ko hcv genotipe 3 mi hi us ko Dr ni sovaldi tab treatment likh ki di hi 6 month tk problum yi hi k hum atni rupes jo k about 400000 banta hi jo hum arrange nh kr sakti so plz humari help kari discount si tab milni ka address bata di thanks

  105. Akmal

    Dear Brother Adnan

    Can overseas pakistani patients do register for sovaldi and take it to that country where they are working. Any information regarding this. pls share .

    Thanks & Regards

    • Adnan Malik

      brother, I fear is won’t be possible. To avoid smuggling, the current procedure to get Sovaldi in Pakistan implies restriction to take the drug abroad. That’s why they get an Under Taking signed by the patient that he/she will not travel abroad during the treatment. Secondly, Ferozsons gives patient only one months medicine initially. Patient is required to revisit every month for medicine refill, which also make buying Sovaldi all at once impossible.

      • Jamil Ahmed

        me ne 3 mah pehly apny aap ko karachi me aap ke numaindy Dr, Fahd ke pass registerd keraya tha unho ne jo documents mangy the who complete ker ke Dr ke batai howe address per post ker dey the aur Dr se phone per confirm be ker leya tha un ko sary document mil gay the laiken na us ne mujy mera registration number bataya na koi our soboot jis per ya jis ka refrence de ker may bat kar sakoo.

        bechly 1 hafty se mey Dr Fahad ko phone ker raha hoo un ka phone band ja rahhay me bohat pereshan hu mujy koi hel batay

  106. Imran Khan

    Hi Adnan,
    I need Sovaldi tablets for my wife she has Hep C genotype 3, i am from Karachi, kinldy let me know how can i get it from Karachi.
    Thanks in advance

  107. Hammad

    AOA Sir,
    I am a Hepatiits C patient (Geno Type 3a), I live in Lahore. Please guide me how and where should I register myself to get Sovaldi 400mg.
    Thanks and Regards.

    • Adnan Malik

      @Sarfraz, @Hammad
      Please check Sovaldi availability in Pakistan section to know How to get Sovaldi in Pakistan, with Sovaldi registration process information updated.

      We wish get well soon to both of you and all HVC Patient Pakistani brothers and sisters. Let’s build a prosperous, better, healthier and happier Pakistan together.



      • Aleem

        Appreciate Adnan malik

  108. sarfraz

    I m live in Pakistan… email [email protected]
    Dear i have to buy sovaldi 400 mg for hepatitis c but its very expensive please tell me know where easy to approch….

    • Adnan Malik

      @Sarfraz, Sovaldi is available in Pakistan through registration process. The government is reluctant to make it openly available on public pharmacies at the moment due to smuggling issue (where one can buy Sovaldi in Pakistan at the price of $195/tablet and smuggle it back to USA where it is $1000/pill).

      Only a person who is Hepatitis-C patient in Pakistan can get Sovaldi 400mg (1 bottle of 30 tablets/ month). Patient Registration is one time process. To get the next bottle, patient is required to return the last empty bottle.

      Please let us know your city ? So that we can guide you to the nearest registration location.

      • sarfraz

        I am from Lahore.

      • Tariq

        I want to get Sovaldi for my mother and father. Plz tell me, where to get the medicine in Jhang Sadar.

      • muhammad ashiq

        l m suffering from hep c and need sovaldi tabs.l live in Khanewal

      • Bashir

        I really appreciate the Dr. Arslan Malik and his Team for all the great information out here.
        I have close relative suffering, he is from Rahim yar Khan, Pakistan.
        How can he get Treatment of Hep C
        Please help. Thanks.

      • ASIM

        My hep is good/ recognised? As earlier Dr.A? Gave me SOFOMAC & Ribazole of Master company. I used it for 6 months but result could not be negative . I have genotype 2A. Now another Dr has prescribed Myhep. Please guide. I ll pray for you.

        • Adnan Malik

          Sofomac (by Macter), MyHep (by Mylan) and Sofosbuvir (by GILEAD) all contains same ingredient sofosbuvir, which is not much effective on Genotype 2A. You should wait for a couple of years, as better medicines are in pipeline.

      • Syed Qasim

        Dear Adnan Malik , please can you guide in city lalamusa or city gujrat punjab from where I buy these medicines ,as you mention we will full fill the documents requirments ,and how much Pakistani RS cost for these medicines for 12week complete course ?? Please and waiting your good response .reply on [email protected] thanks

  109. Tonyhuy

    I live in Vietnam, I look forward to buying sovaldi type of 400mg drug for the treatment of my mother, she’s been chronic hepatitis C, Please give me know the place of selling drug exactly.Please give me information as soon as possible via email: [email protected]. Thank You very much.

  110. Waqas

    You have compiled this info from various websites, many of them have been updated.
    Unfortunately, DRAP approved prove of a single tab 1940 instead of 1590 or even lesser…

    • Adnan Malik

      @Waqas, we welcome and are thankful for your input.
      Firstly, you are right in pointing it out that The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has initially set the Sovaldi Price in Pakistan at Rs.1,940 per tablet, which makes around Rs.55,000 for pack of 28 tablet. It makes Rs.350 more, but the total cost of hepatitis treatment in Pakistan with Sovaldi, still remains less than what it used to be with Pegylated Interferon therapy. So, gone are the day when Roche, Abbott and Merck used to make their fortunes from Hep C patients in Pakistani whereas microbiologist like Dr. Sheikh Riazuddin used to face trails, for developing cheaper interferon molecule.

      Secondly, after Telaprevir and Boceprevir, we had an eye on the Clinical Trails of the new batch of hep drugs incl dung Sofosbuvir at FDA (We are still watching other potential HCV drugs, doing better than Sovaldi in trail). Our respected contributor is not only a veteran medical industry professional himself, but consulted Health Officials, Pharmaceutical Industry sources and gastroenterologist like Dr. Anwar A. Khan and Prof. Arif Siddique; before posting the story.

      • gary roberts

        Hi I am so pleased that this is finally happening in Pakistan as I have an unofficially adopted son over there and he has the disease and is unsure as to how he contracted it. It is also important for Pakistan to pick their game up with the care and attention paid to use of unsterile equipment and testing of blood products before administering them It should bring on some changes in the behaviour of the medical profession but alas I think until they start prosecuting people for slack behaviour they will find it hard to win the battle. But with all that said at least there is now a good starting point.

        • Dr. Faizan

          Nothing to worry dear. you could adopt that son after immunizing him. “the main source of Hepatitis C infection is still not sure” (Reference Levinson’s Book of Microbiology) but still it is believed to be feco-oral. Biological war is going on in Pakistan in the form of TB, Polio, Hepatitis (B/ C), Measles and other communicable diseases, mal-condition of environment and due to illiteracy among mass, all these conditions are the main source and spread of Hepatitis

          • Arsalan

            Illiteracy, and corruption are the only reasons, TB has vaccine, Polio has vaccine, Hep B has vaccine, and Measles along with rubella has vaccine. Now tell be how is it possible for someone to use this sickness as “biological warfare” How about educated medical professional give proper advise and make mandatory for these vaccines to be given to all babies as they are born. It is not that difficult. Educate the society, and fix your corruption. Simple. Main problem is no one wants to fix their corruption, only wants to blame the problem at someone else. When patients come to your office educate them, take the time, instead of seeing 100 patients and take their money for doing nothing, take your type and tell them exactly what they need to learn so they don’t need to keep visiting you over and over, which cost them money, which doesn’t allow their children to study and become smart and educated, and the cycle continues. And doctors yourself need to be more educated in your specialties.

      • Ahmad

        Sir from where in Lahore and how can i get sovladi and xolox for one month ?

        i recently got my self tested for Hep-c, got anti-HCV test from chughtai lab it says non-reactive and my cutoff value is 1.0 which is boarder line, I am also thinking of getting a PCR RNA, CBC and LFT test.

      • Sajjad ahmed

        My Hcv is 1.760
        Plz tell me where I gone and taking sovaldi tablet
        My pcr from city lab Lahore
        Lft alkhidmt kamalia
        But genotype is not know
        Age 30 years old
        Plz tell me

    • sarfraz

      Dear i have to buy sovaldi 400 mg for hepatitis c but its very expensive please tell me know where easy to approch….

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