Sauna Thermometer Accuracy, Reviews, Test, Uses

A sauna thermometer is an essential equipment for the sauna because it is critical to know the correct temperature. The average temperature after heating your sauna room for at least thirty minutes is expected to be around 180 F. 

A sauna thermometer measures sauna temperature. Regardless of whether someone has an infrared sauna or a traditional steam sauna, using a sauna thermometer is quite helpful in keeping an eye on the temperature within the sauna. This helps create dry or humid heat. Lower heat is necessary in humid saunas to prevent steam buildup and discomfort. Dry saunas require higher temperatures.

Sauna Thermometer Accuracy, Reviews, Test, Uses

Sauna Thermometer Accuracy

Sauna thermometers are ready to use. It instantly displays the precise temperature. Fischer, the manufacturer, used a climatic chamber set at 90 °C (194 °F) for extensive testing and pre-adjustment of the device. A re-adjustment is rarely required. The adjustments can be done by oneself. This is done with a screw with a wide slot on the back under the central hole. 

Sauna Thermometer Reviews

Sauna thermometers have a wide range of reviews and experiences. Some thermometers are inaccurate and slow to respond to temperature changes, whereas others perform effectively. For example, a user observed that the display of a digital sauna thermometer became unreadable as the temperature increased. According to another user, a sauna thermometer manufactured by a particular company functioned flawlessly right out of the box.

Sauna Thermometer Test

One way to make sure a thermometer is working properly in a sauna is to boil it in water until it reads 100 degrees Celsius. There’s also the choice of comparing the sauna thermometer to other thermometers, like meat thermometers or BBQ probes. It is important to take into consideration several aspects when purchasing a sauna thermometer, including its readability, its water resistance, and whether it displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Sauna Thermometer Uses

A sauna thermometer is used to measure the temperature inside a sauna, which is essential for creating the desired dry or humid heat. A humid sauna requires a lower temperature, while a dry sauna requires a higher temperature. Additionally, combining a thermometer with a hygrometer can help calculate the optimum balance between heat and humidity for a perfect sauna experience.

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