Do Women Have Prostates? Skene’s Glands use in Girls

Wondering do women have prostates? and what does it do in females? Skene’s paraurethral glands in girls are homologous to the male prostate glands. But most of the people believe that the prostate gland is a just male organ, and women don’t have prostates.

Generally, when you hear somebody says the prostate of the women, you simply believe that they mean the G-spot. However this is not exactly valid, there is an important difference. Let’s dig into the question, do women have a prostate gland? What’s more, on the off chance that they do, is it the same as G-spot or they are distinctive.

In this article, you will know do women have prostates? what is the women prostate? what is skene’s gland in girls and what does it do?

Prostate Gland

First thing first. Let’s have a quick clarification about what is prostate gland in the men and its functions. The prostate gland is an imperative part of the male reproductive system. It is a gland that is located in the lower abdominal cavity, just below the bladder and behind the pubic bone. It surrounds the urethra to some extent.

Prostate gland in men is responsible for regulating bladder control and sperm release. They are prone to a variety of disorders and infections, and the worst among the frequent prostate diseases is prostate cancer.

Do Women Have Prostates? Skene's Glands use in Girls

Do Women Have Prostates (Skene’s Glands)?

Contrary to the proclamation that “Women have no prostate glands”, women do have a prostate gland, and its presence has clinical significance for the female.

Is G-Spot Female Prostate?

The question, do girls have prostates, raise another widely argued secondary question, whether the G-spot is female prostates or not? The answer is simply “No”. The female prostates are called as Skene’s glands or Paraurethral glands, and they are separated from the area where G-spot is located. Below is a video from GSpot101 that explains it all:

Skene’s Gland is Prostate in Women

Do women have prostate glands? yes but prostate glands are referred differently in the female body. Prostate glands in girls are called Skene’s Paraurethral Glands or simply Skene’s Glands.

According to the gynecologist Alexander Skene whom they were named after, in females, Skene’s glands are located on the anterior wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra.

In 1880, Alexander Skene pass on attention to this structure, particularly to two paraurethral ducts (Skene’s ducts), and highlight their significance in infection of the female genitalia. Skene’s paraurethral glands are homologous to the male prostate. Recent studies supporting this homology clearly verify the reality of female prostate.

Skenes Gland in Girls compared to Prostate Gland in Boys

The basis why medical experts believe that Skene’s glands are the same as prostate glands is that they have the same function as the prostates in men. Skene’s glands in girls have the similar structures as the Prostate glands in men. Even the Skenes gland in females produces the same specific antigen that prostate gland produce in males.

However, one notable difference between Skenes glands in girls and prostates glands in boys is that the Skenes glands are far smaller than the Prostate glands.

The accurate proofs that this thought was concluded into it are the continent of the similar function between male’s prostates and female’s (Skene’s glands). Both have the same function, the PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) which might crucial in this situation. The PSA is expressed and produced in the male’s prostates also exist in the skenes glands.

PSA is secreted from other female body tissues and may be a probable diagnostic indication for breast disease, among other conditions, just as it is for prostate cancer in men. The female prostates are functioning the same way as the male prostates during having an orgasm and they are the responsible glands to secrete the fluids that come out of the woman’s body.

Women prostate also have a significant part in preventing infection of the urinary area through producing a liquid that has antimicrobial properties; this fluid lubricates the opening of the urethral.

After all the above discussion, the main answer to do women have prostates is “Yes”, first because of the Skene’s ability to secrete the PSA, and also the levels of this antigen specifically rise in the exact point of the gland that is called the carcinoma.

Can Women Get Prostate Cancer?

Well, if women do have a prostate, can women get prostate cancer? There is a great discussion about the Skene’s gland functions, anatomy, and roles. However, Female prostate cancer or Skene’s gland cancer to be precise, is not common, rather its is rare to be found.

However, other urinary or gynecological medical conditions like skene’s gland cysts, inflammation, and infections can be misdiagnosed. Women with symptoms like vaginal pain, lower urinary tract infection, urethra’s opening infection, hurting frequent urination or dysfunction in sexual activity, are advised to get evaluated by the doctor, in order to diagnose any kind of skene’s gland infection.

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