Fulkerson Osteotomy Success Rate, Recovery Time, Complications, Cost

In the field of medicine, osteotomy refers to a type of surgery that cuts and reshapes your bones. The name of it is due to the reason that J P Fulkerson was the first person who described it in 1983. It is also known by other names such as Tibial, tubercle transfer, or a bony realignment. This type of surgery is performed when a person feels an urge to repair a damaged joint. However, it is also used to increase or decrease the length of a crippled bone, unable to line up a joint as it should be.

This kind of surgery is a good option for arthritis, instability, or defects associated with the cartilage portion. These cartilage defects affect the kneecap and femur(known as the patellofemoral joint). Both kinds of procedures are followed in Fulkerson osteotomy. Osteotomy is a major surgical procedure that enhances the knee joint condition. 

Fulkerson Osteotomy Success Rate

Osteotomy or Fulkerson osteotomy is not minor surgery, but it is a complicated one. So, it is essential to mention how efficient this surgical procedure has been remained in recent years. Did this surgical procedure help the affected individuals in eliminating the joint problem or not? If yes, then what is the success rate of this procedure?

The success rate of the Fulkerson has been very high if the affected individual takes all of the cautions under consideration. If the patient is unable to do so, the condition of the patient gets worse. For instance, it gets worse with stairs, prolonged periods of sitting, and recreational activities too. 

It was evident that approximately 91% of the knee cases treated with a direct TT medialization reported excellent knee scores at around 45 months after the surgery. Later after ten years, a deterioration was observed because of the ongoing pain at that moment. 

Fulkerson Osteotomy Success Rate, Recovery Time, Complications, Cost

Fulkerson Osteotomy Recovery Time

The pain caused postoperatively by the Fulkerson osteotomy; may sometimes feel either chronic or intermittent. It may get worse even with a slight pressure applied to the joint. The recovery from Fulkerson osteotomy may take long time depending upon the condition of a person; it varies from person to person. 

However, there is an approximation of the recovery time of this surgical procedure. What is that? For osteotomy patients, it takes about 3 to 6 months to walk normally and retain their motion. For those individuals eager to continue high-impact activities like jogging, it takes about 12 months to regain their form. The surgery site is very sore; it is discouraged to put any pressure on it straight away.

After the surgery, the patient is restricted to toe-touch weight only. In the case of a pelvic osteotomy, a person is usually unable to walk for several months. 

Fulkerson Osteotomy Complications

Fulkerson osteotomy is a major surgical procedure; So, it may sometimes cause complications. Now, what are those complications caused in the patients after the follow-up of the surgery? 

The complications of this surgery include painful hardware, delayed union, thrombosis associated with the wound vein, sensory deficit, clinical nonunion, delayed motion range. Not only that, but its complications also include a damaged screw, fascial hernia, tibial fracture, dysfunction of quadriceps, or hematoma. 

The complication of the damaged screw got eliminated right after the operation of the joint. However, there are usually no cases of the affected individuals which are known to cause complications such as any particular syndrome, a pulmonary embolism, or infection of any kind. 

Some other complications mention the osteotomy failure to heal, formation of blood clots, injuries of the nerves and vessels. To conclude, complications are ranged widely for a Fulkerson osteotomy. 

Fulkerson Osteotomy Cost

The cost of this surgery method varies with several factors. Those factors include the location, anesthesia used, aftercare, and most importantly, the expertise of the concerned surgeon. 

The average cost of Fulkerson osteotomy is about 4500$. However, in actuality, it may vary depending upon the above-mentioned factors. It may be both higher or lower than its average cost. 

The procedure is worthy of performing, as the success rate of it is pretty high. It is up to the affected person how and when he desires his osteotomy to be performed. An affected individual may choose and consult a doctor of his own choice along with the convenience of residence. 

To conclude, though there are several complications associated with the Fulkerson osteotomy, it is still an efficient and good surgical procedure against the problems of your joints. 

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