Enfamil vs Similac Infant Formula Supplementation Reviews

If you have an infant at home then there are many things that you must consider, and the most important among them is the type of formula that you use. It is useless to say that how important it is as the formula that you choose for your infant will provide the nourishment needed to promote brain development and growth.

If you are looking just for a formula without having any preferences then there are many different formulas on the market, I would say that you have plenty of choices but the question is that all formulas available are really up to standards and also good for your little. The most popular choices of mothers are Similac and Enfamil. There are several reasons why these two are the preferred ones and why one can have advantage over the other. But these both are the big names of US market. Mead Johnson produces the Enfamil formulas and has over 50% of the market share, while Abbott Laboratories (Ross Division) which produces the Similac formulas and has over 30% of market share.

Both brands are there for many years and with help of product development and careful clinical research, both brands were able to offer baby formulas that provide the required levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins for a baby to sustain a rapid rate of growth and development without compromising the baby’s delicate physiological systems. Recent update is that both formulas contain docosahexaionic (DHA) and arachidonic (ARA) which are polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 that have been shown to provide the infant with mental and visual development similar to that of breastfed babies.
Enfamil vs Similac Infant Formula Supplementation Reviews

Enfamil vs Similac Infant Formula Supplementation Reviews

If your baby is newly born and for some reason you cannot breastfeed, and you are searching for the right formula. Then keep reading and I’m sure, by the end of article you will be able to decide best for your baby.


Enfamil is considered good for infants due to containing higher levels of DHA and AHA. In simple words, by using Enfamil, you provide your baby 17mg of both components instead of 11mg which is found in Similac. Additionally palm olein oil is also there as an ingredient, which is considered important in terms of growth. Enfamil is also easier to pack than Similac. Convenience while using is important factor that alone is enough to go for this formula. Enfamil is incredibly affordable and is cheaper than Similac.


Unlike Enfamil, Similac does not contain any palm oil. Similac is a better source of calcium and contain almost 50 % more than Enfamil. Similac is also available in a new formula that contains less bubbles and leaves babies with less gas. Similac have many of the same ingredients like Enfamil. Both have same vitamins and minerals, the only difference between two is the amount of carbohydrates and proteins.

Enfamil or Similac, Which One Is Best

As discussed above, both formulas are almost same, neither one is highly recommended over the other. It is basically your preferences thing, as long as your baby is completely healthy then you can choose the formula that is most ideal for your baby. But there are some problems that can lead you to decide one of them including:

  • Price factor is important one if both are equally good then you may think, why I should pay more.
  • Gas problem can be another factor due to which you can go for specific one like if you baby has gas problem, it might be suggested by your pediatrician to switch to Similac. The less gas feature makes this formula slightly more appealing.

Powder or Liquid

Sometimes choosing from a powder or liquid formula, is also quite confusing. But there is no difference between two in terms of the contained nutritional elements. Both have their own advantages like the powder formulas last longer. On the other hand, the main advantage of the liquid formulas is that you don’t have to do anything as it is ready to serve. Powder formulas are often cheaper than liquid formulas.

Although these formulas are good in terms of nutrients but remember, nothing is as good as yours. Breastfeeding is the best nourishment for the baby because nature has given you the exact nutrients which your unique child required That’s why breastfed babies are known to have higher IQ’s and better health then the formula babies.

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