Alpha lipoic acid Benefits for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Neuropathy

Alpha lipoic acid Benefits for Weight Loss, diabetes, migraine, neuropathy and skin. Alpha lipoic acid dosage, reviews, side effects, mechanism and natural sources of alpha lipoic acid.

What is Alpha lipoic acid?

Studies have shown that Alpha Lipoic acid or ALA is actually a very important and a naturally occurring factor present inside our bodies. Just like any other vitamin present inside our bodies, Alpha Liopic acid can get synthesized as well and works as a great antioxidant in every part of our body. It also helps in the regeneration of other antioxidants and is highly effective against the free radicals. As a result, it makes our skin glow and slows down the ageing process to a great extent as well.

Alpha lipoic acid Benefits for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Neuropathy

Alpha Lipoic acid Benefits for Weight Loss

Alpha lipoic acid Benefits for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Neuropathy

Alpha lipoic acid is naturally occurring fat in our body.It has many physiological functions in our body like cell membrane synthesis, skin development, production of energy from fat molecules.It can also be taken through natural sources for weight loss, diabetes, migraine and glowing skin.

Alpha lipoic acid Benefits for Weight Loss

Nobody likes to be fatty. There are many ways through which a person can lose weight, including exercises and fad diets. However, Alpha Lipoic acid plays a very important role in aiding weight loss even in obese people. It is a well known fact that overall the number of obese people is increasing globally due to the consumption of fatty products and an increase in the ratio of type 2 diabetes.

Many companies have taken full advantage of the situation and have introduced many dietary pills in the market, which actually contribute nothing as far as losing weight is concerned. The good thing is that Alpha Lipoic acid is totally safe to take and is free from any type of negative side effects as well. The same has recently been proven by a scientific study conducted in Spain.

The most recent studies have shown and proved that AL also helps in increasing the metabolism of a person and increases the fat burning process. It suppresses unnecessary cravings of food as well and changes extra fat into energy. Thus, it plays a great role in aiding weight loss.

Alpha lipoic acid benefits for Diabetes

ALA is found to be highly beneficial for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. It helps in controlling their blood sugar level and over all assures the good cardiovascular health of the patient. It also keeps the brain fresh and is known to slow down any threat of the Alzheimer’s as well.

ALA helps in controlling diabetes by increasing sensitization of insulin binding receptors which is a major problem in type 2 diabetes.Moreover, it speeds up the process of metabolism which gives better control over blood sugar level and improves the over all health of individuals.

Alpha Liopic acid also helps in converting all the extra fats present inside our body into energy. ALA also aids in weight loss among patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.  The supplement actually enhances the ability of a person’s body to produce its own insulin instead of relying on medicines to do so. In this way the higher blood sugar level of the body either lowers down or becomes even normal in certain instances as well. Many trainers who are suffering from type 2 diabetes rely on ALA to convert fat into muscles.

Alpha lipoic acid benefits for Skin

Alpha lipoic acid is a potent anti-oxidant that restricts the skin degradation from free radicals.It has provides key ingredients that are necessary for normal and glowing skin.Now a days number of people use alpha lipoic acid from external source for healthy skin.

Since Alpha Lipoic acid is highly effective in speeding up the metabolism of our bodies, it is advised that it is taken on a daily basis on an empty stomach. This is because; in this case it can easily detoxify our body by helping in excreting out all the harmful oxidants present inside our body. These oxidants are known to be caused by the fatty deposits inside our body and can lead to various diseases caused due to obesity in a person.

Alpha lipoic acid benefits in Neuropathy

Through ALA, the effects of pain and other nerve related issues can be reduced in people who are under growing treatment of cancer. It also relieves the patient from the feeling of burning, tingling sensations and any type of pain due to nerve related problem. The positive effect of ALA is also known to relieve one from memory loss and many ophthalmic diseases. It also helps in relieving one from chronic fatigue syndrome and the diseases of the liver and the heart.

Alpha lipoic acid benefits in Migraine

Alpha Liopic acid also helps in retaining the levels of vitamins A and E inside the body. If you are someone who suffers from regular bouts of migraine, then you should start taking ALA to reduce not its frequency but intensity as well. ALA is also known to play a major role in reducing high blood pressures and other cardiovascular diseases among the patients. It also improves the lipid profile of a person. ALA can even reduce the harm done to the liver by the HIV disease as well.

Alpha lipoic acid benefits for Weight Trainers

Many weight trainers take Alpha Lipoic acid for changing all their fat into muscle. The best thing is not to mix ALA with any other supplement as there is a chance that your blood sugar will become quite low and you may collapse. Instead, it is advised to take ALA alone to take advantage of its benefits.

How Can We Get Alpha lipoic acid Naturally?

While there are ALA supplements available in the market which help in reducing weight, however you can also take it through natural resources. You can get ALA from greens like broccoli and spinach leaves and from red meat, liver, kidney and even potatoes.

However, it should be kept in mind that we cannot obtain considerable amount of ALA from food which is required to get advantage of all its qualities. Even our body cannot produce adequate amount of Alpha Lipoic on its own, which is required to get rid of toxins and harmful oxidants.

When should alpha lipoic acid be taken?

Since Alpha Lipoic acid or ALA needs to be absorbed properly by our body for its proper functioning, it is recommended that it should be taken on an empty stomach.  You can also take it 2 hours after you have eaten something. Otherwise the bioavailablity of Alpha Lipoic acid will be reduced and it will have no positive effect on your body.

Alpha lipoic acid benefits reviews and study

Recently an experiment was carried out on 97 overweight women who were put on a diet of 30% less than their total requirement of energy needed for burning fat. They were further divided into 4 more groups and were given different dietary supplements. After 10 weeks , it was found that ALA supplement, whether taken alone or with some other supplement, played a major role in aiding weight loss. Women lost between 11.44 to 15.4 pounds of total weight within 10 weeks.

Alpha lipoic acid Side effects

In normal doses alpha lipoic acid is quite safe and has no serious side effects that may lead to an emergency condition.However, some commonly observed side effects of alpha lipoic acid are dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, bloating, gas production and stomach discomfort.

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