Treatment of Gray Hair

Learn all about causes and treatment of gray hair!

Graying of hair is usually considered as a sign of physiological aging.Graying of hair is slow process and takes time to develop full blown head of gray hairs. Age related graying of hair is irreversible phenomenon and its treatment is almost impossible.There so many causes of graying of hair other than age related graying of hair for example endocrine dysfunctioning, work overload for a long time, anxiety, anemia and genetic factors.Lot of middle aged people have this problem(premature graying of hair) due to nutritional imbalances and deficits or even due to health related issues.

Treatment of gray hair


Causes of Gray Hair

Grayness of hair is natural phenomenon as a result of aging process due to failure of pigment formation in hair follicles.Sometimes it may be due to disturbance in endocrine functions of thyroid gland.It is observed that hyperthyroidism is associated with grayness of hair and this color disappears after adequate treatment of thyroid glands.However in some cases premature hair grayness is often familial, few gray hair in childhood a sprinkling during adolescence and complete grayness between the ages of 25 to 30 years old.Risk factors that play important role in gray hair process are worry, overwork, grief, anxiety and nervous system weakness.

The phenomenon of graying of the hair is a slow process.Anemia is another important cause of grey hair during early life stages especially in case of pernicious anemia.The streak of white hair on the brow may look attractive but it is congenital and permanent.If it is occurred by disease alopecia areata then it can be treated efficiently. Another important cause of gray hair is hair dye .Person who wants to conceal grayness of hair by using hair dyes should be careful because dyes that contains silver nitrate, pyrogallic acid or paraphenylenediamine may be dangerous to health.Hair dyes should be tested carefully skin sensitivity before applying.

 Treatment of Gray Hair

  1. Biotin is key component for hair treatment because it restores the proper development of hair. Deficiency of biotin causes hair fall, weak and split ends of hair, small hair follicles and thin hair.Biotin improves the pigment and restores normal hair color. Number of biotin supplements are available as over the counter(OTC) medicines but make sure that this supplement has enough biotin to meet daily requirements of biotin.
  2. Make a habit of regular exercise because it will keep you fit and healthy and can improve blood flow to your scalp as well.This improve blood circulation provides sufficient amount of nutrients to the scalp for proper development of hair.
  3. Avoid from alcohol consumption because it causes severe hair fall and makes the hair weak and dull.Alcohol and junk foods are devitalizing and their excessive usage will lead to premature aging.
  4. If you are working in a stressful environment or have any kind of stress due to some social or emotional factors then try to sleep at least 8 hours to relax your body and do rest as much as possible after doing stressful work.




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