Major Sign and Symptoms of Hernia in Men

Learn all about causes of hernia and major Sign and Symptoms of Hernia in Men!

Symptoms of hernia most commonly occurs when a small area of abdominal wall or smooth muscle membrane that covers the intestines protrudes from a weak portion of the  abdominal wall due to some congenital detects in abdominal wall, trauma, injury or shock. Men who develop hernia are probably born with a weak spot in their lower  abdominal walls.When they grow older and performs heavy muscular labor or heavy weight lifting , the weak spot becomes enlarge and acts as opening through which a  loop of intestine protrudes.

The protrusion of loop of intestine produces the symptoms of hernia. There is definite danger in allowing a hernia to go without attention. Sometimes a loop of intestine that has pushed its way through the abdominal wall becomes pinched, and the passage of fecal material through the intestine is stopped.  This is called as incarcerated hernia.The most effective treatment to relieve the symptoms of hernia is surgery.Consult a properly trained and experienced surgeon. Some commonly reported sign and symptoms of hernia are abdominal distention, bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting.

Major Sign and Symptoms of Hernia in Men


Symptoms of Hernia

Here are some major sign and symptoms of hernia  in men

Bulging tissue

Bulging tissue is classical sign of hernia.If bulging tissue appears during straining, crying, coughing, or standing and suddenly disappears you lay down or during sleeping.If bulge is present all the time then it may be hydrocele so, proper diagnosis is necessary.

Burning sensation

The area of abdomen that bulges due to rupturing of abdominal wall may produce burning sensation which may be accompanied with or without swelling due to pinching of loop of intestine.

Feeling of pain

Pain is often associated with hernia especially in case of inguinal hernia that causes testicular pain.The severity of pain increases with the passage of time if it is left untreated.

Abdominal distress

Patients suffering from abdominal hernia may feel pressure inside the abdomen due to pinching of loop of intestine.This problem can be prevented by laying down in rest position for couple of minutes and avoiding from heavy weight lifting or heavy muscular labor.


Bloating is not always associated with hernia but it may be one of the early sign of abdominal hernia.Bloating produces due to pressure occurs on abdominal wall.The best way to prevent the bloating is spending more time in horizontal position.

Fatigue or Weakness

Abdominal hernia does not impair the process of digestion of food completely but person suffering from hernia may have problem malabsorption, bloating, dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting.

Mild to Moderate Fever

Fever is not always associated with hernia but later stages of hernia may accompanied by mild to moderate fever due to swelling of intestinal loop that bulges out from abdominal wall so, there is definite danger in allowing a hernia to go without attention.

Intestinal swelling

If hernia is left untreated then it creates many complications which are difficult to treat for example intestinal swelling, fever, impaired blood supply some intestinal areas and body pain.

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