Fun Challenges to do with Friends or Family at Home

Looking for fun challenges to do with friends or family at home? Fun is often and in my opinion, wrongly thought of as extra something to get to when you have time but not as something important. Fun is something that we can’t imagine in serious situations.

In fact, we have sayings to reinforce this concept such as “this is no laughing matter”. We are used to associating non-seriousness with fun. But this is not the matter of fact. Fun can be a powerful tool for transformation when tapped appropriately.

Choosing to have fun, play or laugh in the face of adversity is a sign of emotional maturity. Most of the times, to do fun things actually helps to uplift your mood. If you are in the worst position and can’t change that, then the only thing left that you can change is your attitude about it. Laughter and fun are something that gives you energy that you need to stand firm before your problem.

In addition , there could be times you are getting bored or maybe you are in a mood of doing some fun stuff, but often at that time, ideas become short. The stuff below may help you in this regard. By doing some of these, you can have a great way to bond and show off your abilities. You can find a range from simple ones to adventurous dares. Important to bear in mind is your safety while trying out these challenges with friends.

Fun Challenges to do with Friends/Family at Home

Fun Challenges to do with Friends or Family at Home

Here you can find some ideas that may help you have a great time and fun challenges to do with friends or family at home:

Food Challenges to Do With Friends

Being a food lover, the first thing that comes to my mind, when I think about fun , is good food. Some of the most popular challenges also involve food. Mostly you only need ingredients which probably already have at home while others might require a trip to a specialty store. The fun challenge can be cooking something delicious or eating something in fun or unusual way.

Another food related challenge is incredibly hot, even for those who could eat pickles for every meal. It involves eating an entire jar of pickles and drinking all the juice. Have everyone race to see who can complete the challenge first or set up a time limit. More crazy is to eat the hottest pepper you can find.

Another crazy thing is to put as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible until you can’t say chubby bunny anymore. Be careful with this challenge since choking is a risk. Another one, which I personally like is, try to eat the most watermelon without hands in two minutes. It sounds lighter but in actual, it’s not that easy.

The cinnamon challenge is enough popular, one of the most entertaining challenges to do with friends. You need to have a full tablespoon of the spice without washing it down in a minute. This is hard because cinnamon’s dryness instantly gets rid of the saliva from your mouth. Take extra care and keep back-up water nearby if you try this as some people have had lung damage.

Nail Decoration

If you are a girl and want to have some fun then nail decoration is also a good idea. Have everyone bring a couple colors of polish. Maybe some glitter and nail stickers. Now throw all your ideas together and see who can come up with the newest nail art. In addition, what could be a real fun is to turn off all the lights and have everyone try to apply their makeup in the dark. Boys can also try this challenge for more fun.

Let’s dance

Everyone has a favorite music video that makes them laugh. So today its best to figure out how to do the moves in it. With a few friends and a couple tries, you will have the routine down.

Stay Silent

For this one of the challenges to doing with friends, you all try to stay completely silent for a day and believe me it’s really hard. You can even turn it into a competition and see who can stay silent the longest.

Real Crazy

Go for bungee jumping with your friends or enjoy a breathtaking and exhilarating sky dive, but with a reputable company . If you don’t have money to go outside then just go to your bathroom, yes fill a bath tub with freezing water and only let your friend climb out when they answer a trivia question correctly.

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