Anisocytosis Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis,Treatment

Although this medical condition itself is difficult to understand for people but it can be defined in a very simple way. Have you ever think about the size of your blood cells, are all your red blood cells of equal size and does equal size matter and so on. In my opinion, usually we don’t even bother to think about such things. You may be surprised but yes, equal size of your red blood cells really matters. Anisocytosis is basically a physical condition in which red blood cells of a person are found to be of unequal size.

Those patients who are suffering from Anaemia, Thalassemia or any other disorder of blood cells, are more likely to develop unequal red blood cells. When blood is tested in such cases, the cells are found to be of different sizes. The parameter used to measure the size and volume in red blood cell is known as red cell distribution width which is calculated by dividing the red blood cell volumes from mean corpuscular volume or MCV. The name Anisocytosis has been derived from two different words, “aniso” meaning “unequal”, and “cytosis” which has a reference to cells.

It is important to note that there may be various symptoms of this condition although the characteristic manifestation of anisocytosis is influenced by the insufficient oxygen supply in the body. Notably many of these symptoms are similar to that of anemia or heart failure. So if you see the below mentioned symptoms then it is better to consult a doctor.
Anisocytosis Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis,Treatment

Anisocytosis Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

If you want to know more about this relatively least discussed disease , then keep reading and you will find all relevant information about it.

Anisocytosis Symptoms

Following are some major symptoms of Anisocytosis:

  • Patients suffering from anisocytosis usually experienced severe and often breathlessness.
  • Nail beds and eyeballs including other areas of the skin is noticeably pale, which is directly related to insufficiency in oxygen supply distributed to the tissue of the body.
  • Tiredness and exhaustion are the major complains of people suffering from it.
  • Beside lack of energy, such patients experience fast heart beat even in the absence of a rigid activity.

Anisocytosis Causes

There can be various reasons behind Anisocytosis. Following are some important one:

  • Iron deficiency can be one reason that can lead to such medical condition. As we all know that iron is an important component which is required to make blood. Lack of iron can reduce your red blood cells to a great extent, resulting in anemia, and ultimately leading to Anisocytosis.
  • In addition to iron, there are some vitamins that are vital in this regard. Vitamin A and vitamin B12 are two of such nutrients required by the body in order to fight diseases. Lack of Vitamin A also results in irregular size of the red blood cells, causing Anisocytosis.
  • If patient is suffering from some other medical condition which is directly related to blood or blood production, such condition can also lead to Anisocytosis. Diamond-Blackfan anemie is one of such diseases in which the bone marrow is unable to make sufficient red blood cells. Anisocytosis may be one of the signs of anemia of this kind.
  • Blood transfusion can be a major reason behind Anisocytosis, that’s why be careful during the process. A test should be conducted to check whether the size of the red blood cells in the transfused blood is same. Anisocytosis arising due to blood transfusion is, however, temporary in nature.

Anisocytosis Diagnosis

The diagnosis of Anisocytosis usually carried out by an expert physician but this is something that you can diagnose for yourself also. If one go for doctor diagnoses, then it will be done by taking blood sample of the patient and observing it under a microscope. The microscopic observation of the blood smear is enough to reveal the irregularity in size of the cells.

After reporting of an abnormality, doctors start the treatment of the condition.Doctors categorize the condition as +1 Anisocytosis or +2 Anisocytosis, based on varying size of blood cells . If you want to do it yourself then many medical kits are available in the market to help you. Beside Anisocytosis, you can conduct other examinations at home also to check the presence of the condition, such as Anemia Test, Thyroid Gland Function Test and Calcium Deficiency Test.


Anisocytosis is not disease itself as no treatment is indicated to cure it. Treatment is intended towards the underlying condition that influences the onset of anisocytosis including the relief of symptoms. The mode of treatment depends on the patient condition as every patient can have different cause.

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