Angular Cheilitis Causes, Treatment and Home remedies

Read about Angular Cheilitis Causes, Treatment and Home remedies.

Angular cheilitis also called as perleche, rhagades, cheilosis, angular cheilosis or commissural cheilitis is a common condition where the angles of the mouth or oral commissures become inflamed.

Angular Cheilitis is a kind of inflammation of the lips and is the second most common type of lip infection. It is a condition connected with dryness and formation of cracks around the labial folds (mouth corners). While there are numerous names for it, they all portray the same thing and that is sensitive sores at one or both corners of mouth. Typically these sores will begin off as a minor distress, however the uneasiness will for the most part increased and the sides of mouth will become dry, chapped, and in the long run will have red lesions.

A patient with angular cheilitis may note:

  • Cracking and fissuring of the edges of the mouth
  • Ulceration
  • Discharge and drainage of pus
  • Tissue softness and tenderness
  • Bristles/ erosions/ oozing/ crusting
  • Redness
  • Bleeding

By and large, many people who get angular cheilitis will at first think it will heal on its own, however they don’t realize that it can take anyplace from a few weeks to several months for your body to cure itself and generally a minor case can transform into severe angular cheilitis within few days.

Angular Cheilitis Causes, Treatment and Home remedies

Angular Cheilitis Causes, Treatment and Home remedies

Let’s review about Angular Cheilitis Causes, Treatment and Home remedies.

Angular Cheilitis Causes

Angular cheilitis is thought to be multifactorial issue of infectious origin with numerous local and systemic predisposing components. Angular cheilitis condition may be created by either one or a greater amount of these variables, such as:

  • An upper lip overhang which causes marionette line development around the sides of a labial fold
  • Frequent salivary dribbling and salivary collection
  • To a great degree dry or chapped lips that lacks proper moisturizing
  • Infection brought about by the bacteria , virus ) or fungus which can frequently multiply resulting in impetigo, cold sores and oral thrush or candidiasis (caused by yeast) development respectively
  • Nutritional deficiencies brought on by B2 vitamin insufficiency, iron deficiency anemia, zinc deficiency, malnutrition connected with celiac diseases and anorexia nervosa, consistent vomiting as in bulimia nervosa and other related conditions could lead to angular cheilitis
  • Medical conditions like Plummer-Vinson syndrome can trigger angular cheilitis
  • More old age as the elderly individuals ordinarily encounter decrease of vertical face dimension because of absence of teeth which causes over mouth closure consequently triggering angular cheilitis
  • It may also occur due to occasional varieties like winter, overexposure to sun subsequently bringing about dry lips. Amid this period, one may achieve transitory relief by wetting the lips with salivation which actually increases the seriousness of the condition
  • In general dietary intake of natural vitamin A rich sources like fish oils and cod liver oil enhances the danger of developing angular cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis Treatment

Mostly no treatment is required and it resolves by itself. Contingent upon the particular cause, the following medications may be useful:

  • Lip balm or thick emollient ointment, applied frequently
  • Topical antiseptics
  • Topical or oral anti-staphylococcal antibiotics
  • Topical antifungal cream
  • Oral antifungal medicine
  • Topical steroid ointment
  • Nutritional supplements containing riboflavin or vitamin B12
  • Filler injections or implants to build up the oral commissures

Angular Cheilitis Cure with Home Remedies

Following are some of the home remedies for this condition:


It contains antibacterial, antifungal and anti-septic properties which make it an excellent home remedy. Apply honey everywhere throughout the affected area for around fifteen minutes.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera gel is exceptionally calming and will mitigate the pain. Simply keep a leaf in the refrigerator and take it out at whatever point you require it. This will make the gel significantly cooler and relieving when you apply it on dried out lips and sore mouth. Rub it softly on the affected area and permit it to dry for fifteen minutes before washing it off. It will heal the damaged skin tissue, soon if applied regularly twice a day.


Take a slice of cucumber and hold it on the affected area for quite a while, twice a day.

Cocoa Butter:

Apply some cocoa margarine on the area a few times each day with a specific end goal to keep it all moisturized, particularly before going to bed.

Coconut Oil:

Apply it everywhere throughout the affected area three to four times each day. This will cure the agonizing indications of angular cheilitis and help in prevention too.

Olive Oil:

Warm little olive oil and apply over the area at least twice a day. It has antibacterial properties which kill the harmful microbes.


Lemon contains powerful antioxidants and helps to kill infections causing microorganisms. Rub a slice of lemon everywhere on your lips.


Apply it everywhere throughout the damaged area at whatever point you feel cracks and dryness. It will moisturize the area and give relief from pain.


Simply dab on some glycerine on that area three to four times a day. It will lighten the pain and treat the dry lips, brought on by angular cheilitis, very effectively.

Baking Soda:

It must be blended with a little water and the subsequent paste ought to be connected on the sore mouth and lips one to two times each day. Wash it off following five minutes and dry the skin well with the assistance of a soft cloth At that point apply a lotion to keep the skin soft. Baking soda has been utilized as a successful home cure since ages to treat angular cheilitis.

Vitamin B Complex Food:

It can undoubtedly be dealt with by including more vitamin B complex rich nourishment in eating regimen, for example, carrots, spinach, vegetables and tomatoes. Drink apple juices and tomato soup regularly in the event that you are more inclined to angular cheilitis.

Stay Properly Hydrated:

Dehydration aggravates the condition.

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