Snake Bites Piercing on lips/tongue: Cost, Pain, Aftercare, Jewelry

A Snake Bite Piercing is one among the most attractive piercing. This piercing is a bit different from all. As depicts by its name, it is evenly separated on the lower lips. It can be under lower lip or on tongue. When it is placed in the middle under the lip, it is called as labret piercing. While the snake bites is a lip piercing, set of two and is placed on the left and right side of the lip.

Usually there are two kinds of snake bite piercings, i.e. ring piercing and the labret stud under both sides of the lip. If you are interested to do a snake bite or any other kind of piercing, it’s important to take your time to choose which piercing one you want. Both holes aren’t pierced the same way, therefore the jewelry either ring or labret stud is proper to each piercing and should not be switched to avoid irritation and healing complications. Before getting your piercing, you have to approve the placement of the dots on your skin. Be careful at this stage and verify that the dots for the piercings are properly aligned. If they are not properly aligned, may affect your face symmetry.

Besides the placement of dots , the right length and size of the studs is important, in case of labret stud piercing. Too long studs will rub against the bottom row of teeth and cause bone injury. While too tight stud can result in gum recession. The perfect length should allow the stud to be easily cleaned and moved. And if you are going for ring snakebite piercing, choosing the right width of the hoop is of great importance. There are typically two different disc sizes for starter snake bites jewelry , 16 or 14 gauge labret stud. Hoops that are too small can cause the piercing jewelry to move around and can lead to serious complications during the healing process of the snake bites.
Snake Bites Piercing on lips/tongue: Cost, Pain, Aftercare, Jewelry

Snake Bites Piercing on lips/tongue: Cost, Pain, Aftercare, Jewelry

If you want to know more about the snakebite piercing like its cost, associated risks, about aftercare and which kind of jewelry is suitable, then keep reading, you will find all.

Snake Bites Piercing Cost

Obviously cost is one important factor while making our everyday decisions. In case of piercing, it really depends on the studio, to which you are going. Rates vary from place to place but generally snakebites cost between $80 and $120, including jewelry. A little market search is always good, roam around, choose the best shop, not the
cheapest rate

In the United States, the prices differ from state to state. It can go for $60 and $30 each in Arizona. While in Miami Florida depends on where you go, but the average price would come to around $80.In the UK , it may cost you around 50 Euros. Whatever the cost is, make sure you feel completely comfortable with your piercer, look for reviews from other piercers, customers or websites. As long as the procedure is concerned, snake bites piercing procedure is quite similar to other piercings. Sterility and precision are most important.

Snake Bites Piercing Pain

Since for the snake bite piercing, the area involve is a bit sensitive and piercing is done on both sides of lower lip. Bite piercing can be done in one sitting, most professionals recommend that you have them separately. Expert opinion for two sittings is due to pain that you have to bear in this process. The pain and swelling of one piercing is much easier to deal with and healing will also be faster.

Studs are used for initial piercings since they are more comfortable. They can later be changed into rings or spikes. It is quite normal to feel slight tenderness and discomfort during the entire healing process which may be a little worse when changing your jewelry. However, if you notice an increase in pain, than consult your piercer.

Snake Bites Piercing Aftercare

The initial healing time for snake bite piercing is 6-8 weeks after which you can have your first jewelry change. Important to note is that replace your jewelry immediately to prevent the hole from closing up. Proper aftercare and not smoking can help to hasten the healing time. Replacing jewelry can be a vital task so make sure that follow the instructions given below:

  • Wash your hands properly and use a clean paper towel before you touch the piercing area.
  • During the entire healing process, clean the piercing twice daily with saline solution and use a suitable mouthwash twice daily and every time you eat.
  • Always stand in front of a mirror with good lighting while replacing the jewelry.
  • Clean the piercing hole with more saline solution to remove any remaining crust and debris before putting the jewelry up.
  • Remember to sterilize the new jewelry before inserting it.

Snake Bite Piercing Jewelry

Typically, a ring or stud is worn on both sides of snake bites piercings. Both type of jewelry is considered comfortable for this type of piercing. Most people wear the same type of jewelry for both piercings, in order to make a visual pair of snake bites or fangs. Labret studs are more common. If you wear captive beaded rings, it will make your piercings resemble snake fangs. As per professional recommendation 16g or 14g labret stud should be wear immediately after you get the piercing, since they are more comfortable and easier to clean.

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