What is a lateral browlift? Procedure, Recovery, Cost

What is a lateral browlift? 

The brow lift is a cosmetic operation to realign the forehead, smooth out wrinkles, and improve the appearance of youth. Even after a permanent brow lift, certain fine lines and wrinkles can eventually reappear. 

As people age, it is common to see that the natural arch of the forehead flattens or even dips downwards at the sides. When a person desires to eliminate the horizontal lines that have developed over the forehead, a brow lift is required. It is possible to reduce the appearance of frown lines and vertical creases that form between the brows with the use of a brow lift. This brow lift can help lift drooping eyebrows that are obstructing vision by shading the eyes from the outside. The eyebrows are raised, giving the face a more active and young appearance.

A lateral brow lift is a surgical technique designed to elevate the lateral (outside) section of the brow and recover the aesthetics of the brow arch. It is a less extensive operation for forehead rejuvenation than a brow lift, also referred to as a forehead lift, and it is smaller in scope. The lateral brow lift, on the other hand, focuses on lifting the side of the brow.  It does not remove wrinkles between the brows or on the central forehead. Since it is a less invasive process, the recovery time is typically shorter and there is less swelling and bruising.


The Lateral Brow Lift is performed by a surgeon while the patient is either sedated through an IV or given general anesthesia. During this treatment, the patient is completely unaware of his or her surroundings and falls asleep due to general anesthesia.

What is a lateral browlift Procedure, Recovery, Cost

The initial incision is made by the doctor, and then dissection is executed to free the tissues of the lateral brow and lateral forehead. The dissection makes it possible for the soft tissues of the lateral forehead and the lateral brow to be moved and manipulated with greater ease. 

A lateral brow lift requires three to 3-4cm long incisions along the lateral forehead hairline. This is an excellent spot to conceal a scar because it is at the transition zone between hairy and bald skin. The side of the forehead is then raised to create a natural, younger brow arch. The extra skin is removed. The wounds are precisely closed with stitches, and a tiny dressing is provided. After the surgery, the patient regains consciousness.


The majority of patients experience a speedy recovery from this procedure, and they can go back to performing light responsibilities within a week after having surgery. But most of the time, the skin closure clips are taken off at two weeks. There is some swelling and bruising shortly after surgery, but these often go away rapidly with ice packs and staying upright. Temporal hairline dimples and numbness are also possible side effects of surgery.

The patient is instructed to relax after returning home. Activities that don’t require much effort, like reading, watching TV, or making food, are allowed. The patient frequently experiences forehead ‘tightness,’ as well as swelling and bruising. Most patients experience only minimal discomfort, and they are provided with narcotic pain relievers to take as needed. During the first week, patients are advised to sleep with their backs and heads raised. This helps to minimize inflammation, bruising, and pain.


The lateral brow lift, also known as the tiny brow lift and the little forehead lift, is a form of cosmetic surgery that is less painful than the traditional brow lift. Telescopes are used to raise the outer one-third of the brow and forehead using a single small incision hidden in the hair. After this surgery, patients can return to normal activities in as little as a weekend.

The center forehead and brow are not lifted when doing a lateral temporal lift, as is the case with a standard brow lift or an endoscopic brow lift. As opposed to that, it raises the outer corner of the brow. This avoids an extremely wide-eyed or shocked expression. The average cost of a temporal lift surgery is between $2,500 to $5,000, although individual patient costs often vary depending on their needs, individual situation, and the form of brow lift.

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