Impetigo Treatment with Home Remedies

Learn all about impetigo treatment with home remedies!

Impetigo is an acute, contagious disease, usually attacking the skin of the face, in children more commonly than in adults. It begins as a reddening of the one or more small spots on the skin, soon followed by small blisters.These become pustules, which dry into loosely attached, goldeny yellow or honey colored crusts, each with a narrow zone of reddened skin around it. All of these stages may develop within one or two days. If the crust is forcibly removed, a red area that oozes a little blood  will be found beneath it.

Impetigo causes considerable itching, but no pain. It is so mild that there is seldom any feeling of illness. It is a pest because it easily spreads from child to child and it makes them look so repulsive.It is often resistant to treatment but it is seldom dangerous to anybody but infants.Both streptococci and staphylococci are often found in cases of this disease, but they are of only slight virulence.They work only on the skin or a short distance below the surface. Rarely are scars left  after recovery.Special care needs to be exercised incases involving young babies. Impetigo spreads rapidly on their tender skin, and their bodies seem unable to build antibodies against the germs. They are unable to do anything to cooperate in the treatment, and the disease may prove fatal.

impetigo treatment with home remedies

Mixture Of Tea Tree and Olive Oil

Tea Tree oil is widely used for number of skin disorders like dermatitis and impetigo.It is one of the best antiseptic and non-irritating oil. When it is mixed with olive oil it becomes more effective in impetigo treatment.Add 3-4 teaspoons of of tea tree oilin a bowl.Then add sufficient amount of olive oil  and mix them gently.Apply this mixture thoroughly over the affected area and leave it for about one hour. Do this for atleast 3 times a day, to get away from impetigo.

Hot Water Vinegar Bath

Vinegar is an old age remedy for impetigo treatment.Vinegar has strong antiseptic and soothing properties.But sometimes it may cause burning sensaion due to some allergic reaction.So apply a minute quantity of over your skin for any possible allergic reaction.If you do not feel any burning sensation then it quite harmless for you and  you can take hot water vinegar bath without any hesitation.For this purpose, you can mix 1/4th part of vinegar in a tub of hot water and have bath. This method will definitely help to cure impetigo.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Almost everybody knows the importance aloe vera in treatment of skin disorders.Aloe vera gel is potent moisturizer which helps to relieve dryness of the skin that  causes itching.Aloe vera relieves irritation and provides soothing action in the treatment of impetigo.For this purpose apply Aloe Vera juice if you want to get  good relief from impetigo. Apply this gel, with your finger tip and spread all over the itchy area to kick-out impetigo.


Turnip is regarded as golden home remedy for complete eradication of impetigo.For this purpose, small pieces of turnip should be dipped in natural vinegar for about 7-8 hours.This will increase the effectiveness of turnip for the treatment of impetigo.Now, eat these turnip small pieces on a daily basis as an effective natural remedy for  impetigo disease.

Thyme and Rosemary

Thyme and rosemary are widely used for number of skin problems.Take sufficient amount of thyme and rosemary leaves and dip them thoroughly in approximately two cups  of hot water for about 2-3 hours. Finally, use this home remedy on Impetigo sores to cure them in a natural way. When used regularly as a cleaning mixture, this safe  impetigo natural remdy gives encouraging results.

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