How to get rid of Swollen Eyelids naturally at home

Swelling of the eye, also termed as periorbital puffiness, is a presence of excess fluid in the connective tissues around the eye, generally the eyelids giving the appearance of eye bags and a puffy face. This is actually a form of edema that can gradually increase with age but often drive away on its own. Swollen eyelids can be either on the upper or lower eyelid. It may develop over time and most of the time is not painful. Yet, in circumstances they become infected, it is possible to become red and inflamed.

Swollen eyes can be due number of painful and non painful causes. Puffy eyes can be due to excessive physical stress, oversleeping, not enough sleep, too much achohol, dehydration, a change in weather, fluid retention ( by taking excess salt in the diet, or even crying), skin disorders that cause inflammation such as dermatitis, periorbital cellulitis infections, chagas disease, hypothyroidism, trichinosis, and tear gland disorders. Additionally, the first sign of nephrotic syndrome is puffy eyes. Allergies are often to blame, partly as a side-effect of rubbing sore, itchy eyes.

Seeing swollen eyes in a mirror is the most frustrating and frequent beauty problem for many. There are many natural and home remedies available for puffy eyes which give quick relief from puffiness and other eye problems. But to get rid of the eye problems in the long run one should adopt proper eye care and sleeping habits.
How to get rid of Swollen Eyelids naturally at home

Natural remedies to cure swollen eyelids

You can easily take care of eyes if you don’t want to look tired or ill because of your puffy eyes. There are simple some simple, natural home remedies which are easily available at home:


The body stays well hydrated by drinking water upto 8 to 10 glasses daily. Water also helps flush toxins out of the body and there is less chance of water retention that can cause swelling of eye area and other body parts. Along with this reduce salt intake to reduce water retention in the body and avoid caffeinated and carbonated beverages that can be dehydrating.


Ice constricts the blood vessels and reduces the swelling. Cover the ice cubes in a towel and put on the eyes for a few minutes. If you are in hurry rinse face with cold water it works the same and soothes your eyes.


Chilled cucumbers make a good remedy for treating puffy eyes. The astringent property in cucumbers helps to reduce inflammation, tighten the skin and treats eyelid swelling. Cucumbers contain caffeic acid and vitamin C so this remedy also works to get rid of wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes.

Cut a chilled cucumber into thick slices and leave on eyelids for about 20-30 minutes or until cucumber gets warm. Repeat this several times a day to remove swelling.


Chilled strawberry slices are a good natural remedy for puffy eyes. It can be used to get rid of swelling and under eye puffiness as it contains alpha hydroxy acid. It also helps to make the skin look young and smooth.

Tea Bags

Bag either green or black for another bag, both can help relaxed, rejuvenated, soothe puffy and irritated eyes. They contain natural anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling around your eyes. Put two teabags dipped in ice cold water on both eyes until the teabags gets normal temperature, the caffeine in bags constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling around eyes. Do this for 10 minutes several times a day.


Potatoes are good remedy for reducing puffiness due to anti-inflammatory starch of this popular vegetable. Potatoes help to diminish eye bags by cutting a potato in round slices and place two slices on both eyes for 15 minutes.

Massage around Eyes

This is perhaps the easiest home remedy for reducing eye puffs. When you gently massage the area around your eyes excess fluids that are trapped around your eyes displace and go away from under the eyes. Massage gently and smoothly the right way by moving finger in arc shape from inward to outward corner for 15 minutes.

How to prevent swollen eyelid

However in some cases, measures can be taken to prevent a swollen eyelid. Avoid sodium, caffeine, and alcohol, plenty of rest, Avoid irritants and known allergens, and drink plenty of water to minimize the swollen eyes occurrence.

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