Fast Acting Natural Laxatives for Weight Loss and Constipation

There are many ways to lose weight. But now a day’s people do not want go for a long term plans so they go for quick fixes to weight loss. In order to attain this quick weight loss goal a number of options are available, the most common and possibly extreme way is the use of laxatives. Eating laxatives and overall ingesting a lot of fiber will somehow prevent them from eating more and result in weight loss.

By taking laxatives body lose water and body fluids but not lose fat. For the average person, water comprises about 70 percent of total body weight. Muscle tissue contains about 75 percent water, while body fat holds around 50 percent water. Retaining excess fluids can leave you feeling bloated and puffy. If this is the case for you, it might surprise you to learn that diet can contribute to considerable fluid retention. Laxatives in such cases help to lose water weight quickly so that your clothes fit comfortably.

Using laxatives to reduce weight has become an extreme dieting technique followed by many people all over the world. Laxatives help speed up the digestion process, thus, it results in increased bowel movement. Researches reveal that more than 47 percent women in the world – who are looking forward to reduce weight fast.In case of following a low-carbs diet such as theTim Noakes diet, the Atkins diet or any other high protein /high fat diet (good fats of course), you may have to deal with constipation – either chronically or occasionally. If you are suffering with chronic constipation you can intake laxatives to regulate bowel movement. Also for losing water weight, laxatives are the best remedy. Laxatives are also capable of removing toxins from your body by flushing them fast. They work out in the gastro intestinal tract and the use of laxatives for an extensive time may upset a metabolism and digestion process.
Fast Acting Natural Laxatives for Weight Loss and Constipation

Fast Acting Natural Laxatives

If you suffer from constipation or want to lose weight, you can go for these natural laxatives.
These natural laxatives are easily available and are the most useful alternatives for laxative pills.

Prunes for Weight Loss and Constipation

Prunes are typically a European variety of dried plums. Prunes are sweet fat free laxative source that serves as a great remedy for constipation by regulating digestion process. Prunes are a loaded with vitamin A and potassium. Consumption of enough prunes frequently on empty stomach keeps appetite at bay and also aid to reduce weight fast.

Cabbage and beet for Weight Loss and Constipation

Include salads containing beets and cabbage in your diet. Cabbage is an additional example of an excellent solution being neglected in spite of its affordability and useful properties. This vegetable certainly helps and alleviates your digestive tract toxins as well. Cabbage is known as a natural laxative for years. Beet juice or cabbage juice can also be used daily to reduce weight faster.

Legumes for Weight Loss and Constipation

Legumes contain a lot of fiber; they help in weight loss quickly. The fiber rich legumes can be consumed daily, in breakfast, to reduce weight fast. This fiber-rich stuff is low in cholesterol, so legumes can be consume in generous amount without damaging an overall health. Combination of legumes with a whole grain, body also gets a complete protein with every bite.

Psyllium Husk for Weight Loss and Constipation

Psyllium husk, commonly named as Isapgol, has been used in Ayurveda since long time as a natural laxative. It is essentially fiber obtained from the husk of the psyllium plant’s seeds. It is an insoluble fiber and this makes it bulk forming laxative. Psyllium can cause a sense of fullness, which can decrease eating desire. Thus, when you consume psyllium husk, it helps the stool soak up water in your intestine and makes bowel movements easier.

Omega-3 Oils for Weight Loss and Constipation

Our body can`t prepare omega-3 itself so we had to take it through our diet. Omega-3 oils using as a cooking food agents including hemp, flax-seed, Nuts, especially walnuts, avocado or olive oils are great natural laxative, especially for washing out toxins from the body.

Omega-3 oils help in lubricating the intestinal walls, allowing the toxins to be absorbed by the oil, and eliminated by the body. Omega 3 Essential Fatty acids are found in polyunsaturated fats, help to control the body’s blood sugar levels, which helps keep hunger under control. It has alpha linolenic acid that increases the metabolic processes and therefore aids fat burning.

Above given natural laxative sources are helpful in treating constipation and losing weight efficiently.

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